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Found 398 results

  1. 6Cowa6Bunga6

    UNDER REVIEW Lost Death box

    so died, and when in the respawn screen right after death, minimized the game and after unminimizing the game was not responding so I restarted the game. apon after start up and entering explorer i was still dead, so i respawned only to find there was no death marker icon or loot box that would of been dropped. so exiting game while dead despawns any dropped loot? rip inventory
  2. So, I got killed by a wholly rhino and respawned at my house and bed. I immediately checked the map to see where my body was at so that I can reclaim all of my items. However, I could not see the tombstone icon on the map and I am stuck trying to search for these items in this huge map. Please, give me a shortcut to find the items. I'm already utilizing free camera but that is useless. Is there a hack I can use? I had everything on me, even my drill.
  3. The last patch broke a few things, which made the map impossible to test or save. Specifically, the bug was the referenced templates set to destroy the entity at the start of the game, with certain types of entities like fish, keys, and some miscellaneous stuff. I managed to fix it so I could save and test the map and was able to export the first time, but now when I try to export I get "engine error 400" I am not sure if the error with the templates had something to do with it, since it is not with this specific map, I have tried to create a new map and I have the same error, at this moment I cannot export anything, it seems that it has been broken the connection with the workshop. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt I hope it can be fixed soon🤞, thank you
  4. So I'm currently having the same cannot continue bug that others have experienced. Whenever I attempt to open my starter island I get the "Cannot find savefile of this YLAND" message. Since it's apart of my start island I'm basically forced to fully reset. Just for the sake of noting I have not played on any other platform other than PC, and I was playing in "local hosting" mode with one other person. I have no idea what's causing this issue. I have also added logs in a reply that is waiting to be approved. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  5. 100% of the time when I try to collect food from stoves on my ship, the game freezes and I have to force quit. Afterwards I can't start ylands again as steam cloud sync gets stuck, meaning I have to restart steam as well. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  6. Idk if this is because of the map, or something to do with my PC today, but every 15 minutes of editing a map I crash to desktop without a Unity error message. I loose almost all progress (that I have saved) up to that point. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. cant find the crash log under temp folder moving to new map, after the load everything spawned like this unsummoned and summoned ship and it fixed the issue
  8. On a ship, if you have a wall, window, etc. and you have your chests, boxes, wheel, etc. anything really near a wall you can use, you can access it through said wall or window. I have recalled, respawned, turn on and off build mode...issue still persists and its one every ship I have built. I am unsure if this issue is the same on land. Attached are small snips of the issue. This issue is probably keeping many away from going to MP game maps, I know that it is keeping me from going.
  9. Spectrumnist

    UNDER REVIEW Maya Hat?

