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    • Hey there, been long time since my last suggestion. Since I don't have much time playing Ylands game recently, I spend my spare time only on Ylands forum. I've noticed something is missing, when you look at your own profile you see "About Me" tab, and when you look at others, it doesn't show up.. or I can't find it anywhere on their profile. As if I understand correctly, the "About Me" tab is used to introduce yourself to "stranger" who look at your profile and want to know more about you without the needs to ask/post about it but since it doesn't show up, it doesn't have meaning. For example:
      As you can see, there is "About Me" tab beside Activity when you look at your own profile (in this case it's mine).
      And here for example, you can't see it. Am I blind or it's on the setting somewhere? or the web designer forgot to put it there?  I know it's small thing, maybe just maybe when you guys have spare time to add it, that would be wonderful. *Edit* Sorry I have used your profile as an example @YadNiMonde 
    • Nice one, I like the "hermit" style of your house. Yeah it will looks awesome in arctic, but I think it also will looks awesome in thick woodland. Looks cozy with all that natural colors/materials. Oh yeah, almost forgot. Welcome to Ylands Community, have fun and don't be shy! 
    • The cottage really comes into it's own when built in arctic biomes. My usual tactic when playing online is to grab all the materials I need, then set sail for an arctic desert. The roof design looks good when it's nearly buried in the encroaching snow. That and it looks cozy in a blizzard!
    • Nice build! Really unique. 
    • Hi there guys! I've been playing Ylands since the Steam release and I must say, I've found my new 'free-time drainer'. I definitely think Ylands has the potential to become the natural successor to Minecraft. A bold statement I'm sure you'll agree but Ylands has something special. Where else can you build a little slice of heaven and then furnish it to perfection? Here's a few screen shots of my little slice of heaven. I built my home near to the spawn so I can help others for when my map goes live. Here's an aerial shot of my home. The notice board is to welcome new players.     Shot two.     Here is my work desk. I've created it using a basic table overlapping the drawer tables with a shelf unit at the back. Most of my Diary entries are stored in those pots!   This is my kitchen station. I have Jars to store berries and pots & sacks for flour and grain. The chest embedded in the shelf unit stores my tools whilst the barrel is for fish.   Directly opposite the Kitchen area is the dining table, fully stocked for some weary traveller! Notice the gun rack I have assembled. It is constructed out of a Chest embedded into the wall. The rifles are leaned against it with a small shelf unit acting as the racking pieces. The chest allows me to neatly organise my ranged weapons whilst maintaining the appearance of a functioning Rack.   Here is my Hearth where food is prepared. The barrel is for scrap wood. Behold the plush furs on my bed. I use the nearby cabinet for my attire (weather dependent) and some light reading too!   Great to be here on the Ylands Community!   Rob