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  2. RedEagle_P1.

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    First of all, your post did that sound rude at all (other than calling me a seagull >.>). I felt super bad about my post because I'm just a positive person and I've tried game development and I know it's really really hard and for me devs who can do this might as well be working miracles as i got no idea how they make “working games.” I also don't like the general toxicity and entitlement attitude too common in gaming communities. That said, I already feel glad about what I said because it helped us get to the core of the matter -- how feedback/bugs are delivered. I've come to understand that Bohemia interactive is depending on this community to point out the bugs they need to fix very clearly in posts. However, when the game lost the majority of its player base people have not been playing online and people are not submitting these bugs. I think one of the key reasons here is that BI is expecting players to dig deep and find clearly reproducible, specific bugs, where as players are often not technical and say things like "multiplayer is broken". In my opinion, more initiative needs to be taken to work with the player base and use their clues to find the issues rather than waiting on the community to identify specific problems. I suggest they send their QA testers on servers and make sure they are playing on 8/8 servers for more than a week. Moreover, they could pay/reward players to help with QA. I agree with the other commenters that right now, what we need more than anything, is for the bugs and the issues to be resolved. I believe this will be the life and death of this game. What will excite this community more than any update is to have other people to play with and to have that happen we need the servers to work well (16 player cap too ).
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  4. bojo2736

    Servers grow in lag, crash, freeze, require wipe

    This is one before that. In the end it was abandoned by my players as being totally unplayable. This one is the largest to date. But I think it had been abandoned for a week. This was at a time when we were waiting for the ship fix. I think that's why it was an extra week past the normal 3 week maximum I have ever seen. I can give you more. I keep the files. And they are literally ALL this way. If it wasn't for the fact that I still have a few die-hard players, I would have abandoned this game months ago. In terms of my personal play, I already have. Y'all should check out Outlaws of the Old West. NA_07_09.19__VANILLA-BACKUP-V02_190711024748.zip
  5. bojo2736

    Servers grow in lag, crash, freeze, require wipe

    This is the most recent map on our NA server. Created as a standard explore map with some simple scripting added. Uploaded around 8/5/19 It went belly up on Thursday or Friday 8/23/19 It was 31 mb and is corrupted I think. I can't open it and it won't run on the Nitrado server. Pretty typical for MP maps that approach 30 ish mb. Which they can do in just a couple of days. Depends on how active things are. Sorry, I didn't get logs. I was busy making a new map which will last two weeks. 082419.zip
  6. jchob

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    Red Seagull started this, any blames go to him, right? Speaking for myself (and surely I should had firstly say this to some players that I consider my Ylands family): I joined the game because I suddenly found this forum and I saw a post saying there were an active community on Discord and playing ylands multi-player. So I joined, why not? 😁 I've been around only for like 6 months? Myself gave up on multi-player, and game itself, and know what? Honestly I'm still here because of some nice players I've met during my journey here. So, back to the topic: when I joined, there were a lot of players coming at NA servers, and let's be real, P1 is the most community that puts a lot of effort on this game. Concerning P1 NA servers: many of you just don't know HOW MUCH EFFORT bbcakes and MyPa553ng3r put into new maps trying to make them last more time and giving new players a long life on their survival experience. As mentioned above, servers need a totally new map at maximum of, say? 3 weeks? (or LESS) and in my opinion is that it made players gave up on playing it. Ylands just doesn't support (yet?) a big multi-player game running for a long time. First issue, you may ask? Re-generating resources. Iron and clay can be digged all very fast from a player. And another player that comes by will not have any resources to start it's survival journey. Having to start all over your survival experience every 2 weeks? That's a pain for myself because I'm not a good builder, even though I know I can use blueprints. As the time passed by, people would join just to see what was new after an update, but yet the same old bugs still kept showing up. The truth is: many good players i've seen joining the game, had totally left multiplayer experience. I'm a person that loves the Editor Scripting, but I also must say: this game should be about multiplayer based. There is no point of improving the Editor and Scripting stuff if we can't get them to a server map that lasts 2 weeks. I like programming and game development overall (though i'm just a hobbist person that likes to kill brain cells :D), and I understand the side of BI developers that is hard to put a game working, but I also must look to the player's side. I totally understand that the game is still under development, but others might not. And the lack of bug-fixings can lead player to feel like they are being ignored. The players that have been around from start or for a long time, they need to feel that they are listened, that their effort is being helpful for developers. In my opinion that is what can get us together of seperate. A good communication between community and Ylands Staff is crucial. I feel like the multiplayer is beeing put aside, though I love the Editor scripting Show us what you're planning. Even things that might not happen, but show us Show us the new buttons for UI panels, for example Because, we need to see it and how it will change the current version. Many player put a lot of love in here, but updates have been killing their work. Any blames go to Red, aka The mighty Seagull And Adam, keep it up, run with community. You might don't realize, but you just woke up us all Sorry if I am wrong or if I sounded rude. (maybe I will regret of saying this, but oh well) See ya around
  7. Cannon shoots WAY above or to the right of the crosshair sometimes -- its random. Not sure what makes it happen. I hope other community members can help with this one. Happened today to people when testing: Can be seen in this map.
  8. 2019-08-24 14-30-01.zip I made the above video to explain this. This is the map we were on: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/400085433574227968/614995357016784929/MARS_WARS_-_22_-_PLAYABLEFIXED_190806004007.ygt
  9. RedEagle_P1.

