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Maxime Gaillard

Extended inventory exploit



I honestly have to report an exploit that allows to extend the inventory further more that its actual size.

Here is how to proceed to reproduce the "bug" :

1) create any inventory container (best, a keyholder)

2) open any any chest (best, a stone chest)

3) put some items from you inventory to the chest

4) open the container you just created in your inventory

5) drag and drop the items from the chest to your open inventory container (every type of item fits), then close it. You inventory is now neat.

That's done. You can access to the items at any time an get them directly from the container even put them to the right quick slot if it is a tool

Note that:

- The number of item you may put in the container is equal to the number of slots of the chest you use for the transfer

- You can use as many inventory containers as you want for this trick

- If you use keyholders, you shall keep all their content at respawn.

A bit more work for the developper since the next update !



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