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Welcome to the official Ylands Forums! The aim of these forums is for them to be a place where you can talk about Ylands with other players, share community-generated content, get the latest news…

It is a place where everyone can share their ideas, opinions and feelings throughout the development process. While we are happy to hear different opinions and encourage healthy and constructive debates, please remember to follow the rules and present your thoughts in a respectful way.

Keep in mind that these rules are always being updated and are subject to change.

General Forum Guidelines

1. Be polite

Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Be civil and courteous and do not post in order to anger other members or intentionally cause negative reactions.

While we may at times disagree with one another, it is important to maintain an atmosphere of civility and respect so that all voices are heard. Disagreements with others are acceptable, but must be expressed in a reasonable and polite manner.

If you have an issue with another member deal with it in private, but remember, you may have simply misunderstood each other.

2. Remain constructive

We ask that you stay on-topic and offer constructive feedback about the topic and about Ylands in general. Posts without constructive commentary reduce the visibility of valuable communication and discourages others from participating in the conversation.

Please try to make your posts as informative as possible, only offering constructive and valuable feedback.

3. Keep it clean

This means that discussions of a political, ideological or religious nature are not permitted, and no obscene/vulgar or inappropriate language and/or images; racial/ethnic images and slurs; or harassing or defamatory content will be tolerated.

4. Keep it tidy

Keep the forums as organized as possible so that it's easy for everybody to find the piece of information they are looking for.

A few examples of what to avoid:

  • Spam – communication without meaningful content that does not add to the conversation. Some examples are +1, first, bump, /agree, etc.

  • Posting in a thread that has not received a new message in a significant amount of time.

  • Quoting the entire content of the message to which you are replying. Please include only as much as is necessary for context.

  • Linking to threads from other forums or creating threads/posts with the sole purpose of linking another post.

And what to do:

  • The forums are broken up into different categories, so make sure to place a new thread in the right one. For example, bug reports and suggestions go in Feedback, while content not related to Ylands in any way will have a place in Off-Topic.

  • Post in the appropriate section AFTER searching for an existing thread. If you have a question or request make sure to look for it first using the Search feature found in the top right corner.

  • Try to use proper grammar and spelling in all messages. Constant use of caps-lock, txt-speak, 1337-speak and other exclusionary forms of speech are not allowed. 

  • Be as clear and accurate as possible in every message you write, but also in the tittle of your topic. Topic titles such as "Help!" or "What?" will often be ignored.

  • In case of uploading files/images, reduce its quality or compress it beforehand, or link them from 3rd party hosting sites.

  • The official language of this forum is English. Please post and respond in that language only.

5. Protect your privacy

Players are responsible for the security of their own account. As a result, any action that takes place with an account will be considered the responsibility of the user who uses the account. It’s highly advised that you do not disclose names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or any other personally identifiable data of any individual. We request for your safety that you do not post sensitive information about yourself or others on these forums.