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Aleš Ulm

Dev Diary #168 Fun with vendors

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Hi there, fellow ylanders!

Good news - we are now mere days away from releasing 1.6! We've just recently released the PC-only Experimental build and you have already reported some issues, which is great and we are very grateful for your time! This update is packed with Exploration features as well as with some pretty cool things Creators will love and since there are still some we haven't mentioned yet, let just quickly go through some of the remaining features.

One of the coolest features of this update is the possibility of "inviting" vendors to your ylands. After you create a specific workstation, you can make vendor banners that can be placed anywhere on your yland. What vendor comes to settle on your yland depends on the type of banner you create. You can use this feature in many ways - not only for yourself but to create a trading hub where other players can trade with your vendors, for example. In future updates we are planning to enhance this feature even more - for example, allowing the vendor owner to set prices and get profits from sold items.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed many times players that join a game not to experience Ylands but to annoy and harass others. To make sure this happens as few times as possible, we have implemented the Player reporting tool. Whenever you're in the game and someone harasses you or misbehaves, you can report them along with the reason. This will be sent to us along with a screenshot and recent chats of the reported player. We will look into this, see what has happened, and take appropriate measures.




We've already mentioned this before but only partially - in 1.6 Creators will be able to import midi files and use those as music in their games. Not only they will be able to use single songs, but we've added an option to set up playlists that you can later play in your games.

We noticed that letting you use your custom bitmaps in games resulted in some awesome things so we are enhancing this feature even further! Now you will be able to scale, rotate and flip these images... and also position them from Visual scripting.

Last, but definitely not least there is a brand new Custom controller. What is it good for? Well, this allows you to re-route the controls from a character to any custom object in the game. So now you can easily control, say, a rocket. But the best part is, that this feature comes with client/server prediction, which means, that using this feature even with MP games (or any games not hosted on your client) will mean way less lag than you would normally get. This really opens the door to some new & exciting game types.

That's it for today! Hopefully, we will release 1.6 as soon as possible and can start talking about what cool Exploration and Editor features we're already cooking for 1.7 (and Exploration fans are in for a big treat (wink) ). Until then, as always, stay healthy, and classy, ylanders!

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1 hour ago, Aleš Ulm said:

(and Exploration fans are in for a big treat (wink) ).

Wink, eh? Based on how much you had to hold your tongue on the stream not to say what it is that you work on for the 1.7 and clues that more objectives to complete for Exploration players are coming... I would guess some form of final boss? Perhaps the source of the ylandium mutations all over the ylands? With the new prefabricated Ylands, it could be a great goal to reach and explore the twisted, dark Yland where the biggest danger of all dwells. Maybe locked to be found after you find/craft/solve something on other basic ylands. But I'm just spitballing right now! ?

But I always like to guess ?

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This upcoming trading mechanic scratches an itch with satisfying results! I look forward to trying it out within the next few days! Well done guys!

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