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  1. I also received a similar message but it was after I had played in the Sandbox for a few minutes. Screen shot below. Thanks, Sandy
  2. SandyT

    The next big step for Ylands

    Just an observation on how many people are playing a multi-player game right now. The public multi-players total a whole 21 people. We need to have our Nitrado servers back.
  3. SandyT

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-21032] YLands freeze

    I am also having issues with the game freezing. I started a new SP exploration game and then went to the editor to open it. The editor looked like the game was "underground" then it was just the background. I tried the test game feature and it did bring up the game, but it was frozen. I received the image below when trying to get out of the game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt log_userscript.txt The 3 attached files are the ones that show they were modified today when the issue happened.
  4. SandyT

    I want my map back - please!

    What a wonderful thing to get first thing this afternoon! I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention before. I'm doing a happy dance now! Thanks, Sandy
  5. I understand that the map isn't needed for navigation with the islands being visible, however, I would still like to have my map for a visual representation of island locations, sizes, biome, etc. Before, I could note where my base was on the island and I didn't need to be navigating something in order to see what direction I was going. I really don't understand the reason for removing the map, would you explain that decision for me? Thanks, Sandy
  6. I've been playing on MP and closed the session. Game saved and all is good. When I tried to go back into that session, it starts the loading process then shuts down Ylands entirely. Here are the output logs for this. Thanks, Sandy output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. This time, the MP server I was on lost connection (apparently) and my game froze trying to close out the session. Here are the log files for this one. Thanks, Sandy output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Thanks, Adam. This time it was on a single player game. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. When exiting a multi-player game, Ylands doesn't go past the blue screen with the alternating color "thinking" circle. I have to manually close the game completely down and restart it. Thanks, Sandy
  10. SandyT

    Game Suggestions and feedback

    @jchob I don't know much about the editor other than going in and opening my SP map and add the creator cube or other item. I'm willing to learn, though. What I would like to add to my game would be a couch, TV, kitchen sink, wall cabinets, and a refrigerator as a start. Here is what I have so far just using the items you can build in game. But I still need to learn how to make them properly plus the other items. Are any of these something I could create in the editor? Thanks! Sandy.
  11. I really enjoy the social aspect added to the game - thank you! I do have some suggestions to improve the game. 1) Would you be able to reduce the number of Gold Rush official servers and maybe convert some of them to exploration games? I don't think I've ever seen a number of players other than "0" on any of them. 2) It is hard to plant vegetables or other plants in a straight farm row, it would be nice to have more control over where the plants actually end up. 3) In addition to the ability to farm better, it would be great if we could domesticate the boars and goats as farm animals. 4) I would like to be able to ride my horse and be able to shoot or eat or pick up items while on horse-back. 5) This game needs to have mod support. I could see animal mods, furniture mods, decoration mods, clothing mods, food mods, the list goes on. If the basic functions of the game are in place, people would be able to use mods to customize the game to what they want to play - not what someone else believes they should use. I really enjoy this game, however, I've reached the point where I'm really starting to miss the things that I feel are missing (for me). Thank you for making this game and providing a place for feedback. Sandy T
  12. I'm not able to place any size blueprint on my leveled area. I receive a message stating "There is Not Enough Space" utput_log_clean.txt. output_log.txt
  13. SandyT

    0.11: Peak Performance (19/11/2018)

    Since the update, I've had 5 Ylandium crystals, 3 Ylandium dust, 100 copper ore, 300 iron ore, 60+ saltpeter, and 70+ sulpher chunks taken out of my storage in a locked tool shed in a MP game. The storage unit isn't locked, just the shed. Can you tell me how this is happening so I can fix the issue?
  14. SandyT

    0.11: Peak Performance (19/11/2018)

    If you change one of the colors from 255 to 254 and save it, then you don't have to waste another color first, the white will work.