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  1. SandyT

    Eco - Survival Sandbox Game. Is it worth a try?

    Thanks for the suggestion @Deadeye_Rob. I think I'm going to buy Eco and give it a whirl. I saw on a video that you can do a solo world and turn off the meteor so I can get the feel of the game before joining a server. I looked a Valheim but all the fighting and monsters are definitely not my thing.
  2. SandyT

    5th Q&A with Aleš

    Now that we can craft vendors, it doesn't seem like we have the old vendors on the new exploration. The vendors we craft do not offer a lot of the items that the old vendors did, especially like Andre and Eddie who offered ore options to purchase and others with decorative household items like paintings. Are the old vendors gone for good in the new exploration? I know I sound like a broken record on the next question, but I would like to be able to get some of the items we can't craft like pots and pans. I was told that they would show up in random encounters. So far, I've found very few random encounters to even search for them. Will this be changing? Or is this by design?
  3. SandyT

    POSSIBLY Magical Chest

    This is what I do also as I can't stand clutter. What would help with the inventory issues is to increase the maximum amount for stackable items to like 500 each. There are several items that can only stack 1, some 5, some 20, some 50, and some 200. If we could have larger stacks of items, that would really help with the inventory squeeze.
  4. SandyT

    Propeller suggestion

    Thanks, spiritchaser28. I was playing on legacy exploration and I noticed several things that were different on it from the 1.6 exploration. I'm guessing, some of the changes from 1.6 didn't make it to the legacy yet. I just wanted to play from the beginning so I used legacy. You can't craft the soft chair or most of the new foods on legacy. But the propeller pack updates made it to legacy. I spent several nights on each island and I only saw mutants after dark on a couple. But I do know that I went into the cave on a tier 3 island and killed some mutants and golems and they didn't drop anything. So, I'm back on 1.6 exploration as my itch to start over has been scratched. I'm trying to find a tier 3 island in SP Temperate regions. No luck yet. LOL
  5. SandyT

    Propeller suggestion

    That would be great - thank you, Ocnoglittle! At least in the legacy exploration, no mutants, not even on tier 3 islands drop ylandium. And most of the islands on the map I was using didn't even have mutants after dark. I think only one tier one and one tier two did. Neither of the tier 3 islands had them. But you're right, the creator cube does make up for that, but it really takes away from the game play as I like to find and craft all my stuff. I really appreciate your help!
  6. SandyT

    Propeller suggestion

    While playing legacy exploration, I noticed that you now need 25 ylandium dust instead of 10 to make a propeller pack. Not only is that a 250% increase in the resources needed, you have also reduced the amount of ylandium that we can collect. In legacy, no mutants drop ylandium crystals or dust. Your only option is to find ylandium crystals in caves. And even if you are able to get enough ylandium to craft a propeller pack, it only lasts about 30 seconds tops. My suggestion is to not restrict the propeller pack's power as that is actually the 3rd whammy. By increasing the amount of ylandium needed to craft it and decreasing the opportunities to gather ylandium, I believe that should be sufficient to make it more of an end game item. I don't really think it's necessary to restrict it's effective range to near nothing. Just my thoughts. I know some people don't like it to be so powerful, but I have a couple of suggestions for that. One would be to not craft one. The other could be to offer a high end pack like before the change and a low end pack that would have restricted power. Thanks for listening! Sandy
  7. SandyT

    4th Q&A with Aleš

    I second Spirit's suggestion for the glass doors and removing the streaks in the glass windows. Great idea!
  8. SandyT

    Potion Duration Changes

    I agree on the 5 minutes each with the exception of life changing, melon head, and berry head potions. I think 2 minutes would be good for those. But I could go with the 5 minutes each. You do so much for this forum, saving you some time would be awesome!!
  9. Thanks spiritchaser28, that really helps!
  10. This is the first forum I've been a member in and I've run across several posts that I would like to essentially bookmark so I can go back to them. Is there a way to do this? I've tried following but I can't find a way to see the posts that I'm following.
  11. Thanks for the feedback on this. I've been searching and searching for new custom islands as well as random encounters. I haven't found very many encounters, either new or old ones and no custom maps yet. This is making it a little hard to keep up the excitement for exploration. There are certain non-craftable items that I'm hunting and it is a little frustrating to go to a new island and nothing but regular resources are found. Do you have any timeframe for this fix to happen? Thanks again for working on this!
  12. SandyT

    Check out this awesome yland I came across

    However, I will build on it. What a great location for a home with the background view! 🙂
  13. SandyT

    Check out this awesome yland I came across

    I haven't found one either and the random encounters seem way less frequent. But I'll be looking for the map that Steel found. It really is beautiful. It has a waterfall - awesome!
  14. The way they have us use the knife and axe, they are used as tools for tanning leather and chopping down trees. I believe that they have a war axe and war hammer which I don't think should go into the toolbox. But I also know we can use the knife or axe as a weapon so I could see it go both ways.
  15. SandyT

    2nd Q&A with Aleš

    Thank you, ognoglitte for doing this for the group, looks like a lot of work - but I wanted to let you know much I appreciate it!!!