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  1. I'm having the same problem, but this is on a blueprint from Ylands store. I've attached screenshots to show what the issue is. This is actually on the Ylands Windows version and the player name is SandyTee. Thanks, Sandy
  2. SandyT

    Update 1.10: YMPROVED YLANDS

    @anna_svecova I restarted a new character in the Windows version of Ylands to see how the game works from the beginning after all the updates that have been posted. I think the team has made some wonderful improvements - kudos to you all. However, I did copy some of my blueprints from my original account to my new account and I've discovered that it is really taking a long time to acquire some of the recipes needed. I've earned 463 exploration points by now and I'm still missing several recipes needed to construct my blueprint, such as the blue and white tile, shaded windows, medieval windows, an angle baroque stone block among others. I've been to several islands in all of the biomes (81 islands so far) and I'm getting discouraged with how long it is taking to "find" the recipes that I'm missing. Can you give me an idea of how many points I'll need to complete the recipes I'm missing? Thanks! Sandy
  3. SandyT

    Tech-Tree (Crafting Recpies)

    I would like to add some suggestions to this as well. It would be great if we didn't get the notification of a new recipe unlocked after the first time it is unlocked. I've started a new character and going from the beginning again. I've collected quite a few exploration points and visited several locations, however, I keep getting the same encounters. Each time it says I've unlocked, etc.. it is a duplicate of what I already have. I've been trying to find new types of encounters as I'm trying to unlock all the tiles and baroque stones in the building section. So my question is - are certain encounters only able to provide certain new recipes? It seems like there are a lot more recipes than encounters. What else will provide new recipes? And can we have them not marked as "new" again once they've already been unlocked? Thanks, Sandy
  4. Hi, anna_svecova - I think by adding the Windows version shortcut to the taskbar, it might have solved my problem. If that changes after I repurchase the DLC, I'll let you know. The new Windows character name I'm using is MiniMe2 now but I still have my SandyT Steam account as well. I appreciate you checking on this! Thanks! Sandy 8-26-22 I discovered that by creating the shortcut in my taskbar, it loads the game from Bohemia instead of Steam. This works! The first time I used the shortcut, it asked me to choose which account to associate to it. It allowed me to choose the SandyTee account (the one I purchased the DLC) so life is good!! The MiniMe2 account is no longer used. I wanted to put this on here in case anyone else was having trouble. I wanted to start a new character so I could start at the beginning to see how the game works with all the improvements and that is working good - but I didn't want to lose my main account that I've worked on for years. Thanks!
  5. Thank you, BinarySemaphore, that is where the Windows app was stored. Unfortunately, it didn't save the progress I had made. I opened the play store and it showed it was installed so I clicked play from there. It brought me to the opening screen to create a new character. It also gave me the option to pin it to the taskbar. I did that and I can now open either the Windows version or the Steam version. This time I just used the trial DLC instead of buying it. It seems to be saving my progress now so I'll buy the DLC again after the trial is over. I appreciate your help on my question - thanks!
  6. I purchased Ylands Dec. 2017 when early access opened and I've played over 7500 hours on my main account. I wanted to see how hard it would be to play now without all of the resources that I've collected. So I created a new email account and purchased the Windows version with the new email address. I purchased the exploration pack for the new account also and played through the starter island and had sailed to a new island or two. I probably made a mistake to download it on the same computer that I have my main account, but now when I try to start the Windows version, it is asking me to create a name and essentially start over. Since I've purchased it again, I really don't want to do that. Do you know how I can locate the actual .exe file for the Windows Ylands version? Thanks for any assistance you can give me on this. Thanks! Sandy
  7. SandyT

    Where to find.....?

    In deep oceans and undersea caves is where I've found them.
  8. SandyT

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    That does sound like a good idea. You know, that would be great use for the refrigerator that I've been trying to interest the devs into adding for a while.
  9. SandyT

    Dev Diary #213 Feedback, please!

    That link doesn't work for me. Is there another way to reach the survey?
  10. SandyT

    Gathering full sets of all the armor

    Quote: Can you find the leather armor that use to be a skin? Yes, it is now called the Raider armor and it is in the encounters with the bandits that are in 2 separate places on the same island, they are built with wooden fences as the tent sides.
  11. I can't find the Frost armor, the Fishscale armor, or the Hard Rock armor. Also, I'm missing the Bronze helmet, the Santa armor boots, and the Wooden helmet and boots. I believe that I have hit all the possible vendors, including the armoror that we can create. Does anyone know where I might find these items? Thanks! Sandy
  12. Quote: Good work @PercyCreeper. But where would i find these last notes/clues? I think it is around the pond area.
  13. SandyT


    Thank you for bringing this up in the forum. I went through the Tutorial when it first released, but I didn't get anything about entering the tutorial. I tried it again today and it worked. I finally have the accomplishment that I finished the tutorial. LOL - thanks!
  14. SandyT

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    My favorite things in this update are the ability to pick up more items at once and being able to craft so much at one time is amazing. Great job on the upgrades!!!
  15. SandyT

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    I LOVE the idea of the flying Pegasus!!! I would also like to be able to "pet" my pet and maybe make them land once in a while. Did I mention I love the idea of the flying Pegasus? Just wanted to make sure it was considered. Thanks! Sandy