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Dev Diary #289 Main bug solution? Write /unstuck 0 in the chat!

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Ahoy Ylanders,

Let's talk about your problems! More specifically how we deal with any issues or ideas you report to us. You usually contact us with three main things.


Questions are quite self-explanatory (pun intended). When you ask us about something, we answer. Obviously, we are not omniscient, sometimes we have to consult within the team what the correct answer is. I might be the Community Manager, but I don't know all the specifics and details about, say a programmer's work.


These are also fairly simple. I just copy-paste them into a channel on our work Slack. Once every two weeks I go through all of the ideas, and we inspect them within the team. What features and suggestions are the most wanted? How complicated they are and how will they affect the gameplay and fit into our plans? Based on that (and much more) we decide on their priority and start the implementation!


Definitely the most complex things we communicate about. As I try to remind on our Discord (which you should definitely join) - always report issues through in-game feedback messages. See, to understand what really went wrong we need your "logs". Logs are note files filled with various information about your last game session. For example, it can tell us what went wrong before a game crashed, or that you can't place that one block in your house because there is an unfinished Blueprint somewhere underneath.

When you send us an in-game feedback message logs are automatically included. Once I get the game report, I send it over to Quality Assurance team. They look at it and tell me whether it is a bug, a mistake or if something else is going on. Then I usually contact the player whether we are able to fix it soon or how they can get out of that buggy situation.

With that said please do report any issues you run into and give us all the feedback and criticism you can. All of that helps us make our game better as many of your awesome ideas have made it into the game already! You can read about those HERE😊

The most frequent advice I give? Write /unstuck 0 in the chat!

Stay Classy!
Anna Community Manager


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