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  1. Ylands Workshop

    Alright, we'll check what could be going on and let you know.
  2. Hi there ylanders! It's been a while since the last Q&A, so now that the holidays are approaching we thought it would be a good idea to gather questions that you might have and slowly answer them in the upcoming weekly Dev Diaries. You know the drill - it can be anything Ylands related: future features, the development progress, Ales' favorite icecream flavor... So... shoot!
  3. We actually managed to fix this issue, but the fix won't be present in the game until the 0.12 update.
  4. Could you also attach the compositions you're having issues with? Location of compositions - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/userdata/XXX/YYY/remote (XXX and YYY refer to numbers which are different on each user)
  5. Whoa, looking awesome, guys!
  6. Ylands Workshop

    Is there any specific error message?
  7. GOTY 2018

    Oh, I'm disappointed to see it's a card game, I thought it was about how to become a cult leader
  8. GOTY 2018

    I haven't been able to play that many games this year unfortunately, so I wanted to get some inspiration So I don't have a choice yet! What about YOU?
  9. GOTY 2018

    Heya! As you may know the Game Awards were held last week. This is the list of all the different categories/winners: https://thegameawards.com/awards/ God of War was chosen as the GOTY (Game of the year), but I'm curious to know which game would be the GOTY 2018 for you? Do you agree with the winner?
  10. Hi all! We're officially kicking off a new weekly section where we'll be showing you something we're currently working on - it could be something for the near future or something that will be in the game later down the road. But since we want your imagination to fly high, we won't actually provide you with any context about it We thought it could be a nice way of letting you have a closer look at the development while spicing things up. So, without any further ado... What do you think this could be?
  11. Multiplayer issues

    That shouldn't happen, no. If you experience this issue again, can you please send us the following files? output_log and output_log_clean, you can find them in the directory \Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands\Ylands_Data
  12. Hey there, ylanders! Guuuuys, the holidays are around the corner, so who's in for some Christmas-y action to start setting up the mood? Hit us with your best in-game created Christmas/winter/holiday season screenshots and win some coyns! How early can one start eating Christmas sweets without feeling bad about it? 🎅How to take part: Just post your screenshot as a reply in this post here. 🎅Deadline: 7th of January Winners will be decided by us and announced on the 8th of January. 🎅The reward: 1st winner: 2500 coyns 🍪 2nd winner: 1500 coyns 🍪 3rd winner: 1000 coyns 🍪 And that's it! Looking forward to seeing your creations
  13. DEV ANSWER Water terrain option

    This is actually intended, you can read a bit about it in the latest changelog: Water simulation disabled - We have decided to disable the water simulation in the game until it's fully fixed, since it caused a lot of issues and potential exploits. The sea will still have waves, ships will be moving over it, you will be able to swim above/below water surface just as before, the water just won't fill in the newly created spaces. You are now unable to add or edit the water in any way (via Terraformer or Editor) and it is not affected by explosions.