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    • Was created new game in adventure mode. It was local game with friend. After this at next day this game was changed into share game mode. for a while about 1-2 hours (I was played alone for this time) all was fine but when my friend logged in game I've started to get lags (I have really good computer so problem not here). After this I tried to relogin and reboot. But... every time when I started this game I detected what all is rollback to the moment when my friend had login into game first time (I mean 1st time for sharegame mode) I Tryed to make this game local like it was before, but the problem is same and in same place. all rollback to the moment what was described above.   I found way to repair our game save but this is "non-game way" if you understand what I mean... and this can cause game logic problems in various situations. as far as I understand this problem was caused by a conflict of player ID that was a result of transferring the save from local to shargame mode, new ID was attached to for player but wasn't created from the point of view of the game logic.
    • What I love: My last explore game, on veteran, I died and dropped my all stuff. When I came back to get it, naked in the freezing cold, it was being guarded by three monsters. Best game ever! I managed to cheap shot my way out of a tough spot and it would have been much better if I was forced to remake all my equipment, but still. Exciting! We NEED a solo hardcore mode. Begin the game shipwrecked beside a dying fire on a frozen island. No resources. No food, no way to make clothing, no way of killing the roaming monsters, only a raft washed up somewhere on the shore that you must find before you freeze or starve.  (It's the level 3 island at the end of the game, you see a castle is the distance, that is your final goal, but for now you must leave). Cut the view distance way back so you cannot see the other islands until you are really close. No planting, no map, no birds, a basic compass, much less metal ore located at the very end of the appropriate cave. (No one needs to build a car or a huge ship, we just eventually need some bullets). If I die, I must begin all over again on the first island with nothing. Those seem like simple changes to implement. It would make a huge difference.  Please consider doing this! If it is too tough, you can always dial it back, but, in my experience, people will rise to the challenge. Multiplayer explore hardcore should be brutal. You must hunt together or die. Corpse recovery? You need friends to help you. Monsters should have triple the hitpoints or come three to five at a time. More metal, but only at the end of caves. Monsters respawn on a timer, especially in caves. Of course, that's only my opinion. I have absolute faith in, and respect for, your vision. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment thus far.