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UNDER REVIEW Sail/mast Angle


The angle the sail is at on the boat is not always correct. I think it has to do with the change of wind direction, because when you get out and in again the direction is usually correct again.

Between crosswinds and having the wind from behind the sail angle is correct in general, if not for the bug mentioned above, however when sailing towards the wind the angle gets smaller again when it should get bigger, and should rapidly turn when you cross the wind direction (I hope this all makes sense!).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Get in a boat, sail quite a bit until the wind direction changes

2. Sail some circles and see that the sail direction is wrong

3. Get out of the boat, get back in, see that the direction is corrected.


Severity: Minor - Does not prevent game play.

Repeatable: Not 100% reliable, as it's reliant on changing wind directions and it's a combination of a bug and a design flaw.

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