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Found 205 results

  1. Hi Sometimes while using the color picker clicking on the "ok" button will auto lock into a specific color, and when trying to adjust any colors after will reset to the previous color after. All color inputs within the same game session before restart will lock to that color. Its happened 3-4 times but somewhat rare.
  2. hey When you go far back into the history it stops your mouse from working, you cant look around or click ANYTHING i had to restart ylands. i think this happens when you go into history from an old save because i saved my game as a new scenario just before i ecountered this bug
  3. While playing alone on a sharegame (owned by me), my computer lost power and shut down. When trying to open the save, the loading gets stuck and part of the inventory shows up. The same happens for other players and even after removing the game from the sharegames list (and creating a local save).
  4. I bought the skirt from NPC vendor. It's not showing up. I tried taking it off and putting it back on again. No bueno. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  5. When I start the game, I get to the loading screen, which for some reason loads up instantly. Then after some time I get this message : FATAL LOGIN ERROR UNABLE TO COMPLETE BACKEND REQUEST I reinstalled it multiple times hoping it would fix, but no. The previous versions worked for me but since 0.11 it doesn't.
  6. Okay share game, when log on my friend share game about a minute or so my character stop moving and having to restart game get him move than stop. okay on the rent server , the game also has the problem my character stop moving in couple minutes join the game . output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Hey, I don't know if this has already been said but when you press control and double click the undo button then you loose the ability to click on the screen, however, you are still able to use the keys and move around. Only way to fix it is to force the game to shut down
  8. Tried to feed items into my blueprint machine...went to gather resources ... stone, logs etc but nothing was appearing in inventory! I can access whats is already in inventory ... but? but? but? Logs attached ... output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  9. Here is another story from my early playthrough after Cheerful Characters update in official MP server. First of all, I don't know how it happen, 1 thing that I'm sure, my internet connection is not stable, it often have lots of RTO after 30-40 minutes. (My ISP have problem, I think) So I've been building my base at the middle of seas. Just like usual, placing blocks by blocks, fishing, eating(bug for eat non-edible stuff still there, if you scroll at the middle of eating animation), creating stuff. While doing those, I got "Connection Time Out" which ofcourse kick me from the server. Then after my internet running fine again, I'm continue playing in that server. At that moment, I realized, my heart(Health point) is yellow just like when you equip "the mighty cube" but without cube logo beside it. Then I decide to go to the cave in nearby island to test it out. I'm indeed become immortal! @&!(@&$^!! I said.. God give me such a mighty power! or it's a curse.. I don't need to eat, I can breath underwater without the mask, my health never goes down(didn't try to falling damage yet). For me it's kinda fun to become immortal, but I'm afraid if someone who can't handle the responsibility get this mighty power, that's why I'm reporting this. I swear to all Ylands Gods that exist , I won't become griefer by using this power. If you want to do something, please don't reset my character in the server, because I don't like not being able to access my own stuff. I lock all of my chest, doors, boats, ship, and placed the PB. I'm afraid if you reset my character, I don't have all my old keys, and I will lost my access to my PB.. Hope you can do something for it. Thanks. For some reason, my Ylands game doesn't update/generate the output_logs. I deleted my old output_logs long time ago. So I don't have the logs now.. Here is the gif for proof, sorry my machine doesn't strong enough to record video while playing game:
  10. Editor is crashing when I try to create new "world" and game is not responding. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  11. I am trying some costume design ideas, and copy/pasting the hexadecimal color value from shirts to pants, shoes, etc. When I do this, the color will apply, but the alpha channel will not. When I edit the alpha value directly, it applies.
  12. Hi, ..., but if you come close, magic plants are already harvested or just growing. Bye... ComR
  13. I can craft and place beds without a problem. The issue is that once I place them, I cannot lay down. I don't want to have to start a new game because of this. All of this coincidentally started after I died on my ship, during the night.
  14. Started sharedgame without the owner , my character started anew by itself instead of starting in the previous progress.. this bug has been ongoing ever since in multiplayer since last year..please fix this its annoying af. Now i cant do anything because im on the starter island instead of the other island my friend is in. Edit : My map progress is resetted , its an entirely new character , as if my previous character didnt exist. My crafting tree resetted. Why do i get punished by the game for this kind of bugs left unfixed?output_log.txtoutput_log_clean.txt Surely you know how frustrating it is to restart after progressing so much. Whats the point of having sharedgame if the temporary host is going to restart character?
  15. Hey While i am in the editor Entities inside of groups randomly delete themselves im not sure what is causing this its usually just one entity out of a group THIEVES_VS_SECURITY_V7.5.zip
  16. I was trying to dig some iron ore ..and to my surprise dirt went everywhere but there was no action from the spade i held ... i then changed back to hand and flew to another site ..as soon as i landed there was a 'tut-tut-tut...( repeating) sound and dirt flew like i was digging.. i changed to another tool and i got the same sound ... even with the keyring and got a " failed" alert... opening map also got the same result.... i couldn't dig, feed, open doors .........or scratch myself and that sound kept repeating with the failed message 2 rejoins and a complete exit from ylands a return did not fix it.. A server restart fixed it Logs attached for you to read whilst sitting in front of a cosy fire in your slippers with a strong drink .. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. I know the hit radius for "battle" and hitting trees/rocks has got a boost with the new update but also with that came a huge hit radius, you can actually chop down 2 trees close to each other or hit unwanted objects close to the area you are hitting on. Picture 1: i was cutting down a young tree and it also took down a small bush quit far away. Picture 2: while hitting a rock i also started hitting the tree with my hamer.
  18. Hey When I click on a colour block in a script to edit the colour and then i press cancel my screen freezes, i cant select deselect blocks ect i can only interact with the editor UI, what i usually do is just click edit script and then everything goes back to normal
  19. Crystal-a630652b607b365a

