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This game is making me into an environmentalist

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I think Ylands is bringing out the inner environmentalist in me. Compared with Minecraft, where I would murder and strip mine everything like a rapacious colonizer, I am much more careful with resources in Ylands.

I have started to do some odd things while playing to minimize my impact on the game world, for example:

  • I always pick up seeds and re-plant rainforest and tall rainforest trees in number equal to or greater than what I cut down.
  • I like to leave one portion of my island as untouched 'virgin' jungle that I never harvest from.
  • I only kill the minimum required number of animals such as pigs. I even stopped killing predators because on a previous game I noticed they went extinct. Ane the community manager has confirmed that leaving 1 of a certain type of animal allows a chance that it will reproduce.
  • For ammunition I only use musket balls (and sparingly) because you get 10 balls for every 1 gunpowder. I prefer to use the renewable crossbow bolts which do about the same damage.
  • I prefer wind power and charcoal for burning compared with coal, because those are renewable energy sources.
  • For food I farm exclusively renewable crops like Quinoa, potatoes and melons.

I would like to know if anyone else plays like this, or if you have even better environmental tips. Anyways, be kind, rewind, and protect the low-poly environment for future generations!



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ROFL.. xD happy to hear that, finally not only me doing such things. Crossbow bolts for the win!

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All of the above except you will never get my pump action shotgun out of my cold dead grasp :D

Have you watched any youtubers who don't replant etc? It is painful lmao

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