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  2. bojo2736

    Nitrado Woes

    I was able to make the servergame. However, I can't upload it to Nitrado. There is nowhere to upload it. It seems to want a json file. I never had to do that with Nitrado in the past. I was under the impression that is what is used for self hosted servers that are no longer supported. Again, I don't know if this is a Nitrado issue or not. I need some help.
  3. Not just this problem, but others we have been told of. Like the limited number of items that can be in any map. And the limit to the number of players. Does Arma suffer from the same limitations?
  4. Today
  5. I am deeply concerned that without more significant testing, the game will always be too buggy to play no matter what the size of the islands are. I know you plan on more resources put toward testing. What sort of resources are you thinking? More funds, more people? I hope you don't mind me saying that in the current situation I feel like a little bit used. There are so many issues and we are told they won't get fixed unless we report them but we're talking about encountering 30 issues in a single session. It's really no fun to report that many. Something that discourages a lot of people is most of the bugs they reported (logs and all) 2-3 years ago are still unfixed. One example is the steam cloud issue which goes back and delete all of your progress after you have a certain amount of progress in your files. This is a very frustrating but because it saves your content but then you go back and do see that it's not there the next day and you lose all of your work. This is still happening. If I were making a game and people lost their progress so constantly it would keep me up at night. I can't imagine how people feel. As a dedicated player I feel like there might get chance in which this game will succeed over a period of years but it may never be fun or playable for anybody until it reaches that point. Therefore, I have to ask myself the question: "do I want to stay here during that time?"
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  7. kimbuck

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    The new map proposal .... ok it looks good ...but will it be like the current situation..... that is the same every game , with resources biomes etc always in the same position? That is what is killing the existing game ... there's no exploration. Play it once and you know where everything is, where the resources are, and then exploit them first so no one else can use them. The beauty of the original game was trying to find the places ... they were different and random, and the caves were a real challenge for those who wanted to explore them., The resources (iron etc) were always surface veins so those who chose not to go into the caves could still get material to craft. And some of the random caves in the original games were simply breathtaking. The new map will be great...if its new MAPS ( note the plural) ...otherwise it will just be the same style game dressed up in frilly clothes and eventually produce the same boring result. I like Ylands ... especially ..the original concept.... and, like Red Eagle, and others i would love to see it succeed. But it has to be more than a collection of mobile games and anime style actions as used by kids to amuse themselves for a few minutes. Explore means more than kung-fu jumps and running around waving swords that make sparkles and sounds...
  8. JohnMFSteel

    Dev Diary #114

    Should we be reporting content that doesn't meet the standards? or just leave it to periodic review?
  9. Adam Snellgrove

    Dev Dairy #144 - New Direction for Exploration

    Because it didn't have these limitations back in the day, but one of the updates brought in these limitations and never addressed them since.
  10. Why was unity chosen as a base since it has such limitations?
  11. Adam Snellgrove

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Check out Aleš's clarification in the Dev Diary, but the plan isn't going to have a huge map with a 100 Islands (since that is also not technically possible) but more little maps, that can be travelled to and from.
  12. Thanks for your reply, it means a lot not only for me but for all I know it can't be done in one single update, but i'll be around to see what is still to come.
  13. RedEagle_P1.

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    I agree with this statement 1000% and it’s what really dissuade me from letting my heart have help with this concept art that has been posted. If they couldn’t make it happen with a small five island and have people keep their progress how much worse could it be with 100 islands? Especially if you look at our recent conversation in that topic I just posted they have like two guys testing in there depending on a player base that doesn’t exist to do the rest.Especially if you look at the recent conversation in that topic I just posted they have like two guys testing us and her depending on a player base that doesn’t exist to do the rest.
  14. RedEagle_P1.

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    First of all I’m just glad we’re discussing the right chapter, I feel like we’ve been talking by each other for a long time and I feel like now are right on target 😁👍. IMO, if I created Lego blocks and every time I look away everything created with them would deconstruct, then no one would use my Lego blocks. It would have to be priority to get that issue fixed before I make more Lego blocks. Back when this game was in early access people simply assumed that this is going to be the problem and felt ok to wait it out. However, once the game came out and the bugs were still there they abandoned the project. The current situation is a situation where you lose players for lack of testing and you have no testing for lack of players. I think a quick comparison of the number of bug reports with logs you get to the number of bugs created in each patch would be an important thing to have. I think given the enormous player burn rate of the game you have (imho) to look at where the finances go and decide as a company if you want to keep going on this path. The average person who came to my community used to stay with Ylands about a month and now they stay as little as a week. These short term players come with a totally different game in mind because of the marketing, they don’t submit any bugs and they don’t get along with anybody or buy anything. If you are truly opposed and cannot afford more people to put on the quality assurance team then what I would do is I would create a fund by which you hire a group of players for cheap to do that bug testing in for you. At the current pace bohemia interactive’s reputation is suffering greatly. I have no idea about DayZ but the players who come from the game are so quick to abandon this one because of the reputation Bohemia interactive has with those players. We would not want Ylands to do the same thing to players. Ideally we want people to be enamoured with bohemia interactive’s amazing reputation to buy all of their games.
  15. Deadeye_Rob

