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New ship equipment?

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Are there any plans to add some more objects to use with the ship? Like more sail variants? Catamaran hulls? Perhaps a map table? Cargo hulls that come with storage? There is a lot of potential for the ships. If anyone else has any ideas, reply to this post! Thanks for your time.


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My idea's so far:

"Lego hulls", which are modular so you can choose the length of your ship, with different style bow and stern blocks so we can create different style ships,

Have those hulls hollow,


This is how lego does it. Please note that these are 2 stern pieces, there is a different bow piece.

Next up, lifeboat davits:


So we can have our small boats (maybe introduce a row boat, similar to the current boat but then with paddles, which is the only boat liftable by the davits. As a trade off for this feature it could be slower, think raft speed.)

More different mast types, with different speeds which depend on the wind direction. Certain types of sail plans work better with the wind from the back, others are better at sailing against the wind etc.

Change the sailing mechanics. I would like to see more realism in sailing, making tacking/jibing be beneficial in overall speed from A to B. Another mechanic that needs change is the wind. At the moment the whole wind mechanic is completely pointless: if the wind changes every 5 seconds there's no way you can plan for it, all it does is randomly change the speed at which you sail from A to B. Also make turning lose less speed.

Stability should be an issue as well. At the moment having more sails gives no penalty. I feel that if you sail full speed in a storm and make dodgy maneuvers there should be a risk of capsizing your ship.

Some minor things:

Currently there is a bow wave visible. I think making this bigger would look a lot better. The mechanics are there, but they are barely visible while they add a lot to realism and immersion!

If the hull's wont be improved soon, can they be put lower in the water? 1 block deeper would already make a great visual difference.




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what would  be neat would be a boarding ramp     ...to avoid    sharks  lurking near your  pier!

Also perhaps a  more modern hull design    with  different  keel   and  bow shapes  ..perhaps   steel? ( and sharkproof):D

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