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    • Hi everyone,
      I am a bit confused so I am hoping to get some help here. I have started the "Large Ship" recipe purchased from store for 800C. Two days ago my friend was able to construct one without issue, today (maybe due to the new update?) I am unable to construct it due to missing recipe for "medieval window". Also my friend who was able to construct it two days ago now misses the same recipe (medieval window). Where can I get the recipe? I have all mats required according to wiki, but I still can not find it anywhere.
      Also the project table consumed all the nails i had in my inventory (over 1000 - I am sure that the large ship did not require so much nails before) and I am not able to get any resources back from the project table, if I stop building the recipe i will lose all materials supplied.  How should I proceed?
      Any help would be appreciated!
    • The boats can be locked using the suction locks on the helm. Personally, I have all my boats locked this way when I'm not using them. Rather, I have a few ideas and questions. I haven't figured out how to make one key fit multiple doors. While it is possible to make copies of keys so that multiple people can open one door, it would be good to have one key for multiple doors as well. Then when you have a large castle, you don't have to carry ten keys for ten different doors, but one that opens all of them. Another thing is to be able to have a door with a password lock. It's much more convenient than constantly lugging around a key. The password would be entered when you set it up, and then the door would automatically lock every time you close it. If you don't want it locked, leave it open.
    • Hi there,  thank you for your feedback we will try to come up with a way to make it clearer  and very sorry it happened.
    • sadly, this happens  so  often  that multiplayer games are dangerous posologie prednisolone
    • Hello Imuntied, we unfortunately do not support older versions of the game, so this behavior is correct. 
      Thanks for your question