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Ok its been a couple years, maybe I should say hi

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Hi. ....I am spiritchaser28, some know me as paranormality and a few other names on discord....mostly Spirit..but the name isn't important....its just a hobby of mine. In real life I am a paranormal investigator/ ghost hunter/ musician/ published poet and I have a few other credits to my name....I have been on television and have been written about in newspapers....have even had past presidents write me letters....eh...but none of that nonsense is important to me. I'm sounding as if I am bragging...but honestly these things have done a bit of damage to me.

You can all call me Liberty if you wish....that is my real name....Parents were hippies, end of that story. I was considered to be a child prodigy....play around 400 instruments , speak 4 languages, performed in Carnegie hall, literally lived on writing poetry, playing in bands, and painting portraits. 

I love playing Ylands because it is a great source and outlet to creative thinking.

I hope to meet other people here with similar thoughts.....honestly I already have met many

So yeah....hi...I'm here to stay

And I also foster dogs. Our organization has about 5 thousand...yeah dogs are cool

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The forums could use a woah reaction because your simple introduction was a rollercoaster to me! 😄

I hope you will meet even more similar-minded people here!

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