    Self explanitory...
  10. I recently got back into playing Ylands to check out the Exploration features. I played for about 3 days without issue. About 2-3 weeks ago I log in and am locked out of my house. I decided to wait and see if some hotfix would be released, just in case it was a bug from an update. I have the keys on my keychain and also tried taking them off to unlock the doors 1 by 1, but no go. I also can't target my barrier, see the radius, or destroy any of the tiles on my structure. It's as if I don't own the building anymore. Already tried verifying files, not expecting it to work, and it didn't. I have no idea what could have happened. I can still lock and unlock the doors on my ship. If anyone else has encountered/resolved this, any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
  11. So I have had YLands for over 5 years, tried coming back last fall but the bugs were annoying. I had to keep deleting and restarting. Decided to come try again, starting with tutorial. Deleted all the previous progress to start fresh and clean. I went to one of the first discovery/event islands for Combat. I was supposed to kill 3 pumas. I killed one but my inventory was full, it was dark, so I made a chest and put most of my inventory in there. Killed two more pumas. Quest counter only was giving me credit for two of them. Checked inventory, realized one of the three puma skins was in the chest, so I took it out, put it back, relogged, took all three "Puma Pelts" in and out, it will not give me credit for finishing the combat quest. Checked the island hoping maybe there was a fourth puma I could kill, to get the credit for killing three. Nope. So now I apparently need to exit, delete all my progress and start over again? I have restarted numerous times the last time I tried coming back, due to bugs. Will i ever be able to just simply play? (Yes, sorry, I am feeling annoyed.)
  12. Hello Ylanders, MODS, and Devs, I have recently returned to Ylands after an extended hiatus. The changes to Exploration are great and I am once again enjoying exploring new islands. However life on the islands has not all been coconut drinks and mutant raids. For about a week, I have been experiencing random game freezing and an error message at log in, warning me that the cloud sync did not happen. Also, yesterday I lost car #3 in two days to the "UNSTUCK" button on the radial menu. Along with these issues, I have noticed several anomalies in object placement (either floating or submerged relative to "ground"), NPC placement ("stuck" in a tree or behind a rock and cannot move), and NPC behavior (Mutants that are not aggressive). So far I have verified and re-verified the integrity of my files on Steam and everything looks good as far as I can see. I have also logged in from a different computer to test the sync. (I appears as if the sync does happen but does not record the event. I experienced no loss of progress changing computers and back again). I mention all of these in a single letter only because I noticed separate threads on two of them already in the forums. Perhaps more data will assist. perhaps it will only muddy the water... Either way I submit my _.log files below. Should you need more please contact me. Spydr ikan140@yahoo.com output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt log_2021-12-16_124727clean.txt log_2021-12-17_030900clean.txt log_2021-12-17_123045clean.txt log_2021-12-17_141346clean.txt log_2021-12-18_001819clean.txt log_2021-12-18_212643clean.txt log_2021-12-18_212725clean.txt log_2021-12-19_044612clean.txt log_2021-12-19_134909clean.txt log_2021-12-19_145540clean.txt log_2021-12-19_171512.txt log_2021-12-19_171512clean.txt log_2021-12-19_183343.txt log_2021-12-19_183343clean.txt log_2021-12-19_204544clean.txt log_2021-12-20_041145clean.txt log_2021-12-20_132605.txt log_2021-12-20_132605clean.txt log_2021-12-20_173904.txt log_2021-12-20_173904clean.txt log_2021-12-20_174435.txt log_2021-12-20_174435clean.txt log_2021-12-20_175225.txt log_2021-12-20_175225clean.txt log_2021-12-20_180557.txt log_2021-12-20_180557clean.txt log_2021-12-20_185028.txt log_2021-12-20_185028clean.txt log_2021-12-21_002051.txt log_2021-12-21_002051clean.txt log_2021-12-21_010338.txt log_2021-12-21_010338clean.txt log_2021-12-21_030528clean.txt log_2021-12-21_123358clean.txt log_2021-12-21_170454clean.txt log_2021-12-21_213643.txt log_2021-12-21_213643clean.txt log_2021-12-22_031556.txt log_2021-12-22_031556clean.txt log_2021-12-22_033455.txt log_2021-12-22_033455clean.txt log_2021-12-22_044607clean.txt log_2021-12-22_150037clean.txt log_2021-12-22_171710.txt log_2021-12-22_171710clean.txt log_2021-12-22_171905.txt log_2021-12-22_171905clean.txt log_2021-12-22_172255clean.txt log_2021-12-22_190018.txt log_2021-12-22_190018clean.txt log_2021-12-22_200111clean.txt log_2021-12-23_021726.txt log_2021-12-23_021726clean.txt log_2021-12-23_022623.txt log_2021-12-23_022623clean.txt log_2021-12-23_023343clean.txt log_2021-12-23_121312.txt log_2021-12-23_121312clean.txt
  13. List of problems. I will be adding new problems as I play. All The Best, ComR -No exploring points: -Ruined wooden houses -Ruined Grocery Store (Brick with green roof)) -4 Heads -Dragon statue -Rotated cubes sculpture -Rear end of the crashed plane -Propeller of the crashed plane (sometimes ylandium power cell [filled] is unreachable) -Hemingway Armchair (Bottle unreachable) -Metal table with 4 metal chairs and food -All demolished wooden houses and ruined blackmith house (the one with second store) -Watch Tower with Crossbow -Help site with mr.Winston -Alchemist bag with flying potion -Fireplace with bandit hat and lantern -Bottles unreachable: -Bandit benches & Abandoned fireplaces -Modern house: -Books unreachable, cannot be taken -"Egyptian giant": -Bullets unreachable -Cemetery: -Revolver falls into earth
  14. Fatal Login Error. It can't log in to the game and account... HELP ME!!
  15. Create.ylands, log in. It shows me one very old, blocked game which I can't delete., "Frostbite Hardcore Survival" I uploaded Caverna Magika, but a script is broken which blocks further progress in the game. Can't see the game, it is not on my list, just the old blocked game. Couldn't update the changes, so I uploaded Caverna Magika 03 and waited for something to show up. It never did. Those games are invisible to me. I did notice hardcore seems to be a blocked word now. Is that my problem? Please help, I have another game, but I don't want to upload it when I have this problem. Thank you.
