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    • I wasn't sure whether to put this one in the general or editor bugs section, but I encountered it in the Editor, so here it is. In my scenario, I have 2 player roles.  While testing, I fell (jumped; I was testing something) from a high point and died from the fall.  I was offered the option to change roles.  I decided to try it and see what happened. This is what I respawned to see: It was a little gruesome watching my own ragdoll corpse thrash around due to the collision with the stone on top of it.   Aside from reporting the bug, I also have a request:  Remove "Change Role" as an automatic option on player death.  Let us set an option when we create the scenario, or better yet, just let us build it if we want it, since we have Custom UI to do it.  It's bugged and could easily break a game design.  Just take it out.   output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
    • It's as if they are crashing and restoring back to a previous save file.  It's much worse now, because in the past, the only time our servers rolled back, is when WE rolled it back, on purpose.  I was on our Stock Explore, full DLC,  no scripting, straight vanilla.  We played that map for a few days, then the map decided that day was the cut-off point, and everyday after that, it would restore back to that cut-off point.  Several of us worked for a few days, and everyday, it would crash and restore us back to the cut-off point, days earlier.  One guy spent a good dozen hours and then just had it wiped.  If that won't make you despise a game, You must be crazy, like me.  Let me add, this WAS our streaming server.       
    • We're trying to work together to make some great private servers where people can really spend time and enjoy themselves but in all cases we've tried so far we have constant roll backs. Stock servers, explore servers custom servers, they all roll back within 2-3 days of use.  The more they are used the more often they roll back.  Sadly these issues are worse then in early access. Idk, why but it seems to have gotten worse. 
    • So we switched from servers to share games but what we're having with share games. it began by lagging.
      We restarted progress to remove the lag and this did remove it but progress rolled back
      So far we have left the game several times properly and it won't save at all
      we switched share game hosts and it would help for a little while but then went back to lagging
      down to 4 FPS
      terrible lag
      reducing settings made no difference
    • agreed.  as an adult newbie myself I have found the game and editor great fun  and to experiment with.  The kiddy art style will attract kids to the game until they notice there is a learning curve (especially with game scripting in editor) which is okay for adults but will probably turn off the younger kids.