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  3. kodedo

    How to Unlock the Tower Metal Spheres?

    Hi, thanks for the answer, it helps me too.
  4. kodedo

    I lost my inventory

    Hi, did you manage to resolve the problem?
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  6. Ahoy Ylanders, Let me start by saying that we love all feedback. Both positive and negative. One of the things that makes us happy is reading your suggestions on what to add to the game, how to balance it, and how to make it better. And we get tons of suggestions and ideas every day from you. How we collect feedback Every month or so I go through every site we have (Forum, Steam, Discord, social media, ...) and write down in a huge multipage table what people suggested and how many people want that idea in the game. Then we talk about the most wanted or just generally very creative ideas at a meeting. We discuss how we could implement them, what would it change and how long would it take. The process of getting your idea into the game is not simple. For every Update, we have a list of features that should be added and bugs that should be fixed. So after we talk about your suggestion in a meeting, we try to figure out which Update it would fit in. Generally, it should go with something similar. Example: Many people wanted to see ghost pirates in the game and we needed some more Random Encounters for Temperate Region et viola! So please note how much work and time goes into getting just one idea in the game. And we have collected hundreds of ideas from you. With the process out of the way let's talk about some ideas that already made it into the game! You suggested adding a utility belt, a backpack with more slots in inventory, an ammo pouch, or more containers. Done! We expanded all containers greatly. We have added an ammo pouch. We have added the much-requested lunch box! One thing we cannot do however is add slots to the inventory, imagine the mess it would create. You wouldn't see the icons properly, we would have to make all the buttons smaller and add a scroll bar in the inventory. Overall this change doesn't seem effective to us. We are always thinking about how to make your traveling luggage lighter though! So I am sure we will come up with something to make you even more content in the future. Tech-tree Tech-tree is something that was suggested many times over many years. And from the first time we read the idea - we agreed! After many months of discussions and work the Tech-tree is now a reality. Blank book/ folder to add notes in Done! We added a folder for all your various notes. One suggestion we get a lot is adding a book you could write in. While it is a great idea it is also very complex since it would require a custom UI screen. Chickens Just one word for you - Takahe. Other things you wanted and we added: Custom Editor tools Running Auto-sort in inventory In case you want to know more about what can or cannot be implemented in the game read our Community Corner: here Thank you again for motivating us to make the game better. Stay Classy!
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  8. Ahoy Ylanders! Today’s dev diary will be about how we created life and populated Ylands with various creatures. We believe the visual style of Ylands is best suited for hand-keyed animations. We decided not to use mocap in development as the cartoonish animation style brings more freedom for us as creators and is the only way to achieve the desired animations in many cases. Can you imagine someone could train and force an endangered species like a Pangolin to do a special attack in mocap? (big grin) Yeah, we can't either... So it is also very humane and no animal (or monster) was harmed in the process of animation. When we want to get an animal into the game we first work with references. We try to get as many videos, movies, and pictures as we can. That way we can establish the character and behavior of the animal. If we have a clear character for it, most of the work will be much easier as we know what we want to achieve. We animators need to interpret the character of the animal as we are a type of actors who are not standing in front of a camera but are comfortably hidden behind our computer screens. We don’t experience stage fright, that's cool, isn’t it? For some animals, it is easy to get inspiration as we have them at home, or a nearby zoo, for some it is more difficult like the Pangolin we already mentioned. Sometimes, it is outright impossible to get a real-life reference, such as when we introduced alien animals. But this also has a positive side: if there is no reference for the animal/monster, we can use our imagination! And that’s so much fun! After that, it’s pretty straightforward. We have to make a set of 23 animations that we need for monsters - for example, various attacks, walking, running, and idle variants. For tamable animals, we need a few more animations, and for mountable animals, we need up to 32 animations. Making those hand-keyed animations can take up from 2 to 5 weeks. As all entities share almost the same amount of animations it gives you, the player, the freedom to make animals behave as you wish in the Editor. You can force the peaceful rabbit to behave like a rabid monster. And that is what we like at Ylands, it is your call, your game! So go on, find them, take screenshots, can you count how many animals and monsters are in our game? That's all for this week! Stay Classy!
  9. Nouty1991

