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    • you can script an event listener to record a kill event, and then spawn any entity  
    • Game Settings : "Destroyed entities in the world drop items" checkbox. I want to start the game with no item drops, then change that rule. Can I do this? Thanks!
    • Hey there, Ylanders! 
        A new streaming season is upon us! And we kicked it off with yesterday's Q&A session with Aleš and Nikki. What did we talk about, where to watch it if you missed it live and what is this new streaming season? 
      In yesterday's stream we answered questions about the Editor, Exploration, 1.8 update and more! We started off by answering several Editor questions including those about adding half and quarter blocks, selecting multiple entities based on their color for quick color changes and entity pivot changes. In the Exploration block of questions, you were interested to hear, for example, about eating while sitting down, larger ships, turning off the freecamera on private ylands and also glowing paint being available in Exploration. Apart from these two sections, we also covered changes to clan management, controller and console plans and possible new assets. We also revealed the name of the 1.8 update! 
        If you missed the stream, head over to our Twitch channel to watch it! You can find the stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1182006596

        This Q&A session was only the first of many streams and it was the start of a new schedule of streams. From now on, we will be streaming every two weeks and will cover a variety of topics with guests from the Ylands (and BI) team. Because we know that you enjoy gameplay streams as well, Nikki will be streaming weekly on our Discord server, so if you'd like to come explore together with her, head over to our Discord! 
        Oh, and speaking of 1.8 and all the good news we have for you guys - especially those playing on PCs. We did say that we'd added some cool optimizations that will make the game run faster in some cases, but we, quite unexpectedly, managed to implement yet another pretty sweet optimization, just before the datalock. This will make your graphic cards utilized more efficiently and we are very happy about this since this will result in many of you getting a quite significant rise in FPS.
        Stay healthy and stay classy, Ylanders! 
    • Hey! 

      As of now, pets can only be purchased with coyns (in-game currency) but not with Exploration points. 

      To my knowledge, you don't get pets on Mystery Ylands.