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  1. Indian Chief

    How to Unlock items for Crafting?

    thanks for the useful information, trying to unlock it myself
  2. Indian Chief


    G'day Ylanders.... it's been a while and I've recently started playing ylands again. I imagine you have a long enough list of suggested items and elements of the game to last you for many years... but for what it's worth I'm going to try and make the list a little longer 1. Action blocks.. these are blocks that move. So for e.g if you build a crane on top of a rotating block it could be moved. You could have basic where the player can interact with them and more advanced where you need power and switch/es so you could power up a moving windmill. A few more switches and levers would be a nice addition too... 2.Curved blocks made from the already great options we have available. I recall we got basic blocks that included a curved block, seeing this expanded would be great 3. Hooks, I know we can use umbrellas etc but I think having a hook we can craft would be better 4. Chains and shackles that can be crafted.... fantastic items in game. But with how few I find, it hinders building in game 5.The ability to move water or add water. Being able to make rivers/lakes or wells in game would be cool. 6. Enemy at random encounters that are riding animals 7. Legendary enemies... where after dealing with x amount of a certain type of enemies a legendary version of it can be fought. Which after defeating drops a collectable which can be added to a shelf... kinda like fall out does with the bobbleheads... but instead of just finding them you have to earn them. 8. Npcs that are crewmen/women on ships that can repair the ship or fire cannons I'll leave it at 8 as in the past my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. Since coming back I've really enjoyed the exploring side of ylands.. as I always have.. especially with mates. Your under water bios are bloody awesome. How you've spread out the resources on different bios. How more resources are used in how you build items... it used to be half of the things you could collect were useless... not so much now. The newer random encounters have a lot more detailing in there builds... this makes exploring more enjoyable. Ghost ships.... ooo yeah loved this... Yo and I managed to find out that theres more than one way to skin a ghost ship. Story mode.... hmmm great concept... if I'm being honest needs a lot of work. I'll make a separate post another time on just this subject. But for replay ability players need choices that vary. For e.g when we first wash up on shore... we have 3 people offering to help... but we can only choose 1 to help... they could all lead to a similar path... but have a different way of getting there.... or a more evil or passive way. It's not very clear why we're helping old mate out... maybe having a goal/reason for helping him. As an e.g your help him find components for a time machine... and to do so you need to search different ylands and do missions like you kind of have now. The english translation's not bad but the grammar definitely could use some improvements. I feel Ylands is heading in the right direction and will be watching with a keen eye on future updates. My suggestions aren't meant to be a dig at the team, but hopefully some positive and constructive. feedback. Have a great Christmas and New Years Chief
  3. G'day mate, Can I recommend playing with these settings to help with the weather? You'll still see some rain, but it'll always be a lovely sunny day
  4. Indian Chief

    Warship Castilla

    Fantastic ship, a huge huge thanks to yo for completing all the tricky pieces to the build. For ever in his dept! Looking forward to fitting it out and hitting the high seas.
  5. Indian Chief

    Gathering full sets of all the armor

    Thanks for the information Sandy
  6. Indian Chief


    Hey devs, just wondering if in the future we can have the ability to rotate blueprints in free placement mode like we can with building blocks etc. Cheers
  7. Indian Chief

    Gathering full sets of all the armor

    Can you find the leather armor that use to be a skin?
  8. Indian Chief

    ship stuff by zarwil

    ohhhhhh boy....... those ships look fantastic, really impressive... but that medieval build is mmmmmmmmmm Baby
  9. Indian Chief

    Mystery Ylands

    G'day Mello, today i went back to Far Reaches and none of the volcanoes and blue cold thingo's would activate.
  10. Indian Chief

    Mystery Ylands

    G'day devs, I absolutely love the mystery ylands and how you unlock them by exploring... fantastic addition. My only problem is a lot of them don't explain very well what you have to do. While some mystery ylands are meant to trick you... like in the distress signal mission. But can i maybe suggestion having a small welcome message or arrival area where it gives you little run down on what to do. Like it distress signal... While exploring the dangerous snowy slops you've come across a camp who's in need of your help..... but something seems amiss. It's your mission to sort the situation out. or forest spirits. After days or sailing you've discovered Forest Spirits, a land where the spirits are in need of your help. Help set free the lost spirits of this land by finding their lost souls. Last e.g Imaginarium A friend has written to you in desperate need of your help. They have an art expedition opening in less than 2 weeks.... and nothing is prepared. Help your friend prepare before the show opens. I think having small messages like this will make it easier and more enjoyable for those less educated like myself. One other point is maybe letting players know that they can't leave the mystery yland without completing it. I left one of the ylands as I had no idea what to do during Far Reaches... and now I have to collect another 50 points to restart it. Cheers
  11. Indian Chief

    Dev Diary #207 Ylands in 2022

    Thanks to everyone who's really turned the game around. It's the best building game and now also a fantastic game to explore too. Have a great 2022
  12. Indian Chief


    G'day Binray and Spirit, thank you so much for your tips. I'll count how many interactions that ive found.... but I might have mucked on the book and also what spirit mentioned leaving halfway through. I'll complete the other achievements and then restart my starter yland. Thanks again for your help and have a great day
  13. Indian Chief


    G'day everyone, Just wondering what I'm missing to complete the Ylands steam tutorial? Could someone please let me know what they did to complete it. I started a new map and character upon returning to the game after a lengthy break. Cheers
  14. Indian Chief


    G'day Devs, Just a suggestion for the maps. I'd love to see 2 markers added if possible. One for caves and the other an iron pick or something similar to mark for ores. Loving the recent updates you've brought, as an older player nd one who wasn't always happy with the direction of the explore.... keep up how things are going. Cheers... one happy explorer
  15. my 2 cents, use one of those hammers to get blocks back on the glass bottles.. One of my favourite things to collect and I was dammed if I was leaving it behind