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Found 9 results

  1. I am trying to craft the bait for the mud moloch animal and the requirements to craft it are in the attached screenshot. It shows that I'm missing the Tall Sakura Seed, but the other screenshot show that I have 40 of them in my inventory. At this time, I can't craft this recipe. I've also run across this issue with other seeds used in blueprints. I'll have them in my inventory, but the blueprint doesn't recognize it. Is there a work around for this? Thanks, Sandy
  2. newfang1

    Making Blueprints

    Hey guys, I'm about to start a large project that I'm planning to Blueprint. Has this been changed since this posting? (See Below) I intended on making the vehicle in the Editor mode, but wanted to make sure I could before I got started. How do I share a Blueprint with a friend? - Can we make Blueprints in Editor Mode? On 6/11/2018 at 3:35 AM, Ane said: This is not planned at this moment. There are several reasons, but the most important is that in the Creative mode players have access even to objects that can't be crafted in the game. If you capture a house that would contain such objects, you wouldn't be able to build it elsewhere. From that point of view the only "safe" mode is Explore, where we know everything that players are capturing has been crafted. That being said, Blueprints will definitely be improved in the future, so any feedback is welcome!
  3. Indian Chief


    G'day Dev's, So I've been mucking around with welding of late and have just noticed that if you weld a build, that none of the bricks are blue printable. Hopefully you can add it to the list of things to do, as it'd be fantastic to be able to weld a build and then blueprint it. Cheers Chief
  4. I'm not able to place any size blueprint on my leveled area. I receive a message stating "There is Not Enough Space" utput_log_clean.txt. output_log.txt
  5. I pride myself on making compositions that are " Blueprint friendly" but I find it most difficult to build Blueprints that are Server friendly! And whilst Red Eagle and the folks over at P1 are boasting about their many fabulous and megalithic creations that they supposedly built on their own MP Explore servers I can't seem to be able to even build a simple store [See screenshots below] without crashing our own MP Explore server. It's analogous to you being able to fill your swimming pool when I can't even take a bubble bath! Apparently, the file size is just too big.
  6. Greetings team! First off I'm really glad to see the Blueprints system, amazing addition! Though I'm kind of curious, why is the blueprint camera not allowed in Creative mode? Simple as that, create something in creative, blueprint it and when I go to Explore mode I can simply place the blueprint and get all the materials to build it, like in many other games that handle blueprints this way, there seems to be no harm in allowing this, does it? I would like to know (And I believe many others too) your take on this Screenshot attached of a test little house I made to check the blueprint work.
  7. Hello team, Reporting this on behalf of one of our players on our server. Issue: Player in Question was testing out blueprints feature when they placed the Project Table, a message "someone else is using that" appears in red text, at the time only that player was on the server, they also created said table. The 1st time they used the table with blueprint it worked fine, however on second attempt, this message appears. They also tried a different blueprint for a second time and also had the same issue. They go on to say that, they logged into different servers and it worked. Info: Player describes the steps, when they try to interact with the table the message "someone else is using that" even though they were alone on the server, this appears when they try to put item(s) into the table. Attempted Resolutions: Server rebooted, issue persists. Image from the player
  8. TriggeredFingered

    Blueprinting ships-not a thing?

    Why can't i blueprint this ship? Ships are pretty much the CORE of this game, being unable to BP them seems a glaring oversight. Especially if I want to take the well-built ship I build in an explore game into another explore game. EG: The floating bits above that ship are what's captured when I use the BPCamera on the ship. They're not even aligned the same way they are on the ship, none of the "ship parts" catergory or "vehicle parts" category (I used car-grills for spotlights to see the underwater ruins and sandbars better) are even visible in the capture. I'd reccomend the BPCameral have a "vehicle mode" added to it that lets you select a root entity(ship hull, car frame) and just auto-compile the items locked to that entity into print without the silly "make a box" thing that half the time stops/glitches/bugs midway though the box for me. After looking around a bit for similar threads...Blueprinting not allowed in creative mode...Very silly as I'm sure many others have pointed out. Somewhat related to above. That most important reason is silly. Blueprint cameras already have "some items are not craftable and won't be included" prompt if plants happen to be in capture area, there's zero logical reason you can't extend that list to whatever items you're talking about. All you're doing is kneecapping your creative players and their ability to expand the list of assets available in your game. Assets which DRAW IN PLAYERS and thus provide revenue stream.
  9. incredibleHAL

    How to share blueprints?

    How can we share our blueprints with others?