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Ylands have 
*multi player exploration  

> main multiplayer 
   -an island that can not be reset
   -with a companion npc for building and crafting (cause it will take time now)
   -can sail to your friends’ island 
   -Island hub that connects player in the region where players socialize and get ready to go adventuring in:
   1. Dungeon to clear.
   2. Underwater ruin
   3. Cave to explore 
   4. And more

   *When you die you get back to your main island.
•Extra suggestion•
*Protective Barrier
> 3 kinds 
   - For the island 30x30x30 (upgradable)
   - For cars: its like a sunscreen and when you put install it, it will protect the car only
   - For ship: same concept for example, you or your friends can only lock/unlock doors and change the structure of the ship.

*protective barrier for cars and ships only cover the vehicle’s parts/cosmetics/skin/surface so no one can destroy it.

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