    Large ships break game

    I made a video of this issue: 2019-08-24_14-37-48.zip
  10. RedEagle_P1.

    Really bad dsync on servers

    There is massive delay between people -- for examples when playing a PVP game. For example if someone in the EU the difference between their location and where people in NA see them is as much as 20 people-distance.
  11. Cars really hard to use on servers & local games --- especially if you are not hosting. There is a major delay between input and response. If the server is not in your continent its very bad.
  12. Some weapons allow you to double-shoot when you click fast -- crossbow is one.
  13. Yesterday
  14. RedEagle_P1.


    I feel like turning the QA team to online servers might be an interesting idea.
  15. Hmm, that would make a cool effect
  16. RedEagle_P1.

    Contest Screenshot Contest Week 2

  17. RedEagle_P1.

    Catapult & Cannons Ammo Bug

    Sometimes when loading a cannon or catapult with ammo, some of it disappears or gets stuck in a way that renders you unable to load said items.
  18. RedEagle_P1.

    cannot use cannon

    When using a cannon, I often get "cannot use this insider someone else's power barrier" even though none is present in the game.
  19. RedEagle_P1.

    Ship building bugs

    @bojo2736 @kimbuck @SweetPeaCC Can you share some of the bugs with ships in the current patch?
  20. Tankbuster

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18313] DS can't load a savegame

    Thanks for that. Getting a different error now Ohh, wait. missing speechmark after SavePath. Fixed that, now [EX] [24/08 14:03:44.04] System.Exception: Invalid input at p=203 (Ln 6, Col 28): 'den",<> ' +t JsonReader.NextToken (Char*, Int32, Int32, TokenValue&) JsonReader.Next () JsonReader.MatchAndNext (JsonToken, String) JsonReader.ReadCurrent () _WovenCode.GeneratedTypeSerialization.ylands_HeadlessServerConfig.Read (JsonReader) JsonDynamicCodec.ReaderInvokeProxy[HeadlessServerConfig] (JsonReader, Delegate) JsonDynamicCodec.ReadDynamic[HeadlessServerConfig] (SerializationBindingAttribute[], JsonReader) TypedJson.ReadObject[HeadlessServerConfig] (CharSpan, SerializationContext, SerializationBindingAttribute[]) TypedJson.ReadObjectFromString[HeadlessServerConfig] (String, SerializationContext, SerializationBindingAttribute[]) ylands.DefaultHeadlessServerController.LoadConfigFile () Logged at ylands.DefaultHeadlessServerController.LoadConfigFile () ylands.DefaultHeadlessServerController.Initialize (HeadlessServerManager) ylands.HeadlessServerManager.EnsureStarted (String) ylands.HeadlessServerManager+<StartHeadlessSessionCoro>d__12.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator, IntPtr) [ER] [24/08 14:03:44.04] Failed to load server config file +t ylands.HeadlessServerManager.QuitWithError (String) ylands.DefaultHeadlessServerController.LoadConfigFile () ylands.DefaultHeadlessServerController.Initialize (HeadlessServerManager) ylands.HeadlessServerManager.EnsureStarted (String) ylands.HeadlessServerManager+<StartHeadlessSessionCoro>d__12.MoveNext () UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (IEnumerator, IntPtr) [IN] [24/08 14:03:44.05] DsState: Quitting [IN] [24/08 14:03:44.05] There are no more sessions to run [IN] [24/08 14:03:44.05] Quit requested. granted=True [IN] [24/08 14:03:44.11] Quitting
  21. RedEagle_P1.

    Inventory on role cannot be set

    @Adam Snellgrove
  22. Inventory on role -- like chooseable roles where it gives you a menu to put in items -- often the items delete themselves after you put them in the role inventory.
  23. RedEagle_P1.

    Cannot set price of these items:

    @Adam Snellgrove try putting these in the hands of a trader NPC and pricing these items. I can get it to work some of the time but mostly not.
  24. RedEagle_P1.

    Friends list bug

    @Adam Snellgrove
  25. RedEagle_P1.

    Scrips break on servers

    @bojo2736 idk if you have that server but if you do can you paste it here.
  26. Most scripts don't function properly on servers. Example: @bojo2736 had a server in which we had a "on trigger enter, open door". So many people got locked in the spawn building we had to remove the door. This one script is the most simple you can do in Ylands. It works 100% of the time in single player, just not on servers. 90% of logics like this have some issue on servers and don't work some of the time. The results range from negligible to catastrophic.
  27. RedEagle_P1.

    Ylands is broken & something needs to be said

    Yes, someone said it!
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