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  1. Sorry to Rez an old post, just reminiscing on old times playing in your original server way back when. Hope you have been well. I'm curious if you have ever returned back to Ylands after all these years? So much has changed (mostly for the better!).
  2. handofthesly

    Display cases/Weapon racks

    If we were able to have some basic scripting from editor allowed into adventure mode, I'd love to see blueprints of displays that act like the ones in the Fortress Library mystery yland where they show a silhouette of the weapon and you can interact with it simply by right-clicking to place that item into the display and then take it back out again if needed.
  3. I believe I've seen others have this issue before and it turns out there are 2 versions of the seed, one obtained from a slightly different variant of the tree possibly? I might be misremembering though.
  4. handofthesly

    Tiny scale model ships!

    Good to see you back Zarwil, awesome little ships!
  5. The suitcase and document folder!? How exciting! I know many people will be especially pleased about the suitcase, can't wait.
  6. handofthesly

    Old Ylands pictures to Inspire

    Absolutely stunning as usual! Can't wait for your triumphant return one day 😁
  7. handofthesly

    Fly Mechanics?

    It is a highly requested feature and the Devs are definitely wanting to implement it eventually. It might just take some more time before they can.
  8. handofthesly

    ship and items

    1. Yes, you must first place the ship into construction/edit mode and use a Demolition Hammer or right click while in free-place mode to remove everything on the ship before you can then deconstruct the ship hull itself. 2. Yes, as above, use a Demolition Hammer or right click while in free-place mode to deconstruct items, workstations, furniture and blocks. This doesn't work on things in random encounters though so you can't demolish a traders house for example!
  9. handofthesly

    Dedicated Server not working

    The server company may be doing maintenance at the moment, unfortunately you can't tell when that will happen or for how long. Try again later, hopefully you will be able to reconnect. In the meantime, try connecting to another public multiplayer map like CAG Port to see if you have the same issue.
  10. handofthesly

    Ore find troubles

    Most resources only spawn in as deposits, those lumps that you dig at with your pick. If you are lucky you will also find some ore underneath those deposits which you can dig out of the ground itself but this happens only in the big chambers at the end of the cave tunnels. If you hold your pick and look at the ground it will tell you if it is just dirt or if it is an ore like clay or iron. You can see how the ground is a different colour underneath these clay deposits than the surrounding dirt/sand in this screenshot, that is more clay ore that can be dug up with your pick.
  11. As Jarda says, the blueprint saves the shape of plants so grab out your Blueprint Camera and take a snap of all the plants you want and then you can place them exactly how you like and all you need to do is enter the correct seed into the blueprint station and wait for it to grow.
  12. handofthesly

    How to teleport?

    Possibly you mean the /unstuck command?
  13. handofthesly

    Crystal Curse

    Great stuff @Harpoon Hanna! I don't know if I've seen you on the Ylands Discord before but you should definitely post your stuff there in the screenshots channel, there are a lot of active players in the Discord community who would more than likely love to see your work 😁 https://discord.gg/ylands
  14. handofthesly

    First person?

    That's odd, I am fairly certain that you stay in first person when you aim with a two-handed weapon. What weapon are you using?
  15. handofthesly

    Dev Diary #279 Help Us Craft the Crafting

    What about things like food and potions that have a description and list of effects they have like cold/heat resist and strength bonuses? I guess that could get added as a small caption underneath the icon or new symbols under the stats section I suppose. I have to say I probably use that eye icon the most out of everyone, considering 90% of the wiki icons have come from the 3D preview there 😅 I'm in the process of making new icons using the editor instead now that I've sort of got used to it though