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    Here’s my take: I for one welcome any news regarding the development of Exploration and it’s a pleasure to see Aleš back at the helm. Here’s hoping that it can be steered back on to a more favourable course! With regard to this weeks Dev Announcement my opinion is that of: ”Talk is cheap” I mean no offence by this, only that for as far back as I can remember there has always been reassuring statements of impending exploration updates with little or no substance. The Watery Update was a particular source of frustration for me, but I won’t write another essay on that. I remain cautiously optimistic however that future news will reveal more tangible evidence of content. Ideally I would prefer these updates to be authored by Aleš himself as further reassurance to what we can expect.
  16. It's good to see your excitement about us trying to put Exploration back on the track! We plan to explain what's going to be in 1.5 in the upcoming weeks, but I would like to give you a quick summary of what to expect. Let me start by being completely honest - it would be foolish to expect we can fix the Exploration with just one update. We have only a certain time before the next update and projects like Ylands have a huge momentum so changing things takes time. So take 1.5 as the first piece of evidence that things are changing. So our plan is basically this - the size of our maps are still limited by a certain thing in Unity (for those interested - it's a problem with precision in large scale games that many other large-map Unity projects -such as Rust and more - suffer from). As soon as this changes we will be able to do much more. If I would summarize what we want to have in 1.5 in one sentence, it would be something like this. We want to give you a large world where you will be able to travel between maps with your ship, explore the unknown and bring resources home. And since you are the classiest, I will throw in another sentence: also the days of having to restart Exploration every single time, to keep building your home over and over again from scratch will be gone. I definitely wish I could tell you more than this, but I will ask you to wait a bit more. I think we will come up with some more detailed explanation in two or three weeks 😊
  17. Adam Snellgrove

    GUI Overhaul

    We are looking into ways of making the Inventory more customisable 😊 With the menu we do not have any plans to redo it any time soon but that may change over time.
  18. Adam Snellgrove

    Suggestions on exploration

    Yes, we did it on purpose, because the Spawn Island is supposed to be just your starting point on your journey. That is why Iron is found in caves on different islands. We will consider some solutions for this but it was a dev decision.
  19. Adam Snellgrove

    Sky Battlegrounds

    I really love the art style you have going 😊 Especially the dark elves are SO cool 😁
  20. Adam Snellgrove

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    I sometimes feel the same 😅 As I have mentioned many times before, we are not a huge team, we do not have limitless money and unfortunately, that means we don't have 8 QA people available to play nonstop an Exploration game for a week trying to break it. In this (like many other smaller teams out there) we rely on our community and info that they give us. So unfortunately without the help of the community, we aren't as effective at fixing bugs like we are, when we are working with the community (which we are trying to do). We appreciate all community members, that help us out with bugs and it is really cool ,when we can work on making this game better together 😊 And I hope while helping each other out, we figure out these pesky bugs.
  21. ocnoglittle


    Instead of following birds to get to the next island, can we follow dolphins? -Ocnog
  22. V-Alfred

    Back =)

    Hey, welcome back @YadNiMonde ,@Aleš Ulm, and everyone! Long time no see, hope you guys alright. 😄
  23. Last week
  24. Basics :::::::::::::: What :::::::::::::: 🌟A game-making competition!🌟 🎮 Make a game, win 💸, help ❤️charity! 🎮 :::::::::::::: Why :::::::::::::: P1 is hiring a brand new community manager/game team leader to take over from @FavoryPluto in: Recruiting & training new members Leading the creation of new games Running our weekly party! Apply here: https://discord.gg/h5TZgf7 (#community manager) Can I still join if I don't want to be community manager? Yes! Prizes $1050 CAD prize/charity pool throughout! 💸$550 in total possible prizes! ❤️$500 in charity! 40,000 Eagles to win! (See "What are Eagles.") Charity: Due to supply chain issues, 300,000 people per day could starve to death 💀 say major charities. We would like to change that. That’s why we are putting up $500 CAD as a “charity pool.” All those who submit images ($5), videos ($10) or working game prototypes (up to $20) will help raise money for charity Same this as last time, humble bundles . What to make: How to join: 1️⃣ Reply with "I want to join" 2️⃣ Mention one of these "Starting a team" "Seeking a team" 3️⃣ Visit https://discord.gg/vcJ8NJ5 & visit #start-here. Legal -- All the key details and legal are on the Discord, check it out! Unlike our earlier competitions, Bohemia Interactive is not associated with or a sponsor of this competition.
  25. RedEagle_P1.

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    What we've discovered so far on servers is that: X -> The number of players on the server Y -> The distance they travel Z -> How fast the server dies X*Y = Z Basically, the more players load/do, the less the servers last. With so much more to explore, won't servers just die really fast? @Houp can you tell us more about the situation as you guys see it from a tech standpoint? What is causing the servers to die? What's the plan to stop it from happening?
  26. @Aleš Ulm wears his hat everywhere even on parties 😉 Congratulations on being back in saddle again as Project Lead! (And your 10 year anniversary at Bohemia Interactive). I really like the step that was taken to "break up" the game in 2 pieces (creative/exploration) but with that also comes that the focus for both pieces needs to be 50%/50% and as many I also felt that exploration was a bit on the background, which I completely understand as the creative part (free to play) needed all of the attention to become successful and still has a big growing curve! For me personally, as a early day exploration/survival fan of Ylands, this also felt like Exploration did not get most of the attention and felt left behind compared to how creative was developed, but we did get regular updates with new content or features, as a Bohemia Interactive fan i also know the wise words: "never promise but over deliver", and with that i know that on the background a lot will be done but kept secret for as long as possible and eventually exploration would get its steps forward it needs for the future. I guess it is fair to say: that time has come now, after a long time of waiting with just doing a few weeks per "exploration mission" as eventually all locations are known and resources depleted and you start a new exploration map again i really hope this will make the exploration duration a bit longer and enjoyable for the long term😄 (Edit) Ohh before this gets read in a other way than I mean it, it is all in a "positive way" as some things might be seen as negativity.
  27. Laiiix

    1.5 update won't bring real change unless...

    hopefully the more people that are attracted to the game because of the new features will be testing bugs
  28. RedEagle_P1.

    An awkward message from a longtime fan

    I hope you will share your two cents here: I try to point at the structural change necessary.
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