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  1. Does write to log work in MP

    What if the game is hosted on a server?
  2. Errors in instructions

    Everything stops when the script encounters an error, no matter where the error is, even if that error takes place in a separate method or instruction that is being called. I've seen this too many times to count. (If there is more than one running at the same time, I think only the one with the error will stop, but I'm not 100% sure of that one.)
  3. Large Explore Sharemaps?

    If you like one you've generated in the editor: 1. Save the scenario. 2. Go to the "Games" menu 3. At the top, choose "My Local Games" 4. Your saved scenario should be in that list. Click it and choose "Start New Game" 5. Set the options as you would like, including setting online mode to "Multiplayer" 6. Have fun!
  4. I don't know if there are already plans for such a feature, but I had an idea about it this morning and thought it best to at least mention it. We've requested before (or at least I know I have) for the ability to copy or move blocks of code from one object to another. I have a thought on how that could be done. In the script editor, on the left are the categories for script commands and methods. I would add a section (at the bottom, maybe) called "Clipboard" or something descriptive like that. Instead of containing a list of script commands, it would contain 1 or more SPACES where blocks of code can be dragged and stored. They would be spaces separate from the object where the code is not executable, just held as a copy for dragging out into a new location later. It could be persistent for that scenario at least, and possibly across all scenarios. A possible extension of this idea would be the possibility of being able to build a small personal library of custom routines, almost like compositions of nothing but script code, accessible through the script editor.
  5. Group adding labels

    Strongly agreed, for both Entity and Logic labels. In addition, when we click the "plus" icon to add a single new row, could it automatically enter the item selection mode?
  6. Visual scripting: Alpha compare and sort

    I know. I'm trying to avoid excess code, since VS can get unstable if there's too much. Some things are far more efficient if we have a command to let the core of the game handle it, rather than interpreted script. Trying to nudge VS a little more in that direction. edit: I'm not saying VS is bad. I've seen a lot of scripting systems over the years, and they all have a point where the interpreter gets overwhelmed.
  7. modify the duration of the text (npc)

    Would be nice to be able to set it manually if we wish. Understandable if that's not a high priority right now Also: Needs an additional rule that if a new bubble is triggered for a speaker, the previous bubble should close. They overlap and are unreadable if triggered too quickly.
  8. I want to build a routine to Alphanumeric sort a list of names/items. The existing comparison operator will not accept anything that is not numeric. Could we please get an operator that can compare string objects?
  9. I'm working on some logic that uses custom names and entity labels to trigger logic. Some of these items can be traded from NPC's that I plan to have in various places on the map. The problem is I have noticed for some of the items, when I trade for them, they lose their labels (applied when each item is spawned) as well as their custom names and some other attributes such as Unique and Inseparable. What I see so far is that this only affects items that would normally stack, and the "Unique" value is turned on to prevent it. I have not tested if this also happens when two players trade items, but it's something to consider. I put together a simple scenario that shows the problem. There are 8 items, each with custom attributes and all getting a label added when they are spawned. 4 of them are distinct items that do not normally stack, and 3 of them normally would stack but have the Unique attribute turned on. The 8th item is a Pan, which is a separate problem (it won't trade at all). The trigger zone should trigger by any item that has the label, and none of the items should ever stack. While the NPC has the items, they still have their custom names. This changes as soon as a trade is done, so I expect this is also when they lose their labels. There are also other frustrating things I am seeing with NPC trading, such as not being able to adjust trade value for some items, so maybe the whole trading system needs to be reviewed eventually. It feels incomplete. (It would be a lower priority, of course, but it does need some work.) ITEM_LABEL_ERROR_DEMO.zip
  10. Dev Diary #59

    Maybe things like the color of the water (from light and pleasant inside the boundaries to very dark and ominous outside), or a special severe weather system that makes it nearly impossible to travel farther in that direction?
  11. Player score sorting logic

    I've tried sharing it as a composition. I tried and was able to download it into a blank scenario in the editor. Hopefully this works better. https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/801 @Ane I got several errors while trying to upload thumbnails (with the original, and with the new one) and the "editable" feature for scenarios doesn't seem to be working? I uploaded 2 "update" files for my scenario. The first has the editable option set to yes, and the second has it set to no, just for the sake of trying a different thing. Neither would show available to edit.
  12. Player score sorting logic

    I've noticed that myself. I did set it to be editable before exporting, so it should be. I might retry the upload this evening.
  13. Player score sorting logic

    If they are equal, then this will simply put them in the same order they are in, in the starting lists (only for the ones who are the same score) which would probably be in the order they joined the game. There would not be an error, but that might not be the result you want. If you hit the "sort and show" lever before the randomize lever, it will do exactly this with all the scores being 0. More complex comparisons are definitely possible, but the goal was for this one to be a very quick, general version. If you have something specific in mind, I'm sure we could put something together for it.
  14. I just encountered this problem too. Restarting the game fixed it (for now).
  15. Player score sorting logic

    Even though this might be considered a "community creation" I think it's more useful in the Visual Scripting section, so I'm putting the post here. In the P1 chat today, someone asked about the logic I was using to sort scores for the leaderboard. (I forget who asked, I'm sorry.) For the benefit of all the creators here, I have built a universal version of the logic, that can be easily added to any scenario. Feel free to use it, modify it, examine it and learn from it, whatever you want. If you have questions, please ask, and if you find bugs or have suggestions, please let me know. You can find it in the Workshop: https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/794