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    • I am deeply concerned that without more significant testing, the game will always be too buggy to play no matter what the size of the islands are.  I know you plan on more resources put toward testing. What sort of resources are you thinking? More funds, more people?  I hope you don't mind me saying that in the current situation I feel like a little bit used. There are so many issues and we are told they won't get fixed unless we report them but we're talking about encountering 30 issues in a single session. It's really no fun to report that many.  Something that discourages a lot of people is most of the bugs they reported (logs and all) 2-3 years ago are still unfixed.  One example is the steam cloud issue which goes back and delete all of your progress after you have a certain amount of progress in your files. This is a very frustrating but because it saves your content but then you go back and do see that it's not there the next day and you lose all of your work. This is still happening. 
      If I were making a game and people lost their progress so constantly it would keep me up at night. I can't imagine how people feel. 
      As a dedicated player I feel like there might get chance in which this game will succeed over a period of years but it may never be fun or playable for anybody until it reaches that point. Therefore, I have to ask myself the question: "do I want to stay here during that time?"    
    • The new map proposal ....   ok it looks  good ...but  will it be  like the current situation..... that is the same  every game ,  with resources   biomes etc always in  the  same position? That is  what is  killing the  existing game ... there's  no  exploration. Play it once and  you know  where everything is,  where the resources  are,  and then exploit them  first  so no one  else  can use them. The beauty of the  original game was  trying to find the places ... they were different  and  random,  and the  caves  were a real challenge for those who wanted to explore them., The resources    (iron   etc) were always  surface  veins  so those  who chose  not to  go into the caves could  still  get  material  to craft.  And some of the  random caves in the original games were simply  breathtaking. The  new  map will  be  great...if its  new MAPS      ( note the plural) ...otherwise it will   just  be the same style game dressed up in frilly  clothes and eventually  produce the same boring  result. I like Ylands ... especially ..the original  concept....   and,   like Red Eagle,  and others  i  would  love to see it  succeed.   But it has to be more  than a collection of mobile games  and  anime style actions  as used by kids to amuse themselves  for a few minutes.   Explore means   more than   kung-fu  jumps  and  running around waving swords  that  make   sparkles  and  sounds...  
    • Should we be reporting content that doesn't meet the standards? or just leave it to periodic review?
    • Because it didn't have these limitations back in the day, but one of the updates brought in these limitations and never addressed them since.
    • Why was unity chosen as a base since it has such limitations?