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  3. XXon

    Animator path questions

    Awesome. Thank you!
  4. Yo HasLEGO

    Dev Diary #259 The things you'll notice

    Smoother gameplay is always welcome! Indeed it feels like you're only partially getting the fps that the fps counter indicates. When it says 100, it feels like you're playing at 60. It's a subtle issue but i'm glad that has been looked at.
  5. Mello1223

    Animator path questions

    in addition to what oliver mentioned, you can set the creation of an event in the logic of the animators, and this will give you the option of using the event at the end of the animator cycle. then you can only change the logic of the animator that is assigned to the next path on the object that will move along those paths. but of course there are more possibilities... this is probably the easiest way. others require a lot more scripting
  6. Ahoy Ylanders! As we have moved from the designing phase to fully implementing 1.12 features, we will - as always - start sharing with you information about various new or improved features that you will be able to find in the next update. Today we would like to mention two specific changes we made based on your feedback. The first one we already mentioned in the last Live Stream (which was a lot of fun as usual ). We know that sailing can get a bit tedious at times, so for 1.12 we're making some exciting adjustments that should make it more fun. The first one is - fishing on moving boats! Got a few moments to spare before you reach your destination? Take out your fishing rod and spend some quality time getting the pretty fish (and other stuff). The second thing is more subtle but many will love it. For quite a long time some of you have complained about the camera not moving smoothly - which was especially obvious with higher fps. Well, we made some changes to the camera system and we're pretty sure you will notice the difference. There's a ton of other cool stuff planned for 1.12 so stay tuned ... and classy!
  7. Oliver Hope

    Animator path questions

    Hi. when you click on the path in the properties window at the bottom there is a button to edit the path. Here you can add nodes move the tangent controllers, change the tangent type, close the path (make a loop) and reverse the direction. Definitely great for rollercoaster creation
  8. XXon

    Animator path questions

    Let's say I want to make a roller coaster. Can i join two paths together or modify animation paths? What I see is a preset path, just an arch that scales up and down. Is there more to this? I made a flying "floating platform" that despawns/respawns under your feet as a way of joining two paths and that works alright, but I would much prefer you are seated, like a roller coaster.
  9. anna_svecova

    Blueprint Marketplace Rules

    Blueprint shop rules Appropriate name of the Blueprint clear name that represents what the Blueprint is (numbers can also be a name if the context of the Blueprint allows it) all the names have to be in English Purposeful use Blueprints that are not allowed are those that misuse the lack of knowledge of new players (such as propeller pack blueprint, where you need to insert a built propeller pack to build it.) No low effort Blueprints For example two blocks, creator cube, .... Breaking the rules After breaking these rules if you do not continue in such behavior you may stay in the shop If you continually break the rule you will receive Blueprint shop ban
  10. Oliver Hope

    Community Corner #4

    The bicycle answer cracked me up😂, they do actually sound rather painful to implement
  11. anna_svecova

