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  2. What languages do you speak?

    English, Spanish, French and eventually Chinese because of my wife
  3. What languages do you speak?

    What languages do you speak?
  4. Problems with Ylands as a game engine

    To me, if we are going to get these things, there needs to be a purpose for them...i want airships, that;s an awesome idea...but i want a world big enough that they make sense. I want a flame thrower.....but what would you use it on? A wolf? come on. Hopefully that last sneak peak they gave us is of a new monster type or theme for more creatures they will introduce into the world. I hope they make the map bigger.
  5. Set Array Search not found

    nope just checked searching Set doesnt work either
  6. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre!
  7. @Christalle leads this group! Direct your questions to her
  8. Si vous voulez jouer avec d'autres ylanders francophones, cliquez ici: https://discord.gg/uZBc4dS
  9. How do use local variables

    Local variables run within the specific script at that specific moment. IIRC, if you have a time trigger, triggering multiple times, each local variable will be "unique" If you want a more permenant solution, create a local variable inside a global storage. This will allow you to access it from other scripts.
  10. How do use local variables

    how do use local variables, they seem totally broken...
  11. when putting variables into blocks the block shape doesnt update until you control drag that variable out, if your variable has a long name it sticks out if its short there is a gap this is purely visual and doesnt seam to affect the program
  12. Daily Screenshot Thread

    I might need to build a fence around the corn.
  13. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Are there plans for modding to be allowed? Specifically for assets?
  14. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    When are horses going to be "fun?" Are farming activities and animals planned? Chickens, cows and such. Can you ad some editor functionality to explore, specifically under power barrier, we NEED to be able to make things unpickable and unbreakable. Any plans to make the power barriers cooperative? Can we lock them and give keys to friends for example?
  15. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Are procedural terrain brushes planned?
  16. My ship threw me several islands away. I was coming to a stop, I was trying to get into my inventory to secure my ship, and when I popped into inventory, the game threw me several islands away. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txt Same, beds and sleeping pads = failed.
  18. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Since I'm still sculpting a map, there are some things that bother me. So here we go : Is there estimated time of when the water update will come? Do you guys have plan to add possibility to smooth/flatten the vertical - ceiling part of the terrain? Can we have smaller and bigger (more than 10 would be really nice, current max is 5) radius? the bigger radius means the less time consuming to sculpt something huge (island, landmark, etc). Do you guys have plan to add "Strength slide bar" on terrain sculpt menu? So that we don't need to hold click to increase it's strength, and most importantly to avoid mistakes and ease of use. *Edit* It doesn't mean that the current "Strength sculpt system" isn't good, just would be very nice if we have both like auto/manual button or something. That's it for now I think.. As always, thanks for pending your time to listen/answer to our feedback and suggestion.
  19. Set Array Search not found

    Might be because the command is just called "SET". "Array" is the name of the first argument.
  20. Last week
  21. Hi When using the editor search bar, searching for "Set ARRAY" yields no results.
  22. Ylands Workshop

    This is the bug concerning connecting to the workshop site
  23. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Question: Will flying vehicles be added? Will there be a scale value we can get later on? (Make a really giant stick for example) What is Rudy.CZ's favorite dessert?
  24. Get Rotation Script

    Yep! I fixed it. I just reentered the values and it worked.
  25. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Question: When will the game be released Naa just trolling on that one Question: How do you intend to monetize the game other than via micro transactions after release and what volume do you need to reach to keep the project viable.
  26. Ylands Workshop

    Alright, we'll check what could be going on and let you know.
  27. Q&A (Winter 2018 edition)

    Question: what's Ane's favourite icecream flavour?
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