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    • Hi everybody! So been playing on one of the official Eu servers with some buddies and have found 8 islands currently still looking for more, and it seems that everything is depleted especially majority of the main resources.... what can we do apart from possibly find new islands if there is any extra? do we basically just give up and move to new server?? Cheers,
    • Option to disable:  1) /Freecamera 2) Crafting 3) The ability to break/change terrain 4) Pickability of items in mass    Good for adventure maps and puzzles where you want to reduce factors. 
    • Hmmh, I'm not sure what do you mean. If I understand correctly this feature is already in the game. You can right click the color on pallets to replace the existing one, if you want to use that color on pallets, just click(left click) that color. There is no tutorial about that, maybe that's why you don't know it yet. Summary : Left click to change your brush to color that's on the pallets Right click to change color on the pallets to same color as currently on your brush Note: I use this picture before for reporting a bug. It's UI for Editor, in paintgun menu it's a bit different, but still pretty much the same. That red rectangle is the pallets.
      That square blue is button to change the page of the pallets, above this button is to reset the pallets back into default Hope it helps. Cheers!
    • Sorry if this is already a thing in game.  If it is, I don't know how to do it.   I would like to be able to save custom color pallets, kind of like you do compositions.  I think this would be very useful for design continuity.  
    • hola gracias por la respuesta, el juego esta muy bueno e interesante, se entiende los bugs porque el juego no a salido la version oficial pero quiero seguir jugando, lo desinstale e instale como 5 veces y nada, actualice el directx y los drivers de la nvidia y nada, no quiere andar como que se canso...    gracias por la ayuda DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt