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  3. Whole BI account system was a mess back then. These issues should no longer be a problem. Right now when new player start with new account on PC he has option to either login with existing BI account or play as guest. Guest can attach email (link to BI) anytime later on and his ID remain same so you can never lost any progress by linking your account.
  4. Main issue should be fixed, items (whenever they enter inventory/container first try to stack). Also right now there is sort inventory function which should automatically stack everything into correct containers. Minor annoyance with rest of the stack being in your inventory remains = you have to click 2 times to send full stack in to container by RMB if half of the stack is present in container. This issue has separate ticket and it is a bit tricky to fix without breaking some other inventory functions.
  5. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Multiplayer Issues

    All mentioned issues were caused by problems in multiplayer simulation (one in world simulation) and all should be fixed by now.
  6. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Game wont start

    This issue was fixed long time ago.
  7. These old AMD crashes should fixed for long time (was a problem with AMD drivers in older version of unity). Also whole Ui system is handled quite differently now.
  8. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Memory leak

    Local dedicated server were removed, sessions for rented servers are turned off when no active player is present for 2 minutes. Just for future reference (in case some third party changes and we will return local dedicated servers). Many leaks were fixed since that time, but there will be always some part of data which cannot be cleared until session is reloaded especially if there are 8+ players and there are many terrain modifications.
  9. Good to see an update to a major issue after 7 years :) What is this warning crap? If I down-voted a comment (7 years ago), I probably had a good reason, and it's my right. To be honest, I didn't even know this game was still in existence. Ane, you need to find a better job, perhaps as a prison guard, where you can unnecessarily punish people.
  10. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Inventory bug

    Inventory was completely redone since then so this is no longer a problem.
  11. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED [YLD-7941] Stutter-y game

    Game was optimized a lot since then so this should be obsolete.
  12. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED [YLD-7957] headstones are WAY too heavy.

    Players no longer make tombstones after death, they drop only loot containers which no longer cause this issue. Should be fine in current version.
  13. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Glitching off ship while its moving

    Issue was caused by improper MP synchronization of anchoring of players on dynamic object, should be fixed for a long time now.
  14. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Wont let me play with my friend

    This was fixed with networking rework.
  15. In case somebody has still similar problem just send us message through in-game feedback. If this happens in ylands I believe we can fins answer. Logs from that time contain only paths to systems which are now completely redone.
  16. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Crafting crash

    Those AMD crashes should be fixed for some time now.
  17. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Items not stacking in containers/chests

    Should be fixed for quite some time now.
  18. Whole UI was redone and should be refreshed properly in current version of the game.
  19. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Water Disappearing in Large Area

    There were problems with world simulation, should be fine in current version of the game.
  20. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Player stays on Server

    Should be fixed for some time now.
  21. Issue was fixed later on in 2018 when AMD responded, although it should be also obsolete because the UI part handling this part was completely redone.
  22. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Game Crash

    There was some conflict on particular graphic cards, should be fine for a long time now.
  23. William_Thomas6

    Cube House

    The Cube House is a striking example of innovative architectural design. Its geometric form challenges traditional concepts of space and structure, offering a unique living experience. The house's cubic shape maximizes space efficiency while creating a modern, minimalist aesthetic. This design not only stands out visually but also invites creative interior solutions, making it a fascinating case study for both architects and design enthusiasts.
  24. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED Glitchy multiplayer

    Both issues should be fixed for long time now.
  25. Chocho-bis

    RESOLVED XB1 controller issue

    This should be long fixed by now and game should work fine with XB1 controller.
  26. It actually did help but it seems nobody answered it, so there were some cases of loops with boat simulation, it should be fixed for a long time now.
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