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  1. The Highland cows are simply awesome! Thank you so much for the detail that you put into making them. Top of the line!!! 🙂
  2. To update this request, instead of trying to change how the blocks work, would it be possible to make additional size and shapes of carpets? If you could add the 1 x 4, 1 x 2, and 1 x 1 carpet sizes, we could use that for wallpaper. You could make blank ones we could color or even add some designs to them so we could use those as wallpaper. Crazy what pops into my mind when I'm tired. 🙂 Thanks, Sandy
  3. SandyT

    Dev Diary #307 A New Resident in Taiga

    OMG!! YES! Chickens in 2.2 and Cows in 2.3 - my 2 favorite farm animals that were missing. Thank you, thank you!!!!!
  4. SandyT


    @Sazzle beat me to this suggestion. 🙂 I was going to suggest this also. It would be great to have mannequins that we could dress as we needed to with some standing and some sitting, both male and female. I miss having more "people" around to help with my decorating. We could use these to stage scenarios that would make our buildings more life-like and appealing. And less lonely. I'm sure this would be a lot of programming, though, and I wouldn't want to take programmer's time on this instead of other more important features, such as maybe chickens? LOL. Thanks, Sandy
  5. Thanks for sharing this information, it is really helpful to understand more of the process and all the testing that is done prior to release. As always, I greatly appreciate each and every one of your contributions. Thanks for making such a great game! Sandy
  6. I'm really excited about this change. Is it part of the 2.2 update?
  7. SandyT

    Suggestion: New Tool

    Now that we need to use a knife to gather an actual plant, it takes more time to collect them to make seeds. I've been using my sword to cut them down to seeds but it takes several swipes to accomplish. I just thought of pictures I've seen where people use a scythe to gather a large amount at once. Maybe we could have this tool to make gather plants or seeds less time consuming? Thanks, Sandy
  8. I know that I've bugged you about thin blocks or wallpaper for decorating indoor rooms. I just thought of another way to do this. What if when we used the paint gun that we only painted 1 side of the block? Then we could have the house color on the outside and have different colors for the interior? The blocks already have different shades on the sides so I don't know if this suggestion would be easier to accomplish or harder. Just a thought. Thanks! Sandy
  9. SandyT

    Suggestion: New animals/characters

    Wow! Those look fantastic!!!! Thanks for making them! Sandy
  10. On my Windows version, I was able to purchase coyns a few days ago, however, today I'm not able to purchase any. I'm trying to find out if the issue is with the Ylands shop? If it is, do you know when it will be resolved? Thanks, Sandy Please disregard, I've identified that the issue is with the Microsoft store, not Bohemia. Thanks!
  11. SandyT

    2.1.4 Patch Changelog

    Which patch will include the fix for healing tamed animals?
  12. Thanks for the response @handofthesly. Sometimes I can complete one by getting some new seeds (which might be the different variant) but I tried getting 25 more seeds and still no go. Going forward, I'll try different looking versions if I can locate them.
  13. I am trying to craft the bait for the mud moloch animal and the requirements to craft it are in the attached screenshot. It shows that I'm missing the Tall Sakura Seed, but the other screenshot show that I have 40 of them in my inventory. At this time, I can't craft this recipe. I've also run across this issue with other seeds used in blueprints. I'll have them in my inventory, but the blueprint doesn't recognize it. Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Sandy
  14. I know that everyone of your players are unique and you'll never be able to make everyone happy, but I would like to share my feedback with you. Most of the items you listed above look great! Having said that, I know "0" about programming a game, especially one as large as Ylands. Just for the record, I think you all have done an amazing job and this is my first experience with giving feedback to a developer so I'm glad it is with this game. From the comments I've read from others, your team is exceptional and somewhat uncommon in the gaming world. Of the items you shared, here are my favorites: 1) Baby animals, 2) Lakes and rivers, 3) Friendly NPCs, 4) Add body sizes for characters, and 5) more block variety. In addition, I would love to see 1) Part of the block variety could be wallpaper or very thin blocks, 2) real waterfalls, and 3) ability to fight when riding or diving, Thanks again for all the hard work you've all put in on this game, it definitely shows! Sandy
  15. @Jarda and @handofthesly What a great suggestion! Thank you both!