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  1. Thanks for the response @handofthesly. Sometimes I can complete one by getting some new seeds (which might be the different variant) but I tried getting 25 more seeds and still no go. Going forward, I'll try different looking versions if I can locate them.
  2. I am trying to craft the bait for the mud moloch animal and the requirements to craft it are in the attached screenshot. It shows that I'm missing the Tall Sakura Seed, but the other screenshot show that I have 40 of them in my inventory. At this time, I can't craft this recipe. I've also run across this issue with other seeds used in blueprints. I'll have them in my inventory, but the blueprint doesn't recognize it. Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Sandy
  3. I know that everyone of your players are unique and you'll never be able to make everyone happy, but I would like to share my feedback with you. Most of the items you listed above look great! Having said that, I know "0" about programming a game, especially one as large as Ylands. Just for the record, I think you all have done an amazing job and this is my first experience with giving feedback to a developer so I'm glad it is with this game. From the comments I've read from others, your team is exceptional and somewhat uncommon in the gaming world. Of the items you shared, here are my favorites: 1) Baby animals, 2) Lakes and rivers, 3) Friendly NPCs, 4) Add body sizes for characters, and 5) more block variety. In addition, I would love to see 1) Part of the block variety could be wallpaper or very thin blocks, 2) real waterfalls, and 3) ability to fight when riding or diving, Thanks again for all the hard work you've all put in on this game, it definitely shows! Sandy
  4. @Jarda and @handofthesly What a great suggestion! Thank you both!
  5. I would like to use the coniferous bush or the savannah bush as a hedge type in my landscaping, however, even when you cut down a rounded bush, the seeds all produce bushes that look like small pine trees. Would it be possible to have the bush look like the bush the seeds actually come from? Thanks, Sandy
  6. SandyT

    2.1 Sunken Sands - Changelog

    The pause feature is the best thing so far - thank you!
  7. I'm not a programmer so I don't know if this suggestion is a possibility or not. But it would be great if we had the ability to pick up and relocate a crafted item. Not to put it in our inventory, but just re-arrange it after it has been created. Thanks, Sandy Edit - I thought of something else I would really like to see: the ability to guide cars the same way we guide horses or other ridable animals. I remember we used to use the direction keys when we were riding horses, but giving us the ability to guide the animals with the mouse was a game changer for me. Thanks,
  8. SandyT

    Dev Diary #279 Help Us Craft the Crafting

    1) I would love to have the option of using either paper or cloth to make wallpaper. It would be so cool to decorate the inside walls instead of having them the same as the outside. We could make it similar to carpets in the weaving station or create a separate workstation to handle it. I realize from some of the blueprints I've purchased that you can almost "stack" wall parts to have it a different layer on the inside but that is very labor intensive and material costly. Wall paper would be more flexible, it wouldn't require the laborious matching of the wall pieces so they look smooth, and maybe come with more options than what is available for decorations. 2) I would love to have chickens and cows added to the animals. It would make the ranching/farming schemes so much for satisfying and more true to life. 3) A working refrigerator. Thanks for asking us!! Sandy
  9. @handofthesly Thank you for the information, it is encouraging. I do sleep intermittently to try to avoid bad weather, but I still believe that the amount of visibility reduction is overdone. I'm playing to have fun, not sit here and watch the screen without interacting at all. I had purchased another version of Ylands under the Windows shop and I completely deleted all my progress to start from the beginning. Without my prop and rifle, I have discovered that it takes 12 bolts from an iron crossbow to kill a bear, about 8 or 9 to kill wolves and big cats, . . . . . . . Not only is that a ridiculous amount of ammo, it also takes quite a bit of my precious daylight, and most importantly, it seems like work instead of fun. I apologize, I try to stay positive, but maybe my blood sugar is crashing. I love this game and it is making me very sad to be having these issues with it. I'll check your wiki for ideas, but right now, all I have is sword mace, and a spear along with my crossbow. I don't have any of the other types of weapons yet. I'll work on expanding my knowledge of weapons in the mean time. Again, thanks for letting me know about the different vulnerabilities of adversaries. Sandy
  10. Ylands has grown and changed a lot since I started playing the early access game. Most of the changes have been wonderful, but some of them have definitely lessened my enjoyment of the game. The last several updates have unfortunately come with several changes that are making it harder for me to enjoy the game. Most of the "nerfing" of items is frustrating, but adding cobalt to making a copper wire seems a bit of a stretch. It seems like you are working to make the game harder with the nerfing you are doing and with enemies that can kill you, but you can't fight back, like sharks and ghosts. It seems to me that the "kill anything that moves before it kills you" type of game is a dime a dozen. I really dislike those games as it is very stressful to me, but it seems you want to make Ylands one of those games. The part I love about Ylands is the multiplayer where you set your barrier and can be neighbors with people you don't know, but you can "meet" them and make new friends and help each other out. The latest thing that is draining my enjoyment of the game is not having the ability to turn the weather off any longer. I was so excited to search for the new island types to start my new home, but the weather has become a serious impediment to that. I know weather exists in real life, but it doesn't need to be so extreme in the game. Of the short amount of daylight hours I have to search islands, a good portion of those are spent waiting for the fog the clear enough that I can see, or the rain to stop so I can avoid objects in the water, and then wait on the fog to lift again. I'm losing my excitement over the game and that makes me very sad. I'm probably in the minority here, but I want my Ylands to be fun again.
  11. SandyT

    Veteran Player Thoughts

    Hi, @bojo2736 It's great to see you back! I remember some of your builds and you are really good at designing buildings. They now have a feature to put your blueprints in a market where people can purchase them with coins. You might be interested in looking through those and maybe uploading some yourself. Hope you continue to enjoy this game. Sandy
  12. SandyT

    Dev Diary #261 The places you go

    The island on the right is the one I'm waiting to find. I'm getting all my resources together and ready to move to it as soon as it is available. When is 1.12 going to be released? I'm pretty psyched about this update. 🙂 Sandy
  13. SandyT

    1.11 Update Blueprints FAQ

    I don't think it should go away. I'm loving the number of really good blueprints that we can purchase. I think it's important to give feedback on issues that we run into when using the blueprints, so the creators can fix them. I've also learned a lot and gotten some great ideas of how to create items just by studying how their blueprints were made by deconstructing them. And you don't have to purchase any blueprints if you choose not to. But I do think the option is a good one for those who do use it. Just my humble opinion. 🙂 Sandy
  14. It would be great if we had the 4 x 1 x 4 plain stone building block. Thanks, Sandy
  15. SandyT

    1.11 Update Blueprints FAQ

    WOW! There are more blueprints available today than yesterday and some of the builds are so amazing! Thank you for making this change. It will be my pleasure to purchase some of these blueprints that other players have spent so much time building and I'll be able to give back to them a little. I can tell right now, that I'll need to buy more coyns - there are so many I could use! A question though, will we still be limited in the amount of blueprints we can have? I keep a separate folder on my desktop to keep the blueprints that I'm not currently using due to the limit allowed in the game. Just wondering if that has changed also. Thanks, again! Sandy