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  1. Harpoon Hanna

    Try my new game: Dark Art 1.5

    Fight the hordes alongside your two trusty sidekicks: a goatman wizard and a Jotunn Valkyrie. Cast lightning, fireballs and much more as enemies call for backup. Buff and heal your allies, cast Fear on your foes. It's just a sampler of an upcoming game. Dark Art 1.5.... Okay now it's Dark Art 1.5 a. Had a few spawning issues, but it's all good. Working on damage balance and new enemies. It's an evolving project and it changes a lot right now.
  2. Harpoon Hanna

    Fix the lights please

    Lights are broken. The brighter spotlight is the old one, the dim light is the new one, the same thing is true for point lights. I went to an old game file, all the old settings were there... intensity, range, spot angle. I made a blueprint, put it in the new game I am making. I lost all the old parameters and it only has an intensity setting now. Both lights are set to highest intensity, new and old. Look how dim the new light is, it's worthless and has a short range. Please fix when you can, thanks.
  3. Harpoon Hanna

    No baskets for my boat....why?

    Yeah, that's the thing. There is no option for construction or build mode anymore. I can enter free place mode that's it, which means you cannot place anything, it's just red. There WAS an option, but I guess a patch killed my primitive boat. That's okay.
  4. Harpoon Hanna

    No baskets for my boat....why?

    That's ma boat. All my baskets are now full and my pockets are stuffed, but now I can't add a wicker basket to the primitive boat. I can free place an inventory item, but not a crafted item. What am I doing wrong? It used to work.
  5. Harpoon Hanna

    How to teleport?

    Thank you so much. In the meantime, trying to figure how a player can reach the unreachable tower, I made a flying submarine rocket which is pretty cool.
  6. Harpoon Hanna

    How to teleport?

    Throw the switch and you teleport to the top of the tower. That sort of thing.
  7. Harpoon Hanna

    How to teleport?

    How do I teleport without having to die? I can't figure out the magic word to relocate the player (just a short distance), although I know it's possible. Thanks a bunch
  8. Harpoon Hanna

    Crystal Curse

    Now you can ride on the comet. Blue crystals make very nice twinkling stars in the sky.
  9. Harpoon Hanna

    Crystal Curse

    Messing around with lights and animated lights and objects casting shadows, like a kaleidoscope. I'll make a quest to awaken the golem, with lightning like Frankenstein, then it follows you and helps you fight, something like that. Pictures don't capture the magic, it's a pretty cool light show. Edit: I uploaded a demo game: CRYSTAL CURSE, it's not much, but you can see all the purdy colors.
  10. Harpoon Hanna

    Crystal Curse

    Give up a screenshot. What are you doing for all those hours, anyway. I'm busy in the editor, working hard. I started making buildings using terrain stamping instead of blocks, that way it doesn't affect the data cap on mobile games and I can make a bigger game, so I have been playing with that lately, trying to make decent buildings.. What have you been up to?
  11. Harpoon Hanna

    Turn a number into a string?

    Yes! Thank you, it works perfectly.
  12. Harpoon Hanna

    Turn a number into a string?

    Goal: Upon respawn, show the number of times the player has died. This is what I have, which throws the error because I am trying to "say" a number. What is the correct way? I would like to say "You have died X times." Sorry to ask such a n00b question. Thanks.
  13. Harpoon Hanna

    More NPC Interactability

    I found that if you change the camera to FPS upon approach to a vendor, focusing only on the vendor, makes the whole interaction much more personal and more meaningful. Kinda dumb, but it helps bring it to life.
  14. Harpoon Hanna

    Enemy damage vs Player armor. Can it be scaleable?

    Thanks! I did not know what pure damage was, it make sense. I appreciate your help, I think can make it work now.
  15. Harpoon Hanna

    Three Red Sisters

    Game is done, I learned a lot. The spawn engine is the best one I've made, it's based on Killing Floor 2. The main thing is the simple design. It makes it easy to place enemies and swap them around and the spawn rates are simple to adjust. And it works up to 5 players. It needs more, like auto balance player vs enemy. It needs re scripting because I have low skill, but the basic idea is correct. I also learned vampire magic, where landing the killing blow gives a small heal. It's awesome in combat, when it's on the brink and you make a few good dodges to heal, rally and win. It is a compelling thing when coupled with some sort of loss upon death, but a difficult balance, hence the auto-balance idea. That will be the next game, probably a gladiator type game with waves of enemies, like leopards and guys with spears in an arena, just to refine the spawn engine some more. PS I was formerly XXon