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Dev Diary #274 See What You Can Craft Outside of the Tropical

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Ahoy Ylanders,

It takes a bit of time to progress from crafting torches and grass ropes to building computers and meeting aliens. That applies for both Ylands and the real life. There are new players coming every day, so we thought it might be nice to show what awaits further in the game and how to get there.


First things first, there are 6 regions in Ylands. Every one with its own difficulty, temperature and unique resources that you can find there.


Seriously, do not underestimate the difficulty and make sure you are prepared before you venture into the next level. You don't wanna die for a piece of iron, right?


Stone and Glass

These are the first main materials. The important thing here is, that you can make tools out of them! 🔨 Why is that important? Because they let you to gather other materials and progress in the game towards the next-level regions, materials and tools.



This is a real revolution that awaits Ylanders in the Far East Region, but be prepared, you need at least an obsidian pick to mine it! It is probably the largest "material tier" that there is in Ylands. You can create dozens of stuffs by processing iron!

Since this diary is supposed to help you orient in the world of Ylands, today's featured item that is made from iron is accomplishing the very same thing: the Compass!

Also, iron has its own set of tools! 🔨




It shouldn't be that surprising, but you make steel out of iron. How to do it you ask? You need fuel. Go to the Temperate Region and get yourself some coal! Of course, you do need at least an iron pick to mine it.

After you spend a few minutes in the heat of the Foundry you can really paint the lily! What do we mean? The featured item that is made from steel is: the Paintgun!

Also, steel has its own set of tools! 🔨



Okay, we are getting serious here. You probably already know your way around the world of Ylands while roaming the Tundra & Taiga in order to hoard a zirconium ore. Still, we have to say it. This is no country for the underprepared. The danger is one thing, but Zirconium requires a minimum of a Steel Pick or a Steel Hand Drill to be mined.

Speaking of gear! Featured item which is made with Zirconium is the best firearm in Ylands! To be fair, you also need Orichalcum ingots to craft it, but the name says it all: the Zirconium Rifle!

Also, zirconium has its own set of tools! 🔨


Ylandium and Cobalt


Did anyone say computers? Alien tech?! In Ylands?! Yes. You can create these from resources like Ylandium or Cobalt. Tundra & Taiga and the Arctic Regions is where you need to go to retrieve these. It is no joke out there! So be careful not to encounter too many bad dreams.

Surprisingly enough, a spaceship or any other alien tech is not what we will feature here today. The item that deserves this shout out is without any doubts the Propeller Pack

Also, neither Ylandium nor Cobalt have their own set of tools. Surprise!                                ylands_propeller_pack (1).png


We hope that this week's very shallow materialistic diary will help you not to drown in the overwhelming amount of content you can find in Ylands.

Progress with caution and Stay Classy!

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