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anna_svecova Patch Changelog

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💰Additional Coyns packages.
🐛Tutorial bug fixes.
📘Blueprints shop fixes.

Patch (1).png

[YLD-41901] Fixed: Exploration local save entries are now flagged as 'unsaved' before the first write to disk actually succeeds. If a player attempts to continue an 'unsaved' entry, it transparently redoes the initial starting sequence to avoid corruption of that particular map entry.
[YLD-41902] Fixed: Blueprints: The main carousel does not update the download number until restart.
[YLD-42121] Fixed: Blueprints: Preview does not sometimes show particles when rendering the preview for a second time.
[YLD-41422] Fixed: Blueprints: Sometimes have their generated preview image missing.
[YLD-41844] Fixed: Glowing carpets and sledgehammers are pickable in one of the haunted encounters.
[YLD-41870] Fixed: Arrows and space keys can no longer control UI elements when the tutorial overlay is on.
[YLD-41916] Fixed: Rabbits drop raw rabbit meat again instead of raw meat.
[YLD-37944] Fixed: Tutorial: Mobile flow for equipping an axe did not account for not all inventory slots being visible on mobile at all times and could get the user stuck.
[YLD-41874] Fixed: Tutorial: Flow explaining how crafting works should no longer highlight incorrect entries under very specific conditions.
[YLD-41895] Fixed: Editor: multiselection of objects referencing different objects in the same property can break the Properties window.
[YLD-41885] Fixed: Editor: you can not change the color of the brush entity.
[YLD-42100] Fixed: VS: Show next/previous usage does not work.
[YLD-42017] Fixed: Custom HUD/Window: Undo does not work correctly when deleting tree of widgets with buttons as leaves.
[YLD-42015] Fixed: Custom tools: Undo in tool's script and editing HUD layout may break tool's script.
[YLD-42178] Fixed: Custom Tools: Duplicate Objects tile doesn't work in Tool Mode.
Fixed: DLC gifting was producing "invalid input" errors.

Added / Removed / Tweaked
[YLD-40072] Added: Confirmation popup displayed when unlocking a biome via the Expedition now displays the resources required.
[YLD-29662] Added: Multiplayer games can now also be removed from the games list.
[YLD-40121] Tweaked: When a popup that requires input from the player opens on mobile, it will try to position itself so that it's at least somewhat visible under the software keyboard.
[YLD-42182] Tweaked: Coyn packages in the in-game shop are now sorted by their price and not alphabetically.
[YLD-42280] Tweaked: Errors during login/registration are now more specific. From now on, the generic "check your inputs" message will be shown only in cases, where we get an unspecific response from the backend.

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