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  1. handofthesly

    Dev Diary #254 Happy Holidays and the New Year!

    Happy holidays team, you deserve a good break! Look forward to seeing you all next year. I'm going to take that skull on the desk as a sneaky hint that bones are coming back to Ylands eventually too (I wish!) hahaha
  2. handofthesly

    1.11 CRAFTY CRAFTS Changelog

    There's an error in the list: There is no Package of Gold in the game but there is a Package of Zirconium which isn't in this list too
  3. handofthesly

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    Here's the wiki link: https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Building_Plans Basically craft it using 3x Blank Paper Sheets & 1x Writing Tool and then equip it in your hands and then left-click to start flying around.
  4. handofthesly

    Where do I find the basic wooden door recipe?

    I think the Wooden Door is now an optional recipe that you have to learn by visiting random encounters, sorry not sure exactly which one. Here's the list of items that require you to learn the recipe this way: https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Optional_Recipes
  5. handofthesly

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    It basically lets you go into free camera mode and you can fly around and build while your body stays on the ground.
  6. handofthesly

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    On the Home Main Menu when you select an individual emote, costume or pet to purchase it the display model for it doesn't show up for me, there's just a blank spot where it should be. They do show up just fine when I'm in game like exploration and creative mode which is interesting.
  7. handofthesly

    1.10 YMPROVED YLANDS - Changelog

    @Nikki Severin just a heads-up, the model display doesn't work in the Shop for Emotes, Costumes or Pets when you click on one.
  8. handofthesly

    Where do I find DIAMONDS? Please help!

    You used to be able to find them in the dirt a while ago, maybe they've changed this in the more recent updates?
  9. handofthesly

    Where do I find DIAMONDS? Please help!

    You need to sail to different Yland types like Far East and Taiga/Tundra to find Geothermal Areas or Crystal Formations in Tropical area, these have heaps of diamond deposits underwater, you will also need a hand drill to mine underwater https://ylands.fandom.com/wiki/Geothermal_Area?so=search
  10. handofthesly

    Xcrossbow and Sharktrophy

    Only the Wooden & Iron crossbow pistols can be crafted at the moment. I'm not sure why the X crossbow pistol wasn't added back in when the regular X crossbow was with a new recipe using the devil's teeth and kelp fiber. Also the shark trophy was removed when they got rid of sharks ages ago if I remember correctly. There would be no way currently to craft it either as you can't kill the new sharks in the game yet. I can't recall if either of the two are found in any random encounters or not, sorry.
  11. handofthesly

    1.9 OCEAN ODYSSEYS - Changelog

    This is inaccurate, in-game it is now 3x Any Meat + 5x Any Small Fish, so which one is meant to be correct? Trying to update the Wiki after a very long hiatus! Also I've noticed that the Small Ylandium Power Cell and the regular power cell now have the same recipe needing only 1 of each ingredient which I assume isn't intentional?
  12. handofthesly

    Item Variations

    What an interesting idea! I haven't really played Terraria so I'm sort of comparing your suggestions to how Minecraft had their 1.7.2 update "The Update that Changed the World" which added different biomes and types of trees and each had their corresponding type of wood and then their own unique sets of blocks and items that can be crafted from them. I think it would definitely allow for greater creativity and provide an alternative to just using the Paintgun to recolour items. I like the idea of the different ammunition as well in theory. Currently it is the weapon itself that influences the attack damage but it would be cool to have different ammo that has different effects like stun, frost damage, poison. This could be useful for fighting particular enemies which might have certain weaknesses etc. I do worry that this might over complicate combat though, and remove the need to craft higher end weapons if the ammunition provides the damage stats.
  13. handofthesly

    Diving Suggestions

    I can see others have posted similar requests but I thought I'd add my suggestions too. Diving down is too slow, it's more like free floating down. If the Heavy diving boots allowed you to sink quicker then that would give more incentive to craft them and use them. Otherwise we need to be able to actually actively swim/paddle downwards using flippers. We can't oxygen boost up or down either. It can take half the tank to reach the sea floor and if you're unlucky and there's no oxygen coral nearby then you have to go straight back up again. Shark repellent flare duration is much too short, they need to last longer. It is cheap to make which is good but it takes way too long to activate them, they should activate instantly. It would also be great if you could perform other tasks like mining, collecting fish/oxygen etc without it canceling the flare, almost need a second hand slot or something that would allow this. Otherwise the ability to drop them while you swim so that they continue to burn whilst you work. The shark repellent beacon is also kind of useless unless you have an underwater base which isn't really possible. I understand it can be attached to boats but the area of effect is too small for that to be of any use when you are 200m underwater. It needs to be equipable and able to be carried around underwater and easily portable, at the moment you need a demolition hammer to break it into it's individual components. I realise this might make it overpowered but it already is quite expensive to make. Death chests ideally should float on the water. It can very tedious and annoying to have to retrieve it. Especially if you died during underwater cave exploring and lost your way. Oxygen harvester should allow you to tether to it with a hose for a continuous oxygen supply so you can swim within a set distance without needing to stop and go back to the harvester. Maybe make the heavy diving helmet into an actual diving bell that hooks up to the oxygenator. Another option would be to allow the swapping of oxygen tanks underwater or the ability to drink potions underwater but the diving bell/oxygenator combo provides an incentive to craft and use those items. Anemone Goo is always half buried and extremely difficult to find. I thoroughly searched a massive Anemone Forest to find only 2 pieces. Maybe an easy fix is to make the model slightly taller so it's not always half buried. It is really difficult to find specific underwater biomes sometimes. Just recently I spent hours sailing around for an Anemone Forest and managed to find only one very small patch of it that didn't even have 1 piece of Anemone Goo. Maybe I was just unlucky with that map but it would be handy for there to be a feature to upgrade the mapping tool to allow for a larger area to be mapped quicker while you're sailing around. Maybe if you've crafted and placed the sonar and depth gauge on your ship then it gives a boost and clears the fog off the map in a larger area.
  14. handofthesly

    (Suggestion)Improving the underwater exploration

    I was annoyed to find out that you couldn't switch out oxygen tanks or use divers potions underwater. If they added those features in then it would improve things dramatically. Also agree, the heavy dive boots at least should make you sink much quicker, maybe at the expense of swimming around quick but of you could change your boots to flippers while underwater then that would be fine.
  15. handofthesly

    A way to be afk or not lost in underwater caves.

    Agreed, the hose idea on the oxygen extractors is great. Otherwise I was going to suggest the heavy diving helmet should act as a diving bell that's hooked up to the surface so you can have a constant stream of air.