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Johnny Ufaai

I need someone Help.

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Hi everybody! I’m Johnny Ufabet.
Does Anyone know how to get cotton, grass, and all other plants to re-spawn after it has been picked up? I'm thinking of setting up a delay once the plant is picked after 30 sec's a seedling appears then grows into the full plant.  I'm trying my hand at learning how to create logic's for a new server, but I'm a total noob.
I was watching red eagles videos and I saw the video where he created a trigger to have grass grow back, I tried it out with cotton, but the problem is that it doesn't always work for me, don't know why, and I also realized that the player has to go into the trigger zone in  order for it to work.  Is there a way to set a logic to re-spawn a plant if it is picked up?
Thank you.

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hi. yes, it is possible and it is relatively simple. just set the event listener : 1368395203_Snmkaobrazovky2022-09-24200352.thumb.jpg.1f9f9c9200e5a91fc183aee4e4e2f1bb.jpg673847198_Snmkaobrazovky2022-09-24200528.thumb.jpg.ca5192c36c5f20d267d094fdd2ce2a62.jpg1644868760_Snmkaobrazovky2022-09-24200811.thumb.jpg.6008b0b1a0f33729079b33825253a917.jpg1621486475_Snmkaobrazovky2022-09-24200651.thumb.jpg.87150111c4c6b95f4a5a7033da88db86.jpg


 This is everything what you need. in script inside event listener you can set time (delay time) for re-spawn new cotton , i set it 60 like 1 min. if you will want longer time,then 120=2minutes,etc... 

it work for EVERY cotton in map!!! 
you can duplicated it for more types entity,just set inside event listener(pic. 2 ) type entity ... and for entity template set "PLANTED ... !!!" (if you set it only "seed,then it dont growing" 

good luck.

ps:  for more questions about the editor, you can contact me on discord : mello#4849


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