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Complete List ofSuggestion (Not Long).+Poll

Most wanted Features.  

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I listed them in order of prioritization and importance.

1. Hints / Tutorials / Tips. (Not to many, as finding things out on your own is half the fun.)

-How to find Ylands. So someone doesn't sail in open ocean for hours wondering if they are unlucky or just sailing into nothingness.

-Key crafting Items tab needs to be pointed out.

2.Crafting Menu. Adding a tab for most recently gained recipes would be extremely helpful.

3.More Clay deposits.

4. Ships. Add a Cargo hold to the large ship. Add a life raft or boat that you can craft and place on the ship. So you can sail to shore.

5. Add a rope that you can climb up or down.

6. Abandoned towns with loot and such.

7. Boss monsters in caves. I haven't fully explored a cave yet, so not sure if there is any, but if not there should be.

8. NPCs

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All of these would be helpful if they were added. I’m a bit dubious about NPCs right now though, I kind of like the feeling of being the only person alive stranded on an Yland! xD

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