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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #191 Competition Details

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

The Creators Competition: Season 2 has officially begun! 

In last week's dev diary we talked about some general information about the competition but now that it's underway let's get into the details you absolutely shouldn't miss! 

Before you start

  • Before you start creating your competition entry, make sure that you go over the rules to make sure you're eligible to take part in the contest. You can find the rules riiiiiiiiight here
  • Go through the Creator Guidelines, which describe the technical requirements and limitations that your Mystery Yland must meet. 
  • Once you decide you want to take part, don't forget to create a post on our competition forum section (some examples are already there!) 

While you're creating

  • Update the forum post you created with screenshots, images, sketches, ideas and anything else you can think of so that others can see your progress and comment on it! 
  • Contact us for support and with any questions you might have
  • Go see what others are working on! 

When you're done

  • Make sure to read the Submission Guide so that you don't miss anything! 
  • Enjoy the fact that you successfully submitted your very own Mystery Yland! 
  • Wait for the winner announcement! 


During the whole competition, we will be helping you out and answering your questions, so don't hesitate to let us know when you need anything! Please allow for a possible extended time while answering these and other requests for the next three weeks, while Nikki, our community manager is on vacation. 

That's it for this week and stay creative and stay classy, Ylanders!

YLANDS-Competition 2021_Soc - 1080x1080.jpg

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 @Fompster and I are keen on participating.
I have a question about world size and memory. When creating a universal world the play area is to small to even fit a small yland in, but when using terrain streaming to increase the size to say 10;3;10 which is smaller I think than the mystery islands the memory bar shoots up to around 300 MB, this doesn't seem to leave much memory for building or am I overestimating how much memory entities take? 
We are worried about starting with something too big in mind and we cant end up fitting it in.


EDIT: fompster was doing some testing and comping in a medium-sized building took up 50MB. It doesnt seem like we can build much at all...




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I join Oliver and Fomster. I also want to know more details. but I add another to their question:

I already know that I can't test the island publicly yet, and I would like to know if it will be possible or not. as part of the fact that it should be multiplayer, we are not able to test the functionality of some scripts ourselves.. 

we also know that the operation of memory is partly different in the editor than it is in the game of discovery, and therefore you could explain it to us a bit.

and if there are other things that are expressly forbidden, please also let us know.

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