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  1. Hey there fellow ylanders, If you're reading this, you must be aware by now that on Monday we released the 0.12 Smooth Sailing update. It took longer than we originally planned to, but we hope it was worth the wait It did introduce a few issues, especially with the crafting panel, that we addressed yesterday in a hotfix (along with other fixes). If you missed that, make sure to check the changelog here. We're also aware of the issues some of you are having when connecting to the servers - we'll update you on that next week, when we know more. Overall it seems that you guys like the new User Interface. In any case, in the following weeks we'll talk in detail about what we plan to change about the Game User Interface, because there are a lot of things that we didn't manage to get in time for this update. So if you have any comments/thoughts on this, this is the time Special mention to HAL, who made it into the video Dev Diary! According to the University of Massachusetts, I mean... a Twitter poll, the changes made to the ships have been highly welcomed. Seems like it indeed was a smooth sailing in that regard! The new in-game sounds have also received quite a bit of praise, we'll make sure to pass that info to the audio departm... guy There are some mixed feelings when it comes to the camera - some of you appreciate the smoothness when the character is in tight spaces, others have pointed out that the camera being centered to the vehicles instead of the character doesn't feel right. We'll take that info into account! We swear we haven't paid Charley to change his mind about the game! Although not strictly connected to this update, we did receive some negative feedback regarding the placement of dirt - a few players are having issues filling holes or removing dirt from the air. Any thoughts on this? There were also a couple of mentions to the fact that the cursor dot is gone in the 3rd person view. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? That hurt, Chris! And, of course, I think I'm not mistaken when I say the new additions and changes that our Editor wizard Houp brought to the table have been very appreciated I'm missing the Xbox one for a combo! Anyway, we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to comment and provide their feedback, you make our day! But since there's never enough feedback, we encourage you to share your thoughts in this thread there. Or even suggestions for future updates. Or anything, really. That’s it for today. Have a great Easter weekend, ylanders, and as always - stay classy! ----------------------------------------- Now for this week's questions! Which update will include the Editor items in game? 1.0? Or before then. If what you mean are items that can't be crafted and are available only in the Editor - we are not planning to put them in the game in the foreseeable future. If there are any you feel should be craftable in the game, please let us know in the comments below and let's discuss it . Thanks! No longer able to transfer directly from a container in inventory to a chest. This stops the infinite resource bug (I will miss it but it had to go) but could cause other smaller issues. It now requires the item to go through the main inventory, but what if my main inventory is full? Can't move the item in or out of the container in that case. I see. We'll look into it. I have tested the welding and it seems quite efficient, I have noticed that it does not work with vegetation or containers. Will it be possible to unite them in the future? The welding is just the first iteration and we will definitely improve it further. I believe we will let you know in one of future DD about what plans we have for this feature.
  2. We're aware of the issue! We're working on a fix.
  3. Ane

    Multiplayer issues

    I'll pass the info to the testers. Thanks for letting us know!
  4. Guys, it's a bank holiday in the Czech Republic today, so the team is on holidays. Hopefully I can tell you more on Monday.
  5. Ane

    RESOLVED [YLD-16249] Auto detection bug

    I wanna see the end result!
  6. Ane

    KNOWN ISSUE Drill crash

    We're aware of the issue. Thanks for the report!
  7. Ane

    Dedicated Servers FAQ

    That's good to hear Keep the feedback coming!
  8. Ane

    0.12: Smooth Sailing (15/04/2019)

    Update: 18/04/2019 Version: [YLD-16189] [Dedicated Server] Players see other players crawling on DS if those joined and died while they were on another island [YLD-16188] [Dedicated Server] Players are unable to trade if they die far away from each other [YLD-16247] [Editor] No navigation birds in Explore like maps [YLD-16231] [Editor] Scene freezes after you close object properties [YLD-16172] [Editor] Optimize: Error in CZ language [YLD-16219] [Forum] Missing translations when opening map [YLD-16203] [Forum] Cannot destroy items from inventory [YLD-16225] [UI] Fixed: the Hints / Send anonymous analytics values toggles were switched. Please check to see if the current setting fits your needs. [YLD-16208] [UI] Pet preview is influenced by light in game [YLD-16207] [UI] Main Menu Role selection always defaults to Team 1 every time you try to change something [YLD-16163] [UI] Craft All option is available for items that can't be in inventory [YLD-16162] [UI] When you search in the creator cube for the second time after you dragged item to hotbar, search bar will respond to key bindings [YLD-15752] [UI] Pressing "Craft all" button when crafting over 100 items freezes the game for a while [YLD-15746] [Visual Scripting] Camera fade in / out script tile does not work [YLD-16212] In the backpack, search for existing items, enter the item name, and the result is blank [YLD-16209] Two identical scene maps showing different particle effects at runtime [YLD-16204] The ship in North Pole is missing a helm, and is in construction mode [YLD-16196] Boats on Buccaneer Bay scenario don't move [YLD-16191] Ylandium lantern doesn't work in game [YLD-16150] Trading with player in combat mode lockes him in it
  9. Ane

    RESOLVED [YLD-16249] Auto detection bug

    We're still looking into it
  10. Ane

    0.12 Update first impressions

    Ahh, I understand now, thanks!
  11. Ane

    0.12 Update first impressions

    I'm not sure I follow - can you please ellaborate?
  12. So it was indeed a bug. It will be fixed in a hotfix that we'll be releasing hopefully today.
  13. Guys, I just reported it, I'll let you know once I know more!
  14. Ane

    RESOLVED [YLD-16249] Auto detection bug

    We'll look into it and let you know! Sorry for the trouble.