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A less awkward message from a long term fan.

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Hi guys!

In the words of Mr Charlton Heston, Jeff Goldblum and others; “You son of a b*tch you did it!”

Yesterday evening I changed my Steam review to recommending Ylands. Whilst doing so I’ve also noticed an influx of favourable reviews since 1.5 arrived.

To me, Exploration 1.5 represents the first positive step to Ylands in a long time; and what a step it is! The ability to explore an infinitely generated world has improved the potential of the game ten-fold. Let me explain why.

The obvious advantage is Multiplayer. I have visited a number of inhabited islands to trade, converse and share my blueprint designs. I’ve enjoyed sharing stories, haggling over resources and bartering goods, which brings me on to my next topic.

Playing in legacy Exploration still has its charm and I would like this to remain as it’s own game mode. That being said, thanks to 1.5’s infinite worlds, resource scarcity is no longer an issue. Coal was a resource that I highly prized for crafting foundry-based items. I would never use it as engine fuel (charcoal was an effective substitute). This concern has been eradicated so long as I exploit new lands and forge NPC trading routes.

In previous suggestions I have expressed a desire to make certain random encounter armour variants craftable. With 1.5 however, the chances of discovering an encounter with a unique armour variant/weapon is now far more likely (although still elusive sometimes!).

Overall, 1.5 is the first update that has delivered (if not tantalised) upon the desires of the majority fan base. Whilst it had some major bugs at the start, I commend the team for rectifying it quickly. It is now my hope that the steam recommendations continue to justify to the developers that this is indeed the right course of improvement for the game. Exploration has the momentum, and it must be maintained with further diaries, improvements and features.

We as players can also get involved, bug reporting, Exploration community harbour projects, there’s so much we can do to show newcomers that this is the Survival Sandbox game to play! Let’s get involved!

Thanks for reading my ‘rattle-on’ review. If you’re an established Ylands player, I hope this review agrees with you. If you’re new, welcome to potentially, the most charming, expansive, and promising Nautical Castaway Survival you’re likely to play for a while!



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Well said. It is good to see an old player is happy again ?

There are still some bugs people have been discovering, but with reports we hope they will fix them.

And because of infinite resources, i hope some of us can schedule something like making teams or so and raid others bases just for the fun ??  im not really a builder, i mean i dont mind i dont have all cool stuff like you all, so i dont really mind if someone comes for a fight ?

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We are very happy you're happy ? And more is to come in the next year ? And thank you for all your feedback, it is always helpful, constructive and actually really good ? Merry Christmas ?

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