    Community Corner #4

    Ahoy Ylanders, For those who missed the last live stream on Twitch, here are some of the questions our Project Lead Ales answered together with Community Manager Anna. Ales: We talked about your ideas and feedback in a meeting today before the stream. We have gone through the things you want the most and one of them should make it to Update 1.12, which is the possibility to name containers. Energy when? Ales: We have a roadmap which we will show you soon. For this year we have planned 3 updates so far - 1.12, 1.13, 1.14. Energy is planned for 1.14. We decided that when we're going to do it, We're going to do it right. We want to make energy more interesting, fix annoying issues, and add new devices. It might not be good news as to when it comes but the updates before that are already full of good things. Anna: We really do read your feedback. Sometimes you won't see your feedback addressed as a separate issue but that doesn't mean we're not talking about it. For example lot of you suggested that you would like to be able to change the weather in Creative Mode, we would like to try to include that in the Energy Update as some sort of weather-changing station. Of course, we will first have to see if it fits in the update. Who's gonna ask Ales about bicycles and make him roll his eyes? Ales: Yeah... I wouldn't want to be the one to push our team to implement them, or to be around the people who have to implement them Are you still planning to add car claiming? Ales: As you know you can summon ships. We would like to add an option to claim and summon more ships. That goes along with the option to summon cars which we are also currently discussing. What about adding map markers? Anna: Yes we want to do it as soon as possible. It is one of our priorities. Ales: The current plan is to have a look at the by the end of the 1.12 development process. So maybe it could be in 1.13. Planes and flying cars? Ales: We have floating ylands which is something we planned to release a long time ago. We left that one open and we still have the technology. We are able to generate floating ylands. It is linked to many other features like AI that still need more fixes. When we do something big in ylands it will probably be floating ylands and flying machines. However, it is not planned for this year. We have a lot in store for you this year and hopefully, once you see it you will understand. We decided to go down into the sea, dungeons and the next step is up. Will there be smaller letters and signs? Ales: Have you been to our meeting? You are asking us exactly what we discussed today . Today I asked our team about smaller letters, I myself am annoyed by the big letter we have. We are definitely doing this. Will you share the roadmap for 2023? Ales: Yeah maybe in about two weeks after we do some small changes. Haven't you thought about letting us work with terrain on shores and seabed again? Ales: Those who have been playing Ylands for a long time remember that this option used to be there but it was too demanding CPU-wise. We do not have that option in any planned update yet but in the future, we want to add a system that water would fill the gap instantly. It wouldn't look too cool but it would prevent those awful-looking holes around the shore. We need to discuss it further tho if it doesn't break something. Saddlebags? Ales: We have been planning them for a longer time. We considered doing this by having a container slot in the animals. There are some issues tho. First of all, should differently sized animals have different amounts of container slots? But then players could use animals just like containers, summon them and send them away. Should the animals have one shared container? We also discussed it with animators and in the end, we felt we should show some sort of saddlebags, however, that added more work. Possibly this year but no promises. What we are doing right now we are looking into how containers work, and how we could improve those. We are trying to merge some junk objects so they don't take up so much space. When 1.12 comes out you will see a lot of changes and we will see where to go from there. Will there be an option to give server rights to a specific group of people or individuals rather than all your friends or clan? Ales: Yes that was the plan from the beginning. It is even in the design document for the feature. Due to time constraints, it never made it into the game. This is something we can definitely add and ask programmers how difficult would it be to add it as soon as possible. Could we have someplace to share custom tools? Ales: Oh yes. I also want to add it, it's such a huge and amazing feature so we want to give you a place to share it. Maybe in the shop just like Blueprints. NPCs like merchants as decoration in Adventure. Ales: We talked about having a population in Ylands. To be able to fill the cities with NPCs that would live there. We would like to implement that one day. Thank you all who joined and come around next time to ask your questions. Stay Classy!
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  13. Rupert Wang

    Water Block

    I realized that water is no longer dig-able. It was fun back then when we can build a pond or have a pool in the house base. I believe maybe its because it is easy to ruin others islands. perhaps it can be added with some restrictions like it can only put down with surrounded block and cannot overflow or higher than the surroundings?
  14. anna_svecova

    Dev Diary #258 Behold, Blueprints!

    Ahoy Ylanders, You have probably noticed that a new exciting section of our in-gam shop has appeared with Update 1.11 - Blueprints! You may remember from this Dev Diary, that the Blueprint shop is a great place to gift, buy and sell your wonderful creations. And since the launch of the feature, we have seen some truly magnificent pieces, which is what today's Dev Diary will be about. Seeing all those incredible ships, buildings, cars, and many more different kinds of Blueprints, we realized that we wanted to show those to everyone which is why we will start regularly highlighting specific Blueprints. Each week, we will handpick a few of your creations and promote them on our social media along with a few details about the specific Blueprint. For now, we are mainly going to promote the creations of the members of our Creators Club (Not a member? Join here.) so that everyone can see their exceptional talents! To make sure you get to see what some of these Blueprints look like in the game, we regularly look at some during our stream. We even have a special map to showcase the Creators Club Blueprints during each stream. You can already take a peak at what that looks like! https://www.twitch.tv What are your favorite Blueprints? Have you uploaded and/or downloaded any yet? If so, let us know which ones! That's it for today and we will talk to you again next week! Stay Classy!
  15. Mello1223

    About Mystery Island

  16. BinarySemaphore

    About Mystery Island

    You need a good cogwheel found in one of the buildings on the island.
  17. BinarySemaphore

    Ember Island help

    There are notes around the island, 5 of them. One is the mayor's note by a safe talking about a code. The other 4 notes will relate to a number. This will give you 4 numbers to decode and try combinations to unlock the safe (the note in the safe will help you unlock the control room).
  18. jjakegs

    About Mystery Island

    i am stuck on this map in the control i got the code to the vault the cog wheel all the notes i cant repair the pump with the cog wheel i walk up to it with the cog wheel in and i click on it and it says i dont the require part and please and thanks
  19. I am unable to download the file.
  20. OK01.zip Hi, I have tried to remove Undo/Redo history and resaved it. Please try it if it does help you.
  21. anna_svecova

    uuuhh ii Just opened this game for 2 days bruh?

