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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #189 Marking More Maps

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

Today's Dev Diary is, yet again, going to be all about a feature that was heavily requested by our wonderful community and is already very quickly becoming a useful tool for our game designers, who are working with it on new and exciting content for you as we speak! And it will add more spark to Exploration too! 

We're talking about Custom Map Markers, a feature coming to Ylands with the 1.8 update. As the name suggests, these are markers that you can see on your world's map. But they go beyond what you know from Exploration. As a creator, you can use them in a variety of creative ways. Want to show the players where the danger lies? Map marker. Alert them to an interesting area to explore? Map marker. Point them to where the coveted reward is buried? Map marker! And to make things even more exciting, you can choose which image you want to use for the marker, what color it is, whether it has background, the color of the background, their size, whether they're static or move with an entity and much more. And don't forget to explore how Custom Map Markers and Fog of War work together in terms of revealing your markers to players as they travel through your world. 


We are so excited to see what you can do with those because your creativity just won't stop amazing us! 

Yes, Custom Map Markers is a tool that creators may use in their customs games but it is also so much more than that. Why, you ask? We have been working on new content for Exploration and Custom Map Markers will give us much more to work with in terms of using the map as a tool in Random Encounters and in making Mystery Ylands even more exciting and engaging. And we're already working on both so you'll get to see these for yourselves soon! 

That's it for now and don't forget to... 

Stay Classy! 


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hmmm, awesome. Interesting... interesting ?

I'have been thinking making a treasure hunt party where people search for chests (or whatever) abd get huge ammounts of resources/items. Tho, i will need to request my Locust viking family to help me.

The map marks you are talking about seems a lot useful for that purpose ?

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