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  1. SandyT

    Where to find.....?

    In deep oceans and undersea caves is where I've found them.
  2. SandyT

    Dev Diary #221 Rebalancing the Future

    That does sound like a good idea. You know, that would be great use for the refrigerator that I've been trying to interest the devs into adding for a while.
  3. SandyT

    Dev Diary #213 Feedback, please!

    That link doesn't work for me. Is there another way to reach the survey?
  4. SandyT

    Gathering full sets of all the armor

    Quote: Can you find the leather armor that use to be a skin? Yes, it is now called the Raider armor and it is in the encounters with the bandits that are in 2 separate places on the same island, they are built with wooden fences as the tent sides.
  5. I can't find the Frost armor, the Fishscale armor, or the Hard Rock armor. Also, I'm missing the Bronze helmet, the Santa armor boots, and the Wooden helmet and boots. I believe that I have hit all the possible vendors, including the armoror that we can create. Does anyone know where I might find these items? Thanks! Sandy
  6. Quote: Good work @PercyCreeper. But where would i find these last notes/clues? I think it is around the pond area.
  7. SandyT


    Thank you for bringing this up in the forum. I went through the Tutorial when it first released, but I didn't get anything about entering the tutorial. I tried it again today and it worked. I finally have the accomplishment that I finished the tutorial. LOL - thanks!
  8. SandyT

    Dev Diary #202 New Beginnings

    My favorite things in this update are the ability to pick up more items at once and being able to craft so much at one time is amazing. Great job on the upgrades!!!
  9. SandyT

    Dev Diary #199 Feedback Fur-ever!

    I LOVE the idea of the flying Pegasus!!! I would also like to be able to "pet" my pet and maybe make them land once in a while. Did I mention I love the idea of the flying Pegasus? Just wanted to make sure it was considered. Thanks! Sandy
  10. Posted September 21 Thanks for your feedback We are looking into this. I just wanted to follow up on this. Is this a bug? Or is it a change to the game that was intended? Thanks, Sandy
  11. Hi, Spirit - Yes, I still can't go to a mystery island. I've been on the road for a few days and just had a chance to check.
  12. I have tried several times to sail to a mystery island, but when I click on the island to choose it, nothing happens. I don't get any error messages, just no response. I have more than enough exploration points to visit, but I'm not able to at this time. I'm including my output logs. Thanks! Sandy output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  13. I generally hide mine also, especially above the ceiling and I use energy nodes too, very handy. I even dig a small hole to put light poles in so you can't see the energy lines. However, I built a split level house with the middle section taller than the other 2 sides and I have a vaulted ceiling in the middle section. I wanted to use one of the indoor lights to place in the vaulted ceiling but I can't seem to find a way to hide the energy lines. The energy nodes are good, but they take up a whole block and I can't get the connection end to actually go through a block so it always shows a little. I would welcome your visit just to get more ideas, I like your builds and I'm sure it would be very educational for me.
  14. In regular exploration, we were able to choose whether or not we wanted the energy lines to show when starting a new game. I would like to see the option to not show them in the newest exploration build also. Thanks, Sandy
  15. Why do all the crafting menus show Requirements 1/2 and the one is red? It would appear that I couldn't craft that item, but I can. I don't understand why it always shows this? Thanks, Sandy