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  1. handofthesly


    This sounds like a lot of fun and could add to the immersion of the game. Even if it is, as you suggest, simple tracks or tunes. Having multiple instruments would be awesome so you can get together with friends and create music!
  2. handofthesly

    ylands.gamepedia.com Main Page

    @ocnoglittle It's looking a million times better and way more user friendly. Well done! Now the, not so small, task of fleshing the wiki out more ?
  3. handofthesly

    The random encounter I constantly see.

    Yes, I agree. I encounter it on nearly every island on each map too XD
  4. handofthesly

    Creator Cube inconsistencies

    Ok realising there's a few more: Lab Face Shield Fedora Cap with Spectacles Fez Sombrero
  5. handofthesly

    Creator Cube inconsistencies

    Found another one, Egyptian Cap is missing from both CC and exploration crafting Hat menus
  6. handofthesly

    Creator Cube inconsistencies

    Just noticed the African Kofia is also missing in the Creator Cube Hats category but it is present in regular crafting Hat menu.
  7. handofthesly

    Creator Cube inconsistencies

    Actually, it's the same in the normal crafting menu's too, they don't show under the hats category unless you search bar it
  8. Just noticing some things in the creator cube ... The Beret, French Beret, Keffiyeh, and Turbans are not under the Hats category. They are still there (somewhere) when you search their names they will pop up but I can't see them specifically under the Hats category.
  9. handofthesly

    ylands.gamepedia.com Main Page

    I'm thinking similar to the Stardew Valley wiki like pictured but it could definitely be simplified. The tiles might be better? Need to play around with it a bit and see first hand I guess.
  10. handofthesly

    ylands.gamepedia.com Main Page

    I wish every category could be on the front page to be honest. Change the layout completely so that instead of large tiles, it's a list of categories in a table with maybe a small icon next to it and placed into groups under a header like below for example. That way, nearly everything is one click away. Basics Gameplay Health Hunger Day Cycle Controls Crafting Breaking Building Items Weapons Tools Food Clothing Armour Scuba Diving Gear Resources Ores Materials Workstations Campfire Kiln Spinning Wheel Weaving Loom Tanning Rack Blacksmith Forge ... etc. Containers Chests Inventory Containers Environment Fauna Flora Biomes Transportation Rafts Boats Ships Cars Building Blocks Furniture Decoration Energy Energy Linker Charging Station Ylandium Power Cells Lighting Energy Gates & Switches Alchemy Potions Protective Barrier Generator Blueprints Demo. Hammer Or if it's tiles then do it similar to the Sandbox crafting menu like pictured. Maybe leave out some like the sub categories of clothing and stuff like art, signs, doors, fences, and flags could be left under decoration or building as for tables, chairs etc under furniture. This would be a good way of reorganising how everything is categorised on the wiki so it matches with how its laid out in the game too. But I still think there needs to be tiles for Basics and Biomes and add one for Editor.
  11. handofthesly

    Finding Pivot Point for creating curved wall

    Thanks for the tips! This helped somewhat, I did manage to get it looking smoother but there is still a noticeable lip. It looks like the pivot point has to be exactly the same distance away as the structure is long which is annoying because this would make the curved wall have a massive diameter when I'm looking for a tight curve
  12. Hoping someone will be able to help me figure this out. I've been trying to work out how to create a smooth curved wall by duplicating my blocks and simply changing their Y coordinate so that they spin perfectly on their pivot point. My trouble is finding exactly where to place the pivot point. Here are some pictures of what I'm trying to do. I've managed to create this curved wall just fine, I don't know if I just got lucky with the pivot point placement. But now I'm having trouble creating a "reverse" curve, if that makes sense? The blocks don't line up properly making it look very jagged and I'm guessing it's because my pivot point is not 100%. Any suggestions on how to overcome this issue?
  13. handofthesly

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-28218] No cave on Yland?

    Totally didn't even think to do that! doh!
  14. handofthesly

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-28218] No cave on Yland?

    Yes thank you! Will do this now
  15. These are the crashes & bugs that I have encountered lately and have already posted: