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Dev Diary #258 Behold, Blueprints!

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Ahoy Ylanders,

You have probably noticed that a new exciting section of our in-gam shop has appeared with Update 1.11 - Blueprints! You may remember from this Dev Diary, that the Blueprint shop is a great place to gift, buy and sell your wonderful creations. And since the launch of the feature, we have seen some truly magnificent pieces, which is what today's Dev Diary will be about. 

Seeing all those incredible ships, buildings, cars, and many more different kinds of Blueprints, we realized that we wanted to show those to everyone which is why we will start regularly highlighting specific Blueprints. Each week, we will handpick a few of your creations and promote them on our social media along with a few details about the specific Blueprint. For now, we are mainly going to promote the creations of the members of our Creators Club (Not a member? Join here.) so that everyone can see their exceptional talents! 


To make sure you get to see what some of these Blueprints look like in the game, we regularly look at some during our stream. We even have a special map to showcase the Creators Club Blueprints during each stream. You can already take a peak at what that looks like! https://www.twitch.tv

What are your favorite Blueprints? Have you uploaded and/or downloaded any yet? If so, let us know which ones! 

That's it for today and we will talk to you again next week! 

Stay Classy!



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