    Dev Diary #315 Getting Players Hooked

    Thank you!!! DG Customer First
  10. Nikki Severin

    Dev Diary #316 Notice Board Systems

    Ahoy Ylanders! This week, our programmer Radek will share a few insights about our internal system called Notice Board. This nice addition to our game is a digital bulletin board, crafted to enhance your gaming experience by bringing you relevant information happening around the Ylands game. Key Features Dynamic Content Updates: Keeping players informed and engaged is crucial, so we've developed a dynamic hub filled with content to ensure you never miss out on the essential happenings in the Ylands universe. Stay updated on upcoming patches, new shop content, latest features, and game changes. Visual Experience: To get your attention, we have designed an aesthetic board with a charming board theme. Our UI Designer carefully crafted the variants of paper notes that are easily integrated into the dynamic system we developed. Technical Aspects Originally the tool was required by the marketing team and it was intended to be just a place with brief notes served to the players updated approximately once a month. Because of this simplified design and underestimation of the potential size of that system, we encountered several complications during the development process. We chose a more simplistic approach inspired by the classic blog systems but we had to work with static data uploaded on the server. We chose the JSON file format for storage. The JSON file you upload to the server needs to be manually edited, which can be easy for a tech-savvy person, but can be a nightmare for the average PC user. That's why it's important to choose the right tools while simplifying the editing process itself, which was also underestimated at first. If you're building a tool that requires the work of others while giving you the ability to update content fairly frequently, reach for a database solution rather than static data and expose some simple frontend app with convenient editing tools. Unfortunately, we were limited by time and did not expect that the system would become such an integral tool. Fortunately, there are ways to automate these things, so we created a spreadsheet where the marketing team can update their data while keeping track of what has been published. They then generate a JSON file from that table and just send it to the backend server. While this process still requires the involvement of at least 3 people, editing such a spreadsheet and then uploading the final changes to the server takes much less time. In conclusion, we'd just like to point out that it's always a good idea to consider the importance and potential workload of such a system and invest time in developing tools and then working with them more efficiently accordingly. Since its release, the Notice Board has become one of the most visited places in Ylands. We are constantly working on improving the Notice Board and have some exciting additions planned for the next update. Is there something you'd like to see on the Notice Board? Let us know! Stay classy, ylanders!
  11. Barbara65

    Start Fresh Icon on Mystery Ylands

    It seems like you're referring to a game feature or element. "Start Fresh Icon" could imply a button, symbol, or option within a game interface, possibly in a game called "Mystery Ylands." NCEdCloud
  12. Ahoy Ylanders! All of the beautiful melodies that accompany you on your adventures in the world of Ylands are here for you now. Purchase the Ylands Original Soundtrack by the composer Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer on Steam! Going out to grab some groceries? Put on the dungeon music (aka Memorable Mysteries) and feel the thrill of a golem lurking around the corner on the streets of your own town! Changing a lightbulb or fixing a shelf? Casually Crafting or Building Blueprints are the songs for this occasion! But be careful, you might start to see polygons if you give in to that feeling too much. Facing an aggressive person on the street? Don't forget to change the song on Hostile Hyena and remember, if you manage to gain a certain distance, they'll leave you be! The time to bring adventure to your everyday life is now. Get the soundtrack here: Ylands Original Soundtrack on Steam (steampowered.com) Track Listing: Adventure Awaits - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Serene Sunrise - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Casually Crafting - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Building Blueprints - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Propeller Pack - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Evening Encounters - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Very Vague - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Hostile Hyenav - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Memorable Mysteries - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Naval Navigation - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Underwater Universe - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Quirky Quests - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Lazy Life - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Interesting Idea - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Kind Kerfuffle - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Gloomy Ghosts - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Fluty Flute - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Diving Deep - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Terrorbird Terror - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Omnious Omen - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Random Rest - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer Just Join (Already) - Bohemia Interactive, Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer
  13. Glant1997

    How check if entity does exist?

    Thank you! share the post. TellTheBell Survey
  14. handofthesly

    I lost my inventory

    First and most important thing to do is to send an in-game report to the devs using the feedback button in the pause menu, this also sends them your logs so that they can investigate what has happened. Nine times out of ten, these sort of connection issues can be resolved by the devs rolling back your progress to the nearest saved point before the error occurred.
  15. Mr. Cheif

