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Creative mode: Cannot deconstruct blocks once placed


I was building on a ship in creative mode. I was playing for a few hours, placing and removing blocks with left and right clicking respectively with no issue. I was using the building plans to do this. Unexpectedly, I was no longer able to remove blocks by right clicking, instead it would put me in "alt building mode" for a flash.


Troubleshooting: I was still able to place blocks both on vehicles and on land (stationary). I attempted to do place and deconstruct blocks both inside and out of the building plans mode, again both on land and on vehicles (ships). In both modes I was only able to place blocks. I exited the creative world and reloaded it, and got the same thing. I tried restarting the game as well, but again, no dice. I know that the game is able to recognize that I am right clicking, because it will put me into the alt building mode, but cannot deconstruct at all.



Please let me know if there is any other information you need from me, or if there is a known fix for this issue. Thank you!





Edited by enchiladas
Changed "building blueprints" to "building plans"

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