  16. I was helping out a dear friend with his mystery island to try and solve it together. He was hosting locally but unfortunately he's on the other side of the world to me. Up until this point it has all gone well apart from losing connection every once in a while. But when we fell into the volcano in the Emberland map, I couldn't respawn. As you can see in the video, going to another map didn't work either so I was stuck and forced to restart. Luckily this fixed it and I was able to join his map again output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  17. Hello! First I want to say how wonderful the game's developement has been and I am grateful for everything everybody has done to make it to this point! Keep up the awesome work! Now for the issue at the title. While playing on Exploration mode, multiplayer mode enabled with or without any other players online the game will freeze and crash to desktop. This has been going on for a few days both before and after the most recent patch. Logs included as requested. Best Regards, Hunter output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  18. Hello, Exploration game is broken and frustrating again: -Wood building is impossible, because crafting blocks need wood pieces, not logs (!). -Animals cannot be bind to animal pens anymore. -Animals cannot be enclosed in fences - they just dissappear and appear at random (?). -Items below the ground (random findings) fall into map (Coffins with revolvers etc.). -Bottles in many cases cannot be picked up. Game is annoying as hell. Have you ever played your own game? Most problems are simply impossible to miss. Play it a bit, try this and that. 2nd anniversary.... and still game is broken. And pretty please, remove bad weather effects - there is too much rainy, cloudy days. It's impossible to see for days. Sleeping doesn't help. This is not funny anymore, this is frustrating and annoying. Regards,
  19. This isn't the first time I saw this bug. The first was an atlantean ruin encounter with the crablins running off into the ocean. This time however I took a picture. The encounter is the tents with the guys wearing zirconium armor. There is a little sarcophougus with temple armor, and there is a double barreled revolver and a few other things to be found in the encounter. Anyhow all 5 of the NPC's just walked straight into the ocean in a straight line. enclosed the output logs. This pic is underwater output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  20. Loaded my SP exploration game to have boat floating in the air in fog. The terrain never loaded, then it said I was cold and freezing, and then the terrain loading screen showed. I reappeared with all my inventory and didn't get a message about dying. I was on an undiscovered island across an unexplored map. In my previous session, I'd journeyed to a new map and parked my boat on the shore of the first island, and then logged out. A forum search found this similar experience - https://ylands.com/community/topic/30607-lost-my-boat-is-there-a-way-to-load-an-older-save-file/ The only earlier save is prior to the pre-generation of that archipelago. Of note, the island that I parked near was tropical like my starting islands. A thick mist rolled in before I logged, but there was no indication that it was going to be cold. I was wearing bark armor. I attempted to summon my ship (I was SO happy that was an option) at the new island, but no boat appears....just a disappointing sparkle glow....TA DA...ta didn't. Is my save corrupted? Do I start over? This was my first playthrough since 2017, so I'm still re-learning the game. Thank you for your time! output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt Update: I'm so confused. There was a previous save from yesterday...called Starting Yland, that was prior to me leaving my initial map. I decided to try it since my only other earlier save was a MP map I accidentally clicked on before going to my 2nd local map. Launching this Starting Yland save, put me on this new undiscovered island on the new local map with my boat in the water where I'd previously made an unsuccessful attempt to summon it. Even though the date is showing yesterday 3 saves past, it's putting me in the most recent position.
  21. Hi There, The amount of wooden blocks which can be created from a log seems incorrect. So is the number of blocks 2*2*2 equal to the number of 1*1*1. This way it's cost less logs to create floor of 4*4*1 than when I create the same floor with 1*1*1. In the example included you can see that despite the size, the amount of blocks which can be created is the same. Please safe (my) planet from deforestation ;-). Kind regards, Rob
  22. Hi, I have made this little rhino for my island and I was testing the scenario whilst the graphics were on the mobile settings. During that test I saw that the rugby ball that is being used here is presumably in the wrong orientation and so it doesnt align with the rest. This happens for both of the high and low quality mobile graphics and not for the pc one. Thanks
  23. While it has been a while for me playing Ylands, when I opened the game back up (at first stored on an external hard drive) it was very laggy and choppy. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it on the computer. However, the lag persisted, though getting just a smidge bit better with each exit and reentry. I did also lower my graphics, it never fully eradicated the lag. When trying to open the menu for a blue print table, that's when I noticed the right-click feature wouldn't work. We (I was co-oping with a friend) tried everything we could think, re-logging, settings adjustments, etc. to no avail. I soon noticed I could no longer pick as well from the ground. While I could pick berries from a bush, I couldn't pick up dropped items. I even went to an old legacy game and tried the right click of my mouse, able to sit and control my boat, but then unable to release controls to stand. I thought it may have been my connection with the lag, but I see that it's far more than that. Any advice would be well appreciated.
  24. I have been playing the game for quite some time and one difference I noticed between the Microsoft version and the steam version was what happens when you lower resolution. If I go below 1280x720 I get black bars on the side. In microsoft version I could still play lower resolution full screen by clicking the windowed mode and maximizing the window....however steam does not allow you to maximize the window like microsoft version does. Are there any plans to allow a full screen mode for lower resolution? I usually only turn the resolution down to increase game performance on maps that have a lot of builds or too many entities. This would be quite helpful for game performance in those types of game maps. I just dislike not being able to see things full screen, and I won't be giving up my steam version for microsoft because exploration DLC is not available on that format. Thanks for any consideration in fixing this small suggestion.
  25. At some point before your game would lag when trying to place a large blueprint, but nowadays your game runs normally, except it can take minutes before your blueprint actually shows up. Something definitely changed with how blueprints are loaded, and the algorithms involved need to be evaluated because they are terribly slow, or at least grow terribly slow with high item counts.