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    • Okay, that's excellent! Is it compulsory to maintain a rating criteria? If so, that's cool. Thanks for taking a look at it!
    • Great! That's all I can ask for  Good luck with it!
    • I said i would stop posting here..but i am  compelled to post this. We have been  doing our  utmost to  find a way of making  Mp games on the P1 servers last  more than a day.  We have tried not  building big  ships ..just duck boats and rafts. We have  bent over backwards looking for  ways to make the game  playable and last longer. We have restricted the use of  blue prints. There has been no more than 3 players at a time on the servers.... most of the time  one  or  two Despite this  there's  been heaps of issues:.. and the situation is deteriorating We get  regular  unannounced server shut downs   ...sometimes losing  3  to 4  hours  work in a rollback when it  comes back.  very  frustrating !!!! . new  players  get annoyed and never come back..and tell their friends  why. We get  rubber banding, ...disappearing tracts  of  land ....and  the  falling through the  earth   syndrome still But he  most  frustrating is "the groundhog day" syndrome ...when we  log back in and  find the game  has  glitched  out and we are  floating in some form of  limbo. sometimes  after   2  or    3  days,  recently   its  just been "hours" Get logs?   ummm   .... we  cannot get into the game... we  just wait  until the server is wiped ..and we start again.... rinse  repeat  a few hours later.  The number of players of  MP on  P1 gaming   has dropped down to  4  die-hards who "had hoped for maybe better next  time "   and   who seem to be now losing hope. Its  frustrating  after spending  a couple   of  hours  alone on a mp game ...only  to lose  half  your progress in a  server  rollback ...then  2  hours later  end up in the  predictable  server glitched   game . I need not  say  anything  more  other than the  numbers of players   has dwindled dramatically  ..and  is still going   in a downward  spiral.  People in discord  start venting their  frustration at the  game resets  daily ...  and poor  Red-Eagle  cops it  .   Its not his fault  ..he is  doing his best to help....     Thanks  for the  promise of   shiny particles  and  stuff  ......surely the game  needed them before the  other essential operational  fixes? ...   the graphics  look great ./ pity the game is  getting  worse   each time. 😒    
    • It was a technical problem with the engine we're using and its newest update. but we are working on, as you said, to expand the map by other maps or another way of 'expanding' the Exploration experience.
    • We will be tweaking the censor system in 1.2 to be less strict, but it will stay compulsory.