    I lost my inventory

    I was playing ylands a few days ago when my interent stopped working, and my ship sailed off of the map. Steam wasn't able to sync when I tried to restart the game once I got my internet working again. However, when I got back into the game, I was on the island that I had most recently died on, and the map was showing where I had gone, the effects of my activity were all there, etc., the only thing was my inventory was completely gone and there isn't even a chest on the map to show where it went. Is it possible that because I sailed off the map and then went offline without letting Steam sync that my inventory is completley unrecoverable and I'm back to square one with nothing?
  16. Ahoy Ylanders! With update 2.2, those who started a new game (or reset their progress) can experience a new introductory scene before arriving at the starting island. Let's discuss why it was added and what it brings to Ylands. One of the biggest challenges for free-to-play (F2P) games is retention. Many players try them out, but only a few stick around long enough to make a significant impact. Casual F2P games, like shooters, puzzles, and match-threes, have it easier. They can showcase their core gameplay almost immediately after the player starts the game for the first time (despite clicking through countless popup windows). For a game like Ylands, this is much more complicated. Up until 2.2, you started with nothing and very little to do besides picking up items. You picked grass, sticks, stones, and flint. These were your first minutes in the game, and based on this, you decided whether to give it more time, which could turn into hours. The math is simple: more new players playing the game equals more effort put into improving the game for everyone. In update 2.2, we added the Tech Tree and Handbook Quests. Suddenly, you can clearly see what you can achieve and how to get there. There's always something interesting to do. However, this doesn't entirely solve the problem I mentioned earlier. For the new player, it's more like a promise that there are some great things ahead and that the game becomes much more fun and interesting once you get past the "gathering phase." What we wanted to do was give players a taste of how great it is to have your own ship, explore various unique places, and do it as soon as possible. This is why the short playable intro scene was added. Based on the numbers we've seen, it seems to be working. More new players are finishing the subsequent tutorial than before, and they are staying longer. Knowing that this works, we can safely proceed to the second phase of the Intro scene operation - releasing a vastly improved and polished version of the intro scene. We believe this will give new players even more reasons to invest time in the game, discovering its unique and complex nature. This new version of the intro scene, featuring sailing, underground exploration, and more sailing, should become available in about a month or two. Have fun and stay classy, Ylanders!
  17. Ahoy, Ylanders! You may have noticed we do a lot of competitions on Discord. Well, this time we have something extra special for you! Have you met Ros Bobb? Doesn't it feel sad how he is just standing there in the open, his paintings getting washed away by the rain, so he has to repaint them every day. Well, now you have a chance to save him. We want you to build a house, a studio, a stall, or anything else for Ros Bobb and we will add it to the game! How to join: Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ylands Look at the rules in #competition_announcements Submit your beautiful entry and get a chance to get your asset in the game and win 1000 Coyns. We are most excited to see what our creative community can come up with. And Ros Bobb? Ros Bobb is eagerly waiting in the rain for your help. Stay Classy, Ylanders!
  18. So in my attempt to link my steam account to the Bohemia account, I got a message saying that my steam account is already linked to another Bohemia account, something I don't remember doing. Years ago I attempted to link my steam account to the BI account through the Ylands game, and got a email is already used or some other message, and haven't tried since. I wanna nip this now and be able to use my steam progress for the mobile version of this game. I was told that if I can't link the accounts on my own, I have to ask a developer to help, hence why I'm posting this now. Can someone help me with this?
  19. Ahoy, Ylanders! Have you ever wondered how feedback works and what goes on behind the curtain? Some of you are in contact with our beloved community manager, Anna, who keeps communication with you. When you write in-game feedback, Anna sifts through all the messages and forwards any unreported bugs to our QA team. Feedback is sent along with the Adventure save of the game from when you submitted the feedback and log files. Often, it's like a detective job, scouring log files for anything suspicious, especially related exceptions or errors. Thanks to this process, we can progress in our attempts to reproduce reported bugs. HUNTING Some issues are obvious, like visual glitches such as bugged icons of assets. However, often it's not that easy, and we may spend hours trying our best to reproduce the reported bug. In cases where reproducing the bug isn't straightforward, we use Unity tools to import data from log files sent with the feedback to our characters. This helps us see the issue from your perspective, allowing us to piece together the mystery. This tool is valuable, especially because a bug might only be reproducible with your data, aiding programmers in potential fixes. Additionally, it helps us consider scenarios of what happened, better enabling us to understand the situation. Our character, with your data imported, has your clothing, inventory, and map. Combined with the report, we can more easily imagine what was happening when the bug occurred. During our search, we often uncover many unrelated bugs, making the search itself effective in bug hunting. With a small team of testers and numerous elements in our game, it's challenging to keep track of everything. Your reports are crucial, and we take the time to address each one, enhancing the game thanks to your contributions. FEEDBACK It's not just about bugs; it's crucial to see your perspective on what's annoying or unpleasant. We are immersed in the game daily, sometimes missing obvious things or getting lost in details. Your feedback helps us see the bigger picture—the game as a complete product, not just individual pieces. We value your feedback and strive to improve the game accordingly. Some of us in the Ylands team keep a close eye on Discord channels to catch all the bugs or other issues. Feedback on the game can sometimes be contradictory, so we consider the majority of feedback and the core direction of the game. COMMUNICATION Solving reported bugs involves communication with various areas of our Ylands team, especially programmers. We may need help understanding log files, exceptions, and errors. Cooperation with designers is essential too, as sometimes issues are more design-related than bugs, requiring the input of designers. Testers also provide feedback when a new feature is implemented, contributing to the polishing process before the feature becomes fully functional. In the case of your sent feedback, we are the ones trying to reproduce reported bugs, and our community manager then maintains communication with you. RANDOM BUGS These are the tricky ones, and we're powerless against them since random bugs may appear once and never again. Fortunately, we have Unity tools to mitigate the damage from these bugs, such as a tool for restoring lost items and exploration points. As mentioned, feedback, whether bug reports or general feedback, is crucial for us to uncover hidden bugs. Your help in catching them is invaluable. Thank you, and have a fantastic day! Stay classy and keep providing feedback!
  20. Nikki Severin

