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  1. JonathanHunt

    Zoo Jumbo

    Congratulations on getting all the animals! I still need to build a home base and get horses for making an animal farm XD
  2. Good work @PercyCreeper. But where would i find these last notes/clues?
  3. JonathanHunt

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    maybe we can draw maps to find our way
  4. JonathanHunt

    Dev Diary #194 Over the horizon

    It'll be interesting to see what people do with big islands. It sounds like a player could have some small villages spread out in the distance of these islands. Or the worlds biggest corn farm XD.
  5. it looks like a oil pump. but i haven't looked at one in a while
  6. Good work on the train mello. I wish you luck in your editing adventures. @spiritchaser28 I think there was a movie made that had the catchphrase from the little train story.
  7. This is incredible! I wish i had the same creativity. Keep up the good work.
  8. JonathanHunt

    Regenerating Ore Nodes

    I remember playing with the kill event on scripted entities. it doesn't seem to trigger (possibly from the script disappearing with the entity?), i use event listeners to work around this problem. I sometimes do small experiments to see what events and logics trigger properly.
  9. JonathanHunt

    YFS ylands farm simulator 😁

    How on earth did you get the physics to work on slopes? Was this from using the new controller logic or scripting?
  10. JonathanHunt

    quick replantable crops

    I've noticed some people plant crops for food and crafting. Could there be a way to make replanting crops easier for farm players? Say the player had picked carrots they had planted themselves, if the player is carrying seeds of that plant in their inventory these automatically replace the full grown carrot with a new dirt covered seed in it's place. There could be tilled dirt or a object (or dirt object?) for special places to replant them in this fashion.
  11. JonathanHunt

    RESOLVED Toadstool doesn't restore hunger

    too late 😵. But can toadstools be dangerous if they're still consumable.
  12. i found a island that has both loaded chunks and chunks that only load when close enough (slighty seen at the top of picture)
  13. I've eaten 14 toadstools and they don't seem to stop my starving status. I can even eat them after i'm full 🌝. Just to be sure, i made a logic in the editor that tells me how much of my hunger has been restored from eating food. boletus mushroom gave 5 points and sorrel leaf gave me 1 point, but toadstool gave me no points.
  14. Can building stations have a tool for quickly copying a single block from existing blocks in the world that players have the recipe to craft? This feature would save time from frequently going to the crafting menu to swap crafting blocks in the hotbar and then doing this again to use previous blocks from earlier. This could also include other craftables like items and furniture
  15. JonathanHunt

    KNOWN ISSUE empty random site at compass pin point?

    I'll use the freecamera when i come across these empty sites. thanks for the tip.