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RESOLVED Ladder Teleportation Bug/Glitch


I love Ylands so far and can see it has a decent amount of bugs and glitches. One that has effected me and even ruined some of my game experience is a teleportation glitch. While this glitch does not happen on every server and can be fixed my leaving and rejoining your session, it can do a lot of damage when it occurs. What this glitch does is when you go up a ladder (any ladder, even ship ladders) it can teleport you to other ladders on the map from the other ladder on your ship to a ladder at your house 4 Ylands away. In most occurrences that i have had, the glitch works both ways, if I teleport from my ship to a base's ladder, i can go back on my bases ladder to get to my ship. This is not always the case, at some times you will not be able to teleport back and you may have lost your ship (i did :( ). I am loving seeing this game progress and hope this glitch gets fixed, thank you.



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