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Nikki Severin

Dev Diary #217 Sea Experiments

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Hey there, Ylanders! 

The time has come. Your first look at Ocean Odysseys, the 1.9 update, is here. In today's Dev Diary, we will tell you how to access it, what we know still needs fixing and even confirm some rumors that have been circulating the forums! Let's DIVE right in! 

Rumors confirmed
First thing's first. No more cryptic messages, beating around the bush or vagueness. 🦈SHARKS are back! 🦈 More dangerous than ever. And also more varied - there are 5 different kinds and a sawfish too! 

Ocean Odysseys: Experimental version ("Beta")

In the past we have asked you to help us test updates before their actual full release. As always, we're grateful for the help and we're excited to hear your feedback. That being said, please, whenever you report anything amiss in the Experimental version, let us know that you're playing the Experimental version and not the live version of the game. 

The Experimental is available for Steam players only.

How to try the Experimental? 

Step 1: Back up your saves. Find the "<steam installation folder>/userdata/<your steam id>" and copy the whole "298610" folder. And keep it in a safe location.
Step 2: Go to your Steam library and find Ylands. Right click the game in the side menu and select "Properties". Select "Betas" and type in ExperimentalIWillBackUpMySaves
Step 3: The Experimental version will begin updating/downloading. You may need to do this manually. After this is complete, you may begin playing. You will continue on the progress from last Experimental or will start a new game if you've never played Experimental before.

Important Note 1: We recommend starting a new game with a guest account. 
Important Note 2: We are aware of several larger issues, which we're working on fixing or have already finished fixing but haven't included them in the Experimental. You may find them in the highlights section below.

Experimental Highlights

What's new:

  • Sharks. Better stay in your boat!
  • Underwater biotopes full of life and surprises
  • Ships can take damage and even sink
  • Useful new ship devices
  • Friends' location is displayed on the map

Known issues:

  • Shark in the main menu doesn't have any animations
  • There are no Mystery Ylands in the Exploration
  • Underwater Random Encounters are not generated
  • Water surface integrity issues
  • Text in Playlands is not shown properly (only key codes)


We can't wait to hear what you think, Ylanders! And that's it for this week, but soon, we'll be back with a full release of Ocean Odysseys! 

Stay classy, Ylanders! 


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Hi I tested it and I think it would be really cool if we could use the harpoon underwater to fight back against sharks and sawfish it seems right now you can only use it on land. These are just my opinions though. Thanks!

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I'm excited for the return of sharks my nemesis :D Also love the teaser video if that's what it's for

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Question for this next update. Will there be new Mystery Ylands to explore and will there be new achievement awards? @Nikki Severin

Also will ships we have on other maps be taking damage when we are not there? I mean if it is saved and the ships are fine and we come back a week later will we find that they have been sunk? I see this as a possible on multiplayer maps but on singleplayer map saves I would think the answer is no?

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When I click on Betas, the only option I have is None. I tried typing in the blank box but it says it isn't valid. Would you be able to look into this? Thanks,


Please disregard - I hadn't capitalized the U in up. Thank!

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Not needed

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Sharks are also in editor. When I got stuck in ocean I feel lonely but I will see sharks infront of me that will try to break my ship, and then I will be eaten by sharks. Nice update


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