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idea how to make crafting easier - searching item´s


Hello, I noticed, that player´s are often saying - game is little bit complicated. I was thinking how to simplified something and here is my first idea.
This game have so much great item´s to craft, but if you want make (for example) 10 item´s, it´s sometime´s hard to remember all item´s which are needed.

I lend you´r PIN from messages, and put it into window´s with item´s. (all engine´s, left corner)


When you want craft it, just click on pin, to save recipe. Recipe will appear on orange line - miniature  and pin will change color to red.


When you choose all what you need (I make just 3 item´s for show you) you can go into container´s and start collecting item´s.


When you forgot, what to take, just put cursor (no click) on recipe miniature and it wil scroll you list of required item´s. After you put cursor away, list will dissapear.  (sorry, I haven´t cursor on image here)


When you have all, miniature will be colourfull like in crafting and you can unpin it or leave it if you use it frequently.
Great will be, when you will need just click on miniature and it will open window with recipe in crafting - becouse you spend time with searching recipe´s first time.

What do you think?



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