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Igor Q.

Abandoned Projects - Story + DLC

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As someone who has played Ylands for a looooong time (almost 4 years!), I have started quite a few projects which although too big for one person to finish was an incredibly fun experience. Now that I'm getting quite old, (29 in fact!) I have decided that realistically I will not have the time and/or willpower to finish these cool projects I have attempted. Since they will be lost with time, I have decided to upload all my large unfinished projects as a final closure which you may have the opportunity to get a glimpse of what crazy stuff my imagination has been up to. 

Additionally, over the next few days I will attempt to upload as many relevant assets I have created from my past/present projects in the hopes that someone else may find them useful. If you are interested in specific script stuff please message me directly for help.


Project 1 - Mini Golf RPG

This was a game intended to be a fully fleshed out version of the P1 Mini Golf game.

The basic story-line was a player who has to travels across different realms (similar to Spyro). The first world was suppose to be an ice-themed world with following worlds including themes such as "halloween", "lava world" and a few others that I can't remember....robot factory I think? The game starts with a player getting an introductory from Jack Frost and saving the different realms.  The glowing flames around the balcony fence are suppose to be representations of each world....so yes 6 worlds in total.

Cool Fact 1: The flying snow owl is homage to the original I created for @Spylerx when I used his tropical bird to make one of the first bird animations. (Yes he loved it!)

Each golf-set was set to have a certain limitation of strokes to make the game more difficult, with small "challenges" added in each one to make the game more interesting.

Level 1 - Mountain Step: "Tutorial Level", it teaches the player how to control the strength of their hits and creates a cool 3D vibe by adding out of bounds area in both the top area and cave area.  


Level 2 - Elf Creek: This map incorporates "thin ice" which melts when the ball rolls over it forcing the player to quickly hit each stroke or be forced to restart. A big thanks to my wife who made the houses for this set.



Level 3 - Deep Sewers: This set acts as a transition for the Ice Palace. There was intended to be some mechanic involving the sewer drains but I never figured it out.


Post Level 3: Here was suppose to be a diverging path (the mid-game), giving the player an option between continuing the hole sets or doing side-quests or continuing to new worlds. Each world requires 10 tokens (excluding the 1st world) which can be gathered from mini-games, puzzles or golf sets.

Level 4: Rumbling Bridges: This mission incorporated having "gusts" of air that would periodically blow anything on the path, forcing the player to make sure their ball doesn't accidentally get blown off!

Level 5: Avalanche!: As the player starts this set, an avalanche is produced forcing the player to hit the ball down the zig-zag downhill before getting hit by avalanche.


Level 6: Showdown SnowTown: The "final boss" for the 1st world, involved a boss in a giant skating rink with 3 caves behind him. The player would have 3 golf balls which you would have to push across the ice rink and shoot into the mouths of the cake. After hitting all 3 balls in the caves, a giant avalanche comes and covers the boss with snow and you "win". Jack Frost thanks you for your help and tells you to see the queen. The queen after thanking you grants access to some bonus content within the castle (beside the crab fountain) which includes a few mini games, puzzles, a few golf sets (one of which involves hitting the ball over as giant ice floor directly above the queens throne), and lastly visiting the top of the main castle, and the side tower which hold some cinematic content regarding the storyline.






Video 1:

Video 2: 


Controls are TAP BUTTONS. Yes it's annoying, but 2 years ago we didn't have the tech.

F and H are for Left and Right.  T and G are for strong/softer, Y is to hit, and U is to cancel. 




Project 2 - Horror RPG

This was a game I had originally planned to do with @FavoryPluto although I wasn't really responsible enough to put effort into it. I wanted to follow a similar vibe to Silent Hill with a more puzzle approach, solving mysteries, interacting with objects and running away from enemies.


What makes this game particularly scary for some reason was adding a simple "blink" effect which makes it incredibly difficult to stay concentrated even if you wanted to!

After making your way through a longish forest trail, the player finds a way to get to the "haunted mansion" (which is your friends house).

Within the story you would have to explore some secret mysteries outside of the mansion, one in the graveyard haunted by ghosts (intended to be a circular maze), a giant swamp area with a monster that lurks inside under-water, a garden filled with poisonous plants, and a deep dark forest (similar to the beginning).



Upon returning back to the mansion after each quest, NPC friends from the mansion disappear until  the player comes back to an empty house haunted by a large scary ghost. Within the house there would be multiple rooms with small closets the player could hide in and would have to search the house for clues.image.png.3843f56fe23772507b1648eb7c0bc929.png

The 1st floor would contain the fireplace room, kitchen, and a large antique/museum collection with some clues regarding what's going on.


The 2nd floor would contain a personal library (which you must use to evade the ghost, similar to Harry Potter.), the bathroom at one point would have a cinematic of a friend being "possessed" far away in the forest, a bedroom and a passage to the attic (end of the game)




The basement floor would be inaccessible unless the player had unlocked it from the other side after completing the quest regarding the swamp region.

The intend "twist" moment for this game was made so that when the player reaches the attic, they wouldn't find anything there, and only after some searching realize that the grand fireplace in the mansion is infact a portal which leads to a "mirror" world which is more evil and such. Through that mirror world the player must then rescue their friends and etc etc.

Video 1: (Slightly older version)



Note: The version currently uploaded is missing some data, it seems the back-ups were lost so its missing some stuff. Thankfully, no more than 20% of the progress was lost.



Project 3 - Workshop Fixing

This was an old project that I never got a chance to finish even though concept was it was pretty cool and I got 90% of the hard part done. The idea of it was similar to 3D Tetris but you have to make a custom design which you can then race against a timer or against another player. It was made to be compatible with teams so you could do 4v4 or etc. Please bare in mind the old version of UI is not compatible with the new version of Ylands. If you are extremely curious on using an old version of Ylands to take a peak inside, knock yourself out.







Video 1:




Project 4 - Wizard Duels

This project was intended to have a similar design and feel to League of Legends but with a more personalized style of fighting, a hybrid between a fighter and a shooter game. I didn't go far with this game but it was certainly amusing making all these flashy stuff. 





MANA + SPELLSV0.06.rar


Probably my only solo game that I managed to complete, though I'm not really interested anymore on working on it, I'd figure I'd let you guys feel free to look inside and tinker with it. The main reason IceLord never become a "proper" game was because loading/saving external data wasn't properly implemented and didn't want to wait a billion years so that I could finally fully develop it.

Note: Game doesn't work on newer version due to UI issues.




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Whoa, @Igor Q. , is this for real? I will download them all before you regret of it ? jist wait some more hours for me to get back home eh eh eh

You know everyone was/is amazed by your work, and your stuff is 100% sure a good look and something to study, earn knowledge from your all crazy stuff. Every people that is inside scripting MUST take a look at your work.

You stated: in the hopes that someone else may find them useful

Are you kidding? Hopes? they are totally useful.

Man, you just made my christmas.

A big thanks and happy christmas to you and yours ?

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17 hours ago, Igor Q. said:

Now that I'm getting quite old, (29 in fact!)

I call that age my childhood. LOL. You kids with your funny meanings for words...."Old"....ROFL

That might be old for a head of lettuce, but compared to a mountain you have only just begun in age.

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The whole game seems really big.And, i'm old than you, only one year.lol?

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