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    • Dear (future) ylanders, As promised, by sharing the post where we announce the Steam release date there was a chance of winning an Ylands code for free! We've randomly chosen 20 people on Twitter and 20 on Facebook. Here are the winners! I'll send the codes out during today, so check your DMs/PMs! Twitter @DreadNome @SeamaRob @TortimerTheGrey @final_ultimatum @LucaTeddy28 @MattReinhardt7 @AlmightyMuniz @K4DR14H @SrgtMaxence @ItsZim_ @ImTastyHam @Yanabamenara @DieGirardi @o_liar @Sric360 @SCHWARZL1999 @MatthewP39 @C0RLAIN @yourinsport @MaraLetsPlay   Facebook Arno Rook Ottavio Francisco Basques Frederik Schou Jonas de Souza Jiří Malina Sairo Soull Eliahu Bitton Thiago Leôncio Bal Rog Alexander William Arnold Erick Sanchez Marko Burns Alexey Zhdanov Ricky Tsang Duncan Dunkie  Ryan Surles Tung Chan Joshua Lamson Harkness Ag Joey Bull Congratulations to the winners! I hope to see you in the game! Ane
    • So me helping crashing the server is for a good cause wenn the crash logs keep coming in
    • I like it very much!  
    • The servers crash from time to time, and sometimes they crash hard enough so that autorestart does not work (and we start them manually at some later point). It's a new feature, so we are gradually making them more stable. The good thing is that programmers have all the logs they need available from the servers themselves.
    • Same thing happend again  Blob joined the server, it was starting to lose FPS/performance and i lagged out the game, now the explorer server i was on is not on the list anymore.