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    • Attaching files, uploading Profile Photos, and probably other methods of uploading files, seem to be broken at the moment. When uploading a Profile Photo, I do see where it mentions the file size limit being 5kb, but the upload fails when using a PNG file that is 1.27kb in size. When trying to attach files to a post, it tries to work, but ends up failing, only showing a white box in the attachments section. If anyone else has noticed this issue, please upvote and reply to this topic.
    • I think the tent idea is a wonderful idea.

      I wouldn't go as far as making it a safe zone in place of a generator but function as a sleeping pad/bed where it will keep you safe from the weather. I think they should remain relatively small and just like the sleep pad you Craft it - Place it and have to use the radial menu to sleep in it. It shouldn't be used for anything other than that.
    • @Baz Foobar In fact, most of what I've seen on other servers, is only destroying a block or two to get access to a chest inside a room, for this the orb is nice and the bad griefers are using the terrain to troll. But on my server no one is really destroying things and the most secure container is player inventory, add to that the seed box, herb bag, soil bag which all go into player inventory, and that's a fair amount of space to keep the best items, then use containers for less valuable stuff that most people wont steal. The biggest disadvantage though, is that without the orb, players don't have access to remove blocks with one click on their bases, unless they do it within that first 2 minutes of placement. It's easy for me because I've given myself the cube, but I feel bad when I see someone chipping away at an entire wall of stone that they decided against.
    • Nice work! That house is so pretty. Ooh, does paint work on all objects? You could probably do a fair approximation of the sculptures with, like, free-placed bananas & orchids & pineapples.
    • Thanks Whane, I played around with different things and came to the same conclusion.  Here's hoping that BI adds more flexibility to this aspect in the future.  For now, I'm trying out your suggestion and going with a generated map with some starter items, no drop on death, and a custom spawn/role.  The world isn't as interesting (no caves or random sites), but hopefully the human inhabitants will make up for it with their own creativity, even if griefers can now destroy things without the barrier protection.  I'll just have to take more backups and keep an eye on things.