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More NPC Interactability


NPCs are a fun addition to Ylands, and bring humanoid friend-oids to your world, however, they're quite lifeless and just stand in one place.  I suggest making the NPC humanoids more dynamic and cool.


( 1 : Status)

I find that it would be extra cool if oyu could build relationships with NPCs. This could unlock a multitude of different possibilities regarding the NPC community. For instance, it could make it possible to level your NPCs, allowing them to sell more valuable items and such.


( 2 : UI)

The current NPC Shop-Front Interface is bland and gives off a dry vibe. I would someday like to see this change, as it can making trading with the NPCs more fun.


(3 : NPC Types)

We're all familiar with the generic Trader NPC, but what if there were different types. I would find it quite fun to have NPC Body-Guards following me around, Gatherers gathering nearby resources, Quest NPCs that can both give and receive quests, and Guard NPCs that will stick close to a placed post and ward off hostiles. There's also the generic Town NPC that would give RPG-Style Side-Quest for a small exchange.


(4 : NPC Customization)

Currently, the NPCs spawn in with a random pool of clothing applied depending on the NPC Type. I've seen this pop up a few times in my days on the Ylands Forums, and I think we should have the ability to Customize our Vendors' appearance. It would add a layer of fun and originality to anyone's settlement if this were made possible.


(5 : More NPC Spawns)

I love finding NPC Vendors out in the wilds, and I'd find it more interesting if I could find them in dense clusters, such as in Town and Villages. This could make exploration much more fun, as well as provide an opportunity to become the mayor of a settlement far from your original home.


(6 : Hostile NPC Quality)

Currently, the Hostile NPCs do nothing more than run and swing and a semi-unpredictable manner. I would find it more interesting if the Hostile NPCs could wield guns and preform more advanced combat maneuvers.


I'd love to see these things added to Ylands if they already haven't. I beg that the devs'd take into consideration what I've said.

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I'd just be happy with having them being togglable between standing and free roam, maybe have a % chance to interact with near by seating that is in a radius around them or something..

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Yes, I'd like to have some NPC that we could actually create our own village with. Maybe assign them some jobs or something....it's rare I meet another player on my settled Islands and kinda get lonely....the crabs and goats are nice and so are the vendors but I hope y'all will add more NPC in the future.

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