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    • Ahoy Ylanders, Some of you may have noticed that we celebrated International Women's Day last week.  This year we decided to give thanks to all the incredible women who are part of the Ylands team. You can watch it here:    Now let's talk about #womeningaming. We are grateful to have so many ladies on our team, as it is still not quite common. And it can be pretty scary to join an industry where you don't see that much representation. 
      "As a little girl, I thought I wanted to be so many things. A lawyer, a famous pianist, a famous painter, or a teacher. Yet I also always imagined making video games as something that I would love to do. And I was right. Being part of the process of creating video games is one of the biggest joys of my life. Having a sketch you made become a real thing in the game that people can enjoy, helping someone who has a problem and making their day better, or planning future assets based on what our players want, all of these things are something I dreamed of doing. Taking something that brings me so much happiness (video games) and dedicating 8+ hours a day to making it better for other people is something that is incredibly important to me. I know we are not doctors, lawyers, or firemen. But I swear that there were moments when video games saved my life. When someone told a story and connected with me on such a level that I felt heard, understood, and less alone. The feeling of being able to give this back to the world, well it is quite something. Thank you to all players who give us a reason to do this, you're amazing. I always thought that you have to know programming or 3D art to become part of the game-making process. I never thought it would be a real possibility for me to work in the game industry. And I think a big part of that was not seeing many women who would tell me that there is a place for me as well. However, that is not true at all! Not only you can start at a position where you learn different skills you can also play to your strengths and go for 2D graphic design or like me put your people skills to the test. 😁 This industry has a place for everyone, you just need to find out what you are good at. I hope one day we will see more women joining our industry. And I want to thank all the ladies on our team for being an inspiration to me and other girls who might want to join the game development process one day." - Anna, Community Manager
      Now let's hear from them! "I have been playing games since childhood and they have always been one of my biggest passions. And the best way to be closer to passion and never let it fade away is to be a part of it."
      -Claire, Designer "I always wanted people to react to my job with "Wow! That's cool!". Jokes aside, loving your job is not a common occurrence and I wanted to love what I do. And I love video games with all my heart."
      -Nikki, Brand Manager
      So thank you again, ladies, thank you our players for giving us this opportunity, and thank you Ylands team and Bohemia Interactive for having us. 
      Stay Classy! - Anna, Community Manager
    • I'm just kinda bored of survival games that make you always feel so alone, yea you can do co-op with friends ect but non of mine like survival games and random people can be a risk lol there is only a few games that I've played that do what I kind of want, them being ofc FO4 which isn't really a survival game..Conan Exiles which Settlers only stand around or follow you as companions..the best game I have which does this brilliantly is Dragon Quest Builders 2, Settlers in that game do everything such as, eat at tables, sleep in beds, farm, guard, follow you and much more and they even build structures that you design if they have the required materials. I think if Ylands had something like this it would be absolutely amazing. Oh and DQB2 uses blueprints too with the settlers auto building, something that ylands also has so would it be that hard to implement?
    • Sounds like a cool idea. At the moment we only have Traders which you can place down using the Pigeon Post and Vendor Banners but they just stay in one spot only and don't walk around. 
    • Will we ever get NPC settlers? I was thinking just like in FO4 where you build some kind of signal transmitter and over time NPCs show up..Maybe they could do basic tasks like felling trees or guarding the area to ward off mutants or farming in a designated area defined by the player...Some times it kinda sucks when you build these little towns but you have no one to live in them lol I tried to figure out how to do it in the editor and make my own game mode with said features but I have no idea what I'm doing in the editor lol Be cool if the devs could implement some official settlers, even if they simply just walked around just to make builds feel more lived in..OR I just now thought persuading the NPCs you find out in the wilds to somehow follow you back home..that always got me aswell, why are all NPCs hostile???