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  1. Indian Chief

    IN DEVELOPMENT What other tools should go in the toolbox?

    Having a tool box is handy, being able to use tools inside the tool box without moving them allowing more free space...priceless.
  2. Indian Chief

    Join me

    Just wondering where the join me section went to join another player on a mp or sp server??
  3. Indian Chief

    Streaming Suggestions

    definitely happening today mate?
  4. Indian Chief

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    Beat me to it! Welcome Nikki and best of luck
  5. Indian Chief

    Streaming Suggestions

    Thanks mate, I'm going to try and join this stream for a bit, roughly in how many hours will it be? I'm down in Australia so a time doesn't help me out but hours would. Have a great Easter
  6. Indian Chief

    RESOLVED Starting a new game in an existing save

    G'day mate, so once you click on the option button in top right corner, then this menu will drop, you can either restart your world which means everything changes bar your character, or you can choose to start a fresh with everything by choosing Character. Good luck
  7. Indian Chief


  8. Indian Chief


    To Ylands Dev's, I'm not sure if you'll read this or not, but I thought I'd give my 2 cents worth on what improvements I'd like to see made in the future. 1. First person view, and I mean the one where you could press c and stay in first person view until you pressed it again, why this was ever removed I'm not sure but I highly recommend bringing it back. Has anyone tested the game with and without first person as a function? It really makes the game so much easier for building ,mining ,free placing items, targeting items and also combat. 2. Water, do we have any plans on being able to add water in game. I know that you added a function in the editor, but i'd love to be able to make wells, moats etc in game. Maybe a dulled down version of the terraformer is what's needed? I do like how you've added more sites to find under water though. 3. I was watching eco the other day, and love the shop idea where you can sell items to people even if you're offline. I think having something like this would be great, rather than just buying off npcs, a person an set up a store which they can sell items to. Which in turn leads into another point, has ylands ever thought about having a skill tree where you have to select a roll. Maybe don't hake it as complicated as other games but have 3/4 choices. If you look at a vast majority of games they have a skill tree regardless of type of game. e.g are Eco which is a building game, Assassins Creed/Far Cry which are storyline/combat games, Tropico where you change through the different ages could be something ylands do, having to upgrade your house, ship as you progress, NBA2K/sports games also have skill trees... why you ask.. to keep the player coming back to improve there character regardless what style of game. I understand this is a huge undertaking but I highly recommend at least considering it. Fishing for e.g, turn it into a "mini game of sorts" where you have to have timing/skill to catch a fish and depending on how well you do is the quality of the fish that you catch, which in turn effects the food you make... as you've already got some effects on food it could be targeted a bit more. 4. Free placing items inside your barrier or on a claimed ship should get the option to be glued or placed, man this would make life so much better. I was sad to find out that the one metal rod that did harden no longer does. It just means builds can be built more interesting. 5. Have a goal for the exploration, why do we need to explore... well at the moment it's just for resources and maybe check out someone else's build. It doesn't matter what game you play generally speaking there's a goal. Winning the championship, finishing the storyline, what's ylands goal for exploration? This is where I think ylands could/should go back to the original idea of the cast away. Maybe you get to select what type of cast away you are with different skills, and together with other player's you need to get rescued/escape the yland they've washed up on. But need to make some form of machine ( be it a huge sailing ship/space craft/plane/train truck or something huge and bad ass) to escape the world they're currently on. But the only way to do this is via interacting with other players who have the skills required to make certain parts ( sp could be given the option to fully upgrade all areas of skill tree) Together you have to explore the world to find blueprint papers, and with all 35 blueprint papers you unlock the blueprint itself to build the get away machine. Now you all have to work together to make this ship, exploring ylands to gather enough resources. Along the way you can use you random counters to have npcs stopping you or helping you along the way. Just an idea, but something to work together and keep us wanting to play. 6. A way to communicate in game using a mic, may i suggest a radio transmission that needs to be built in game, and maybe a walkie talkie for when you're not at home. 7. Blocks that have different curves would be amazing later later on down the track.. and I mean ones made from all the different sorts not just basic blocks that can't be built in game... but you got close with those. 8. Can we get something to hold all our tools in but still be functionable? Having a tool box great, having to keep pulling tools out to use them not so much. 9. Keep playing your game, I know getting feedback from us hopefully helps... but there's no substitute for checking up every now and and again on your own game. I feel if this was done properly that things like first person would never have been removed. 10. Last but not least... Easter is fast approaching, and i wish you all a safe and happy Easter If you made it this far thanks for taking the time to read. Chief
  9. Indian Chief

    Realistic suggestions for 1.6

    Missed my point mate, what I was saying is that the devs were getting back to other issues but not about the ships... unless they were on ship holidays???
  10. Indian Chief

    Realistic suggestions for 1.6

    Yes you did, I was just commenting that it took longer for Adam to comment on what the Ylands team were going to do about the Blueprint building box.... I'm glad that he now has replied.
  11. Indian Chief

    Realistic suggestions for 1.6

    shame he mentioned nothing about the blueprinting of ships!
  12. Indian Chief

    Placing blueprint table dang near impossible now.

    I'm going to try this later tonight. Fingers and toes crossed, glad that the community is getting behind this bug, along with the barrier one. Then smoooth sailing So after removing doors, and the anchor my ship still couldn't be blueprinted. Can anyone confirm if you need to be inside your barrier to capture a ship?
  13. Indian Chief

    Placing blueprint table dang near impossible now.

    Having this issue also especially with ships. I hope they find time to look into this.
  14. Indian Chief

    Will we

    Good to be back, man oh man! The new exploring.... i'm still speechless... but maybe that's due to lack of sleep due to playing ylands until 12:00pm! Just wow, anyone who hasn't tried exploring together with other players..... EVEN ON SP MAPS! Like say WHAT!!!!!! I have 1 question for anyone that may know, how can we build a ship blueprint? It kinda worked once with only a few missing blocks, now I can't get it to place. Have a merry christmas, and big tick to the ylands team for getting this game back on track and of course all those hard working people behind the scenes
  15. Indian Chief

    Will we

    @Deadeye_Rob ahhh fantastic that'll free up stacks of room, I'll look forward to checking it out tomorrow