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The Dreadful Wale

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Here's my take on the Dreadful Wale from Dishonored 2



As you can probably imagine, this idea was brought to me by @Deadeye_Rob (who also helped with some dirty work and interior design towards the end)!

I'm a big fan of the Dishonored games, so this was a perfect project to pursue! The ship is a whaler captained by a character named Meagan Foster, who organizes and plans your missions throughout Dishonored 2. The ship serves as a headquarters between missions, and is absolutely iconic in its design!

Here are some screens ;) 









Captain's cabin:


Engine room, with switches for enabling different sets of lights, and a lever for enabling/disabling the charging station:




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An absolute delight of a ship! It’s one that pushes beyond the limits of conventional ship designs (and Frame rates! ;)).

Thanks for designing my all-time favourite ship Zarwil!

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Oh my god. This is incredible. That hull is blowing my mind! The whole ship is to be honest but DAMN that hull is amazing! Any chance of a close up of the holes in the front? I am so curious as to how you’ve done it lol

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Posted (edited)
On 3/17/2022 at 3:16 AM, arc_empire said:

Any chance of a close up of the holes in the front? I am so curious as to how you’ve done it lol

They're pretty much just a couple of "wedges", with slanted gouges widening towards an inlet. Looks pretty crude up-close, tbh.





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