    Hi, we were updating the game at that moment. Follow our social media where we post alerts. https://linktr.ee/Ylandsgame
  22. anna_svecova Patch Changelog

    Highlights 💰Additional Coyns packages. 🐛Tutorial bug fixes. 📘Blueprints shop fixes. Fixed [YLD-41901] Fixed: Exploration local save entries are now flagged as 'unsaved' before the first write to disk actually succeeds. If a player attempts to continue an 'unsaved' entry, it transparently redoes the initial starting sequence to avoid corruption of that particular map entry. [YLD-41902] Fixed: Blueprints: The main carousel does not update the download number until restart. [YLD-42121] Fixed: Blueprints: Preview does not sometimes show particles when rendering the preview for a second time. [YLD-41422] Fixed: Blueprints: Sometimes have their generated preview image missing. [YLD-41844] Fixed: Glowing carpets and sledgehammers are pickable in one of the haunted encounters. [YLD-41870] Fixed: Arrows and space keys can no longer control UI elements when the tutorial overlay is on. [YLD-41916] Fixed: Rabbits drop raw rabbit meat again instead of raw meat. [YLD-37944] Fixed: Tutorial: Mobile flow for equipping an axe did not account for not all inventory slots being visible on mobile at all times and could get the user stuck. [YLD-41874] Fixed: Tutorial: Flow explaining how crafting works should no longer highlight incorrect entries under very specific conditions. [YLD-41895] Fixed: Editor: multiselection of objects referencing different objects in the same property can break the Properties window. [YLD-41885] Fixed: Editor: you can not change the color of the brush entity. [YLD-42100] Fixed: VS: Show next/previous usage does not work. [YLD-42017] Fixed: Custom HUD/Window: Undo does not work correctly when deleting tree of widgets with buttons as leaves. [YLD-42015] Fixed: Custom tools: Undo in tool's script and editing HUD layout may break tool's script. [YLD-42178] Fixed: Custom Tools: Duplicate Objects tile doesn't work in Tool Mode. Fixed: DLC gifting was producing "invalid input" errors. Added / Removed / Tweaked [YLD-40072] Added: Confirmation popup displayed when unlocking a biome via the Expedition now displays the resources required. [YLD-29662] Added: Multiplayer games can now also be removed from the games list. [YLD-40121] Tweaked: When a popup that requires input from the player opens on mobile, it will try to position itself so that it's at least somewhat visible under the software keyboard. [YLD-42182] Tweaked: Coyn packages in the in-game shop are now sorted by their price and not alphabetically. [YLD-42280] Tweaked: Errors during login/registration are now more specific. From now on, the generic "check your inputs" message will be shown only in cases, where we get an unspecific response from the backend.
  23. Rupert Wang

    2017 - 2023

    For now I suggest this game to singleplayers, not for multipleplayers. Graphic : 9/10 (It is much better than before, especially the water and the weathers) Music: 9/10 (i really love the theme music, wish there is more for other places) UI: 10/10 (the new quick wheel with ship & animals summoning is perfect) Crafting: 9/10 (auto align, alternate placing are better than other crating games / but we cant play with water anymore,, ) Combat: 7/10 (its simple and clean, nothing fancy but the monsters' movement still kinda stuttering) Multiple Player Experience: 5/10 It is kinda confusing now, compares to 2017 or other survival multiplayer games. It is surprising that people can go to other people's islands and rob them. The password for the server seems unable to prevent from others joining for now. Which I got robbed and 4 days of works are gone. The Dev did reply to my friend and say they can help us to get the stuff back.. not yet though Gathering Resources: 7/10 on the surface For new players its a bit difficult to find ores now. Maybe the indicator of the caves could be more easy and clear on the compass. 6/10 under the ocean Lots of new materials are under the ocean. Diving is cool but it is very difficult to find the materials you want... For example like giant spores, hard shell,,, the amounts of those are kind of not enough. Sometimes I found nothing in the required biomes. Maybe a submarine in the future? I really love the game from 2017 till now, and I came back to give a try it out lots of times to see what have changed but we always faced some frustrations in every come back. We can feel the Devs really work hard and love their game too. The new exploration mode has lots of fun and able to have unlimited resources to grind for now. However, the mechanic of travelling region to region feels not working well with multiple players mode. Overall, to be honest its a great game. I do complained alot after got robbed and ran into a blueprint bug afterwards but Im still playing it. In fact compares to other new crafting games now, Ylands still wins in many ways. This game has a huge potential. If you are have some extra time and you are willing to give feedback to the Devs. This game might be the only one that has minecraft, sea of pirates, roblox and lots of other elements.
  24. anna_svecova

    Name change

    Hi, done
  25. Hi, could you please send us a log and the scenario file? For the scenario, open it in Ylands and write into chat /sf scenarios For the logs go to this location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ylands Thank you we will do our best to help.
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