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-14086] About missing ship

    To. Mailuki I upload my remote file. Missing ship is in Fairyworld save. I hope bug is fixed. Thanks remote.zip
  20. Hi, I've got a problem with Ylands - the game crashes everytime i try to start it - as you can see on the screenshot. It happens when Unity is trying to load up, or something.. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  21. I don't know if it is all chairs. I know it is the blue ones that used to be coyn chairs. And it's also the suitcase sofa. The character does not sit on them they sit near them. If I have time tomorrow I can try all chairs to see which ones it is.
  22. Someone on the server was building a roof, with 2x2 Red Steep Roof blocks, and could not place them back to back. You can place them in their ordinary staggered slope, but neither of us were able to place the same block, oriented 180 degrees, to the back of the original block. We can make the roof, but can not finish the bottom, nor the edges. If you know what I mean.
  23. If you have two or more of the same item and each is dyed a different colour, then multiple issues arise. You cannot place both into the same chest. The first goes in okay, but the second attempts to replace the first but also remains in your inventory. Once that happens, neither the real item or ghost item can be removed from the inventory - either by placing in the world or by putting into a different chest. Relogging fixes the inventory desynch, but also deletes one of the items. to reproduce, get two bricks and paint one, say, blue and the other red. The blue one can be put in a chest without issue, but when you try to put the red one into the same chest the red goes in and the blue returns to your inventory. At that point, even though the red is in the chest, you have both blue and red in your inventory and they are stuck there. After relogging, both are gone, leaving just the red in the chest and the blue lost. i transfer items by right clicking, but I think this also happens when dragging.
  24. If I accidentally sleep, thinking it’s night time but it’s just bad weather and dark.. I can’t wake myself up so I have to wait.. then I starve and die!! Drives me nuts would love an option to cancel sleep. Today while playing my charactor almost died in their sleep with the above happening yet I managed to be just on the brink of death when I woke I ate food, healed myself by treating wounds then I thought I was fine had full hearts only to start loosing hearts and then ultimately die. clicked continue re spawned died again after loosing hearts for no reason. I cannot load the level without dieing now.. and the cause is unknown.. doesn’t say I’m starving, the biome is not cold.. not hot, nothing it flashing or eating me, simply loosing hearts for no reason. I loaded another game and it is not happening, seems to be just my shared game.. image is of me dieing after many occasions all with undertermend death.. and no one else in game to have /killme
  25. Help! My movement arrows keep growing!