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  3. bojo2736

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    Unless I am missing something, you don't even need a server to share with three friends. There are sharegames (unless these are not a thing anymore.) Three people can use these free. You can self host. I hosted a game last night for four of us. It worked just fine and it saved our progress.
  4. I think you still have to break groups and make items unpickable first.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Sandyxg

    YLands freeze

    I am also having issues with the game freezing. I started a new SP exploration game and then went to the editor to open it. The editor looked like the game was "underground" then it was just the background. I tried the test game feature and it did bring up the game, but it was frozen. I received the image below when trying to get out of the game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt log_userscript.txt The 3 attached files are the ones that show they were modified today when the issue happened.
  7. Paladin_DevilDog22

    YLands freeze

    Yeah i have had the same problem. Soon after i start playing (i got the game As of the 6th of December 2019) if i stay around the coast of the map of Creative mode it does not do anything but once i walk in-land it freezes. I have not gotten the Exploration expansion, despite getting the game for free i know nothing else about the game or how it works and if my first experience is it crashing when i walk in-land or start collecting materials i do not intend on getting the expansion unless i know it can be played well (Mind you i have the Steam version and do not have that much time on it)
  8. GamingKomandant

    Warship Castilla

    Is there a way to get this into a sandbox world?
  9. Killuminatus-07aeda2bce40505a

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-20856] [YLD-20857] Mouse stuttering & Resolution change

    today the issue is resolved, i dont move or change nothing, just works now the keyboard and mouse.
  10. I played in game in last weekend it is OK. But after last update the game not launch. The game is crashing then I try to run it. Pop up the window of Unity and game is and. error.log output_log.txt
  11. equieri

    Default Day Length 24 Min

    yes, there is a tile controlling day duration that you can change in the morning and in the evening using Time trigger logic.
  12. bojo2736

    Stun Effect

    When avatar is hit by an enemy, it causes a stun effect and you can't run or fight back. Yet you can still be hit again. Your enemy does not have this same effect whdn you hit him. This gives you no chance to escape or fight back. Pro-tip always set a spawn bed in a safe spot nearby before you jump into a new environment.
  13. I've merged these two issues, because they are the same.
  14. Not officially, but you can play with a controller...
  15. So it actually seems, that it is not because of your server, but because the list of games doesn't automatically scroll down when you get to the end. We're looking into it 😊
  16. I thought the game doesn't support controllers. Is that still true?
  17. I have had this where I need to unplug my controller to play.
  18. From what I see in the log, it looks like the game is constantly switching the input device from your KB+M to the gamepad and vice versa (which definitely shouldn't be happening). Is it possible that you put something on the gamepad which might be triggering some of the buttons or joysticks? Could you please try if you still get the lag even with the controller physically disconnected from your PC?
  19. RedEagle_P1.

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    Removing the ability to have smaller servers has made this cost high in my opinion. Having people be able to purchase 3 player servers and load in a local save game is really important to keep costs manageable imo. I think having transactions all happen in the cloud could be a solution also -- this would allow local servers to interact with the monetization system.
  20. Aleš Ulm

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    It's like this: if you need a game, where you really need to store all the changes that players have built or modified such as modified terrain, structures built, position of entities in the world, then you indeed need to pay for a more powerful server. These games are generally demanding and it's not possible for us to spawn servers this powerful for free. If you want to create a game where players have limited or no options to adjust the game world, you don't need a game save, you can store what needs to be stored via script and initiate the world from that data when it gets (re)started. Imagine an RPG, where you don't store players' positions (although even that would be possible via this system), but spawn at spawn points and all you have to store is what spawnpoint they have activated. When the player joins the game you just put them at that spawnpoint. Such games load very fast and we provide some limited number of free server slots to run them.
  21. So we'll need some screenshots of it (I know, how to make screenshots of something not there, but it'd help to see the process 😊). Then I'll get our top dog to look at it, because you're server is set up correctly and should show, so definitely weird.
  22. RedEagle_P1.

    The developers are no longer part of the community

    I just want to say that if any point I offended anyone in this conversation it was 100% not intentional. I have no beef with anyone and I think you guys are pretty awesome. I talk openly and vocally about this game because I care about it so much Moreover, I am extremely concerned about this game. I would like to ensure that we don't offend each other at all in this conversation as I want to clairfy one small technical aspect. From my understanding any game that allows people to put down a block or build will require a high-powered server (about $20 a month). I really want to create some amazing long-term games that are not the small casual games we create currently. I want to create some really deep and immersive experiences that people can really enjoy such as protected RPG games. However, from my understanding each one of these games will require a 4800 Coyn server or certified server. This means we would have to obtain 4800 Coyns from players each month to keep going. My concern is that anyone that’s passionate about creating such games would need to obtain 4800 Coyns from their players each month. In my experience this would be extremely difficult to do without creating pay-to-win systems (until this game has like 30K players). My fear is that the whole workshop is going to be filled with pay-to-win experiences. That's what I am trying to prevent. What I want to know is, am I wrong or right?
  23. A3_Melle

    Dev Diary #107

    It will definitely be a honor shaking your hand and many others from the Ylands team who I have not met personally yet 😉
  24. Adam Snellgrove

    Shading problem

    If you'd make a forum thread about it and put in what collider bugs you've found, that would be super cool 😊
  25. Adam Snellgrove

    Explore Map Size

    We will see how the servers hold up, but right now you can have up to 6-7 Ylands on an Exploration map but they are all unique and all have things to find and stuff to do. But you can make a custom Explore map in Editor and have as many Ylands as you like 😊 But it won't contain tiers and Random Encounters, though you can create your own and then have others play it too.
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