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Igor Q.

Environment - Realistic Moonlight

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This is a quick tutorial to get gorgeous moonlight within your custom game.





Step 1 - Calibrate time. 

Set your editor and in-game time to start at night.


2AM is a great time as it is perpendicular to the X axis.


Step 2 - Creating night-shimmer.

Create a particle effect



You'll want to play around with the colors to get the right "mix".

In my example I'm using 

Sub-Particles #0



Sub-Particles #1



Sub-Particles #2 (Disabled)

Alpha: 0.4

Simulation Speed: 0.2

If you have multiple moonlight shimmers extending along a path, I would recommend having the scaling size slowly increase since light naturally "diverges".


Tip: Create multiple particle effects side by side and select them using (Ctrl + Left Click) to "create a group". This will allow you to adjust and move all of them at the same time easily.


Lastly: If you plan on putting your lightsource from a hole such as a window, create a weak lightsource 

Step 3 - Create Point Sources if you are using a hole (optional)


Step 4 - Create Spot Light Sources where your light will travel

Lastly create your spotlight where light will actually illuminate the area.

My personally preference is to is the same intensity light, and use spot angle 10, 20, 40, etc for each light I use.

Note: "Range" doesn't do anything except how far it can hit. 

For Color I use: #006CFFFF



For those too lazy to make it yourself, I have uploaded a composition for you to use for yourself.




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Great tutorial I'll do it right now.

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