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    • Hi, since the game is still in early alpha there are, indeed, some performance issues present. Quite soon we plan to start another round of optimizations - hopefully those will result in smoother gaming experience. At this point our bottleneck is not the video card (as long as you're not playing in some really high resolution), but CPU.
    • Ahojjjj! So, it's Friday afternoon, and right now you're probably thinking about what I said 2 weeks ago (I know you are, don't lie to me!). On 8/3/2017 at 10:22AM, Ane said: For months our bookshelves have been missing something, filled with wordless books that contain no stories to write or read. That will be a thing of the past! Write your adventures down and leave your legacy for other ylanders to find or read a bedtime story before taking a nap. What did I mean by reading a story before taking a nap? Well... Yes, coming the next update you'll be able to actually sleep when you lie on a bed - either a proper one like the one in the picture or one you'd improvise with grass and hay. This way you'd be able to 1) advance time and 2) heal your wounds. The downside to this is that before getting a proper sleep you'll have to watch out for predators around you! And obviously the comfier the bed and the safer the place you sleep at, the better!   And that's it for now! You guys have an awesome weekend! Ane
    • Sorry not a lot of info given to help you. it should run fine I have a 1080SC but even that is overkill. tho low fps could be caused by anything temp, drivers, other apps running not to mention your other hardware (ram,cpu,etc).
    • And it runs very well on my system and with more time and tweaking from the dev side this game is going to be even more amazing!