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Koala Carcass

Exploration Feedback/suggestions

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Dear Team,

Thank you very much for the update. I am very happy that the game is starting to move in the right direction. Exploration is the key for many players out there. Glad you are finally working towards this community. You can see that almost every day there is a new video on Youtube about Yland so people starting to get back in the game. Well done Team! 

Known bug:

1 After you put down a building block and then pick it up, sometimes you can't put it down again, you have to make a new one and obv. you lose all the materials (ie.: engine, wooden blocks etc.)

Suggestions for the future of Ylands:
1. Speed of sailing boats is a bit off in my opinion. Catamarans are very fast boats in real life and can sail up to 70 miles/h, I think the speed of sailing should be faster. Especially when I'm faster flying between ylands rather than sailing.
2. Propeller pack is extremely overpowered, there is no NPC who can hurt you and sometimes in multiplayer it is also the case. They just fly over you and will kill you as many times as they want as a starter player. There is no fuel needed for it so I can use it whenever and how long I want. Sometimes I'm chasing smaller or even bigger sail ships and catching up with them easily with the propeller pack. In my opinion, It should be taken out of the game until NPC-s are not able to shoot or fight against it or add fuel to it and reduce speed so people cannot use it as long as they want. This would also force people to tame animals and run around on a deer (i very much like the taming mechanism but you cant shoot on them) rather than travel around until they find copper and the first thing they craft is a propeller pack.
3. I very much like collectable items (weapons, art etc.). I think having a little bit of a story (from fairy tales lets say) behind the items would also make them more precious for the players especially if you have to work for it harder. I suggest you to put items that are only found in multiplayer servers and these should be difficult to get. For example, you supposed to collect multiple things not just a key before you can open the chest or get the map from an old lady NPC in the forest or down in a cave somewhere etc.. to reach the valuable golden apple... Rare collectable items could enhance interaction between players such as trade, fight, clan alliances etc.. I think having much more collectable tools (giving you better stats etc) or anything even the world-famous pink tiger's pelt or trophy, books, rare containers, recipes for crafting unique things, weapons, unique lanterns, giant tree seeds or anything could make many of us happy as loads of us collect things in the game we find and sometimes even build temples around them creating their own story.
4. Toolbox should be for all tools, not just a couple of them. (coal is not a tool and it still can go into the toolbox, however screwdriver, or axes cant). There should also be a weapon cabinet (not able to carry with you) or a weapon belt (you can carry with you for ammo and firearms)
5 My biggest wish:  is to be able to craft glowing things or make things glow. Either in a new workstation or in the dying stand somehow by using either crystals or dust to make paintable objects glow. (I'd also pay for unique collectables and i don't think id be the only one or rare craftable recipes etc...)
6. Bring back the map. If paper could be made easier on the first yland then you could make a map easily. Without it you could get lost which is the main idea of exploration and open-world games (in Minecraft you will be lost in an hour, without a map in ylands it is impossible now). If you could draw or write or even just mark things on the map you could leave it behind for other players and the game could have extra missions created by the players in the game world.
6. I very much miss the exploration side of sailing. We used to have only birds on the sky showing which direction you might find something. We used to just chill on the see in a boat in the middle of nowhere and read a book that we found or fish in the sea etc until we find something. It was a mystery what you will find in that direction or even if you are actually going in the right direction... you had the achievement feeling in the game when you finally found an yland. Now i can see almost every land from any yland and don't even have to explore the world.  I already know everything. I just have to see what are the 4-5 things on the yland that I have to go there.
7. I think the difficulty of the ylands should not be visible on the map. Many players don't even stop at a level 1 yland because they know they will not find anything valuable there that is unique (more collectables would solve this issue also or more traders who would sell weapons, tools, rare things or secret missions etc..). Even as a starter I love to explore things on my own, and doesn't have to give me all the info about the place. Especially in an exploration game.
8. In multiplayer, only your friend's name should be visible. Players can easily see where the others are by looking for their names... If you are friends it's fine, but if you just wanna hide in the forest it is almost impossible now. This would also increase the element of unique clothing and maybe people would buy more clothes or craft more for themselves to create a unique look.
9. There are loads of clothes in the game but everybody cares only about the armor. Heavy Armor should be hot inside even on temperate biomes or would make you slower and you supposed to change it something lighter or even just clothes, This would make players to use more clothes and give a chance for starter players to fight against fully geared up players, especially when they cant fly forever. (I love the Santas armor idea there should be more like this). Not just armors but clothes should also improve the character's stats, let's say better accuracy or better at fighting against animals, or faster mining, faster smelting, chopping tree etc. Just like tools. The wooden cabinet should also hold only clothes and more slots available in it or be able to stuck clothes onto each other... + Add more health to the player so fights are longer.
10.And my last and probably most ambitious one is:
In exploration games, players usually create their own stories. I know some people even write them down in the game and make kinda a book thing in the game (crafting books from notes is a great idea). Players customise their own world and create their own stories.
But if Ylands would create a living story in the game world which slowly unfolds itself for all players for weeks or months lets say (for example Season1) would be amazing. I mean let's say that you have weekly small missions or hidden letters, books to find or hidden objects to find or leave it at a trader for a thing that you will need for the next week, or keys to unlock the stargate secret codes whatever. And then Ylands could continue the storyline when they restart the servers (some new things coming in (ex.: new swords with a long story behind it) but new stories coming into the game weekly. And then the next week you could also create missions or hidden objects or weekly tasks and maybe refer to the previous week's story. and so on until lets say you find the hidden treasure of the Great Queen of Isabelle. (If you don't have the capacity to create unique statues or buildings etc, you can ask the community to upload their blueprints and you can just easily put them in the game and then these builts can randomly appear in the game). The playing community would make the world of Yland. This way the player base would experience a living story created by them to all the players of Ylands. Maybe i am too ambitious hmm, I don't know.

+1 Trade should be more important in the game world with a more detailed interface, more option for bargaining (Art should be much more expensive in the game so players wanna collect them).
+2 Cannon balls are too expensive, should be only 1 ingot.

Thank you very much if you reached this far and I wanna say thank you for all who involved in creating the game. You do listen to the community and the game is slowly getting back on the right track. I love the artwork, the content and I do understand that the game has to generate income, and I would not hesitate to support the project with microtransactions even regularly if id see anything to buy. Unfortunately, I never use my pets or the blue prints that we have or a couple of clothes. So, improve the shop and people will spend more money.

Thank you again for the experience and this amazing game and I wish you all a very happy and successful new year!

Koala C.

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