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NPCs and More


The general merchants in the game are excellent, providing me with essential items for reasonable prices, but I feel like the NPCs could due with an update. This post will cover what I imagine the NPCs should be like.


1> Missions NPC

Currently, we have 2 very basic NPC Types. The Merchant, and the Enemy, which I'm totally fine with, but I think adding a new one would be incredibly nice. It's pretty much a general rule at this point for every adventure game to have a missions giver NPC that rewards the player one way or another. I'd imagine the mission-giving NPC for Ylands would give the player an array of achievements to complete in exchange for money or rare items (depending on difficulty of mission).


2> Tiered Merchants

Merchants already sell decent suplies and whatnot, but there comes a time when you've mined an unfathomable abount of gold and wish to buy something actually worth it all. My first thought on this was to have the NPC merchants have tiers or levels. Depending on their tier or level, the merchants will sell more expensive and higher-quallity items.


3> Perchasing Items

One problem I've had with trading is that I'd have to manually get the gold out of the gold pouch in order to pay for my items. I would like to see that someday, the gold pouch would automatically cover the required payment aslong as there's gold in it.


4> Merchant Customization

The ability to select the type of merchant you summon is great, but they seem to spawn with just about anything slapped on. I'd like to be able to customize my merchants to my liking (assuming I have enough materials to do so), being able to dress them, change their gender, skin tone, face, etc.


Just a few Ideas on the NPCs of the game. I'd like to see Ylands take a turn for the best, and through my eyes, that's making it more Immersive. Constantly adding difficulty to the game, and at the same time, giving the player more freedom to do as they want is definitely the way to go.

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