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Update 1.11: CRAFTY CRAFTS

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Ahoy Ylanders,

Here we go with Update 1.11! 🙀

With every update we bring to our players, we get craftier! Get it? The update is called CRAFTY Crafts! 😁 We gave some much needed love to our core systems, namely Crafting, Blueprints and Visual Scripting. This update also enhances the RPG experience by giving you randomized loot drops from enemies, new monsters (did someone say ghost pirates?!) and a brand new gifting systems allowing you to show love for your friends! Now let's get to the good stuff!

YLANDS_Update 1-11, SocialMedia - 1920x1080 11_2022 (2).jpg

List of features:

  • Crafting overhaul
  • Blueprint market
  • Gifting system
  • Randomized loot
  • New monsters
  • New visual scripting


  • Custom tools with variables and custom functions don't work.

We are working on a hotfix at the moment and it will be out soon.

Crafting overhaul
Crafting is a crucial part of our game. We listened to your feedback on our forums so this update brings an overhaul to Crafting. Changes to UX/UI of a key part of the game might be a risky move, but we have done our best to combine your feedback with our design to bring a smooth experience backed by focus tests. New Crafting should be much easier to navigate and for newer players, it is much more user-friendly. As with any major change, it might take some getting used to so please send us your feedback along the way! 


Blueprint market
Since last update, you have been creating Blueprints in the Editor and bringing them to the Adventure mode, which is great! What is even better is the fact that this update brings the ability to share them with the world. You can either make your friends happy by sending them your creations as a gift or you can upload your Blueprints to the shop, where others can purchase them with coyns. This is only the beginning of what the shop is capable of and we can't wait to see it booming with your crafty creations!


Logo overlay template copy.png



Gifting system
Do you have that special someone in your Ylands life? They deserve to know! And the best way to make sure they find out is sending them an in-game gift! Want them to sail the seas with you? Get them the Exploration DLC! Their ship isn't the best? Gift them a Blueprint of a cool ship! Want them to look sharp? They need a new costume and a new pet! Bonded while picking up sticks and crafting sails? Send them the Proposal emote ;)


Randomized loot
Adventure awaits and so does randomized loot! As you explore, you may be surprised by the variety of loot that is dropped by enemies you slay and chests you discover in your journeys. Now be on your way into the unknown, adventurer!


New monsters
BOO! Did you get startled? If you didn't, wait till you see the new monsters roaming the lands of Ylands! They're dangerous, they're mean and they're sooooo cute! We love them and we hope that you will too! But make sure you have the right equipment to face them because they can be tricky to take down! 




New visual scripting
Adventure is not the only part of the game getting our love and attention! Lots of hard work went into the Editor and here's what's new! Visual scripting underwent a major change in this update. Mostly in the user experience sense, where we for instance gave more room for the scripting canvas by reducing the size of Instruction palette. Canvas itself also underwent improvement, sporting a new grid system which is automatically snapping scripting blocks to the nearest cell, making the script looking nice and neat. Also, the main header is now redesigned to be more consistent with rest of the editor and is now ready for new features planned in future updates. Last but not least, a player requested feature: the new Favorites category, where you can store your most used instructions and categories!


The Toolbox allows users to create and share Editor-side scripts that will help them with their specific problems or fill in the gaps in the Editor's toolset. Generate objects, create specific selections, modify the terrain, and more! Ideal for those projects that require a copious amount of round stairways!

Of course, there are lots and lots of fixes, additions and tweaks to make playing Ylands much more enjoyable. The whole team is super excited about all that's new and improved and we'll be waiting for your feedback about the update. To kick off the feedback, the Project lead of Ylands, Aleš, shared a bit about how he's feeling about Crafty Crafts: "I am really excited about the new loot mechanics. What you get from slain monsters is now more randomized and rewarding, and once again pushes the game a bit closer towards the RPG genre."

Stay Classy!


Changelog can be found here: 



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