    2.2.1 Patch Changelog

    ⭐ HIGHLIGHTS ⭐ Tech Tree - When you select a known recipe in the Tech Tree, it will now also be selected in the crafting menu. Continue on your Adventure - Some of you who skipped the last two updates couldn't continue playing. Not anymore! Handbook Rewards - Some players didn't receive their rewards during multiplayer gameplay, but now they will have them back. Elmwood's outpost - A few Ylanders had their progress in this story Yland restarted; we have reverted it. Low memory optimization - You might have experienced a crash on Crimson Shores Yland - this issue is now fixed. FIXED [YLD-50689] Fixed: Handbook rewards: Collectibles rewards can be claimed for clients again. Affected players will receive all rewards they should have gotten after the loading of exploration map. [YLD-50630] Fixed: Reduced memory consumed by lights shadow maps to manageable amount. [YLD-50644] Fixed: Exploration map compatibility issues for saves made in before 1.10. [YLD-50645] Fixed: Editor: Freeze when you start PC only empty world. [YLD-50666] Fixed: Editor: Custom transactions in scenarios without gameset/scenario data never finished, always resulted in refund. [YLD-50674] Fixed: Editor: Is group tile does not work correctly in custom tools when you provide them anything else than Group/Entity/Game logic. Fixed: Entity thumbnails in inventory can sometimes disappear or get switched with different ones. TWEAKED Tweaked: Improved readability of table view.
  21. anna_svecova

    adventure mode says data corrupted

    Hello, we are very sorry about the issue. It will be fixed in the upcoming patch. Thank you for understanding
  22. Hello, we are looking into what is the problem.
  23. handofthesly

    How to Unlock the Tower Metal Spheres?

    I already answered over in the Discord but I'll add it here in case it helps someone else here as well. This is the third part of a four part encounter. The encounters must be completed in a specific order as they give you the key to open the next one. The first is always in a cave on the same island as this tower.
  24. Hello! I always encounter these Metal Spheres, I need help on how to open this.
  25. Hi i have several blueprints i would like to remove from the store, i see them in there as unlisted not hidden. But when i go to the Editor, i am not able to delete it from my bp menu there. when i go to Ylands creator club's page and go through the list of my creations, i can't even find them there. What should i do? When trying to upload new blueprints, i get the message that I am out of space. At least I need access to the blueprints so i can remove them. To get more space. But i wouldnt be sad if i got more space either. i have suggested making some buyable packages of extra storage space. Or Could it be added as a bonus for joining the Creator's Club?
  26. Miguel Preguisa

    Dev Diary #312 Let's make it colorable

    I must have spilled some of my experimental potions on the statue. Because now, it's very much alive!
  27. handofthesly

    adventure mode says data corrupted

    Please send a bug report to the Devs using the in-game message system or the feedback button in the pause menu. The Devs are working on a patch which will hopefully be released soon
  28. handofthesly


    Please submit a bug report using the in-game message system or clock the feedback button in the pause menu when you are in the map. This is so the Devs can investigate what has happened and get back to you
  29. Ahoy Ylanders, In today's dev diary, we will look at a significant change in the history of Ylands development that fundamentally influenced the creation of new assets and significantly improved players' ability to personalize their game creations and equipment. In the initial stages of game development, it was essential for us to design a specific visual style that would be unique and have great potential to not visually age soon. This key aspect was further influenced by other particular requirements, such as the need for a smooth change in the time of day, weather, and editable terrain. With an increasing number of players and the amount of time they spent in the game, there came a need for a more significant variability in-game assets, even though the game already contained thousands of unique objects. After testing various options for solving this problem, we decided to make all game objects colorable. On the one hand, this decision was great because it potentially created infinite variations of current assets without negatively impacting the data size. However, on the other hand, it brought a tremendous amount of work for the entire graphics team. To preserve the original visual style, we designed a system that would keep the artistically stylized shading of the model while also adding the possibility to colorize this model with three different colors. We achieved this effect by adding a second UV set to each model, which contains information about which part of the model is colored with one of these three colors. The original shading of the model remained stored in the first UV set, which now only contains different shades of gray. The final visual of the model is created inside the game engine using a custom shader, where the black-and-white shading is multiplied by the defined colors. In the game, there is a database where each object has its base colors stored, so the resulting visual corresponds to the original one, with the new option to change this coloration anytime. This new feature allowed us to create even more beautiful and diverse game environments, and more importantly, it allowed you, our players, to unlimitedly customize your creations, such as building your dream house and coloring it according to your preferences at any time in the future. Do you use this option in the game? What is your favorite way to use it? Let us know! Stay Classy!
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