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Travel between maps.

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Currently the only way to travel to another map is sail to the edge, bring up the  world map then go to the new destination.....however sometimes I will decide to exit the game at the edge of the map, or the game will stall out and become unresponsive travelling to the next map and I have to close the game entirely. My suggestion is, can there be a way to detect the player is on the edge of the map so they can travel directly to another location when they reopen the game without having to go back into the previous map before leaving it?  I get a little irritated knowing I have no plans to explore a map I have already explored, but yet am forced to load it before I leave it. I know if I delete the map I can go to another location I already explored, but  I think it would be easier if the game could detect I was on the edge and ready to go to a new location directly from the regional/ world map view. I hope this makes sense

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