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Tree trunks visible only from a distance (low video settings) - DX11 or DX11.1? Win7, will it work eventually?



I just realised that invisible trunks are in fact visible from a distance. If you are close enought you can't see these, but you can stamp on 'em and cut them off. Invisible trunks were reason for me when I couldn't build structures in some places and I had no idea why. The trunks appeared after I again updated my Win 7 Pro. 

I've read somewhere that Ylands needs DirectX 11.1. Is this true? I do not want to move to sh... Win 10 yet, so, is there any other way? I've read that I could launch "ylands.exe -dx11". Can it help? What does it do and... are there any other launch command lines I could use to change video/audio/memory/mist settings and try if my game eventually will work? Constant, non warning, random crashes are more that frustrating. Whole atmosphere is gone and everything I think of is - will it crash? Any second now?!




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