Q1: What is a Sharegame?
A:  A Sharegame, in a nutshell,  is a persistent game that you and anyone you choose can play at any time, regardless of whether anyone else is currently hosting it or not - so it basically has the advantages of running a dedicated server... without actually running (and paying for) one. You can turn an existing save game (which means also any Exploration yland you discover, with the exception of the one you start at) into a Sharegame. You specify a password and from that moment, whoever knows the password, can join the game. If the no one else is hosting the game, you will start hosting it yourself, otherwise,  you join simply the one who's already running the game. The game gets saved in the cloud so anytime anyone starts playing it, they always play the current version of the game. And the best is - once you set it up, you just play and don't need to worry about hosting or joining - we take care of it for you.   Q2: How can I join my friend in their Sharegame?
A: Your friend needs to tell you their password, and someone needs to be hosting the game while you want to connect there for the first time. After the first connection, you also become eligible for hosting, and can start the game by yourself at any time, even if no one else is playing. Q3: How to create a Sharegame?
A: There are two possible ways. The first one is to create a new multiplayer game, then the player checks an option to make it automatically into a Sharegame. The second one is that any save file stored on the computer can be transferred into the cloud and become a Sharegame. In both cases, the player will be asked to choose a name for this game and input a password. Q4: How many Sharegames can I have at once?
A: Currently 3 in the free tier and 5 in paid tiers, but players are also going to be limited by the available free space in their cloud storage. Players can increase the size of the available storage space for coyns, but there should be enough space for free for everyone to try this feature out. Q5: Can someone else become the owner of my Sharegame?
A: No, there is always only one owner of a Sharegame, and that's the person who has it stored in their cloud storage. Q6: What happens when I'm not online and someone wants to play my Sharegame?
A: Anyone who knows your password and joined your game at least once before can connect to your Sharegame at any point, and if the game isn't currently hosted anywhere, this person will become the host for others who wish to join. Q7: What happens if someone is playing my Sharegame and I want to join?
A: You join the game in a normal way, although the game is already hosted, so you won't become the host. Q8: What is the difference between host and owner?
A: Owner is the person who has the Sharegame placed in their cloud storage. The owner can delete the game, change the password etc. The host is the person who is currently hosting the game, and other players are connecting to. Q9: What happens if the host disconnects? Can the others continue playing?
A: When the host disconnects or some other network issue appears, clients are told that the current session is no longer available. After that, any of the original clients that connect to the Sharegame first will become a new host. Q10: How often does the Sharegame save?
A: Hosted Sharegames save like a normal game on the host's computer, which means through manually hitting quicksave, in regular autosave intervals, and when exiting the game to the main menu. But the local save file gets uploaded into the cloud only when exiting the current game to the main menu in a regular way. Q11: What happens with the progress when the host's game crashes?
A: When the host's game crashes, the last local save file is not uploaded into the cloud. It is necessary that the last host becomes the host of a new session again (at least for a moment), so that the game progresses from the last recovery point. To upload it into the cloud, the host must exit the game in a regular way. Q12: What happens when some other player tries to host the game after the crash?
A: Any other player who attempts to host the game when it was not exited in a regular way, will be shown a message recommending them to leave the hosting to the original host. But there is also an option to start hosting anyway. If any player forces the hosting even when the warning message is shown, the game continues from the last save uploaded into the cloud, the local save file of the original host becomes invalid, and the progress in this file is lost. Q13: What happens when I reach my storage space limit? Can I still continue playing?
A: When storage space limit is reached, you will be unable to start any of your stored Sharegames until more space is made. Although you will still be able to play and host someone else's Sharegmes, if their storage space hasn't been filled. Q14: Can I lose some data when I reach my Storage space limit while I play?
A: No, your data will be stored in any case, but you won't be able to start another gameplay session until more space is made in your cloud storage. Q15: How do I prevent someone from joining my Sharegame?
A: If that person knows your password, the best option is to change it and tell it only to people you really wish to play with. Q16: How do I raise the amount of slots for my Sharegames?
A: Currently the amount of slots in free tier is 3, in paid tiers it is 5. We also plan to add more slots to some of the paid tiers in the future. Q17: You can rent extra storage space for one month. When exactly is my subscription going to run out, when I pay it for example on the 14th of a month?
A: In this case, your subscription will run out the 14th of the next month. In case you pay your subscription on the 31st, it will run out the 30th of the next month (or the 28th in February). Q18: Is there any possibility of an automatic subscription renewal?
A: Currently not, but it should be implemented in the future. Q19: If my subscription for large cloud storage space runs out, what happens with my stored Sharegames?
A: They will remain in your cloud storage, you just won't be able to start any of your stored Sharegames until some free space is made.