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  1. Indomitus

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    For local SP, the answer to that question looks like it is "no" they won't auto-fix. Any ships already damaged will probably have to be repaired or deleted in the Editor, or dismantled inside a protective barrier.
  2. Indomitus

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    I am curious: Will the hotfix repair ships that have already experienced this bug? Or will we have to scrap them and start new ships?
  3. Indomitus

    0.13: Fine Friendships (20/06/2019)

    If you die on a Polar island (snow and polar bears) it will not respawn you on that island, but back at the very first spawn. Other kinds of islands should respawn you somewhere on that same island. If you are seeing something different, that could be a bug.
  4. I would like to see the return of item conditions (pristine, used, worn, broken) and the ability to repair it even if it's not fully broken. (Hey, they're my repair kits, I'll waste them if I want to.) It can be kind of dangerous if you've been building something, but then you have to fight a predator, and can't even tell that your hammer is only 1 hit away from breaking. As far as break or dismantle, I would at least like to see some kind of listing of what the action will give me. For plants, it would show grass and the seeds. But what do I get if I break an iron hammer? Or if I break a stone chunk? Most of us have been playing a while and have some idea, but new players will have no clue what those buttons do. (And if the button breaks the entire stack it should say "Break All" not just "Break". If it does something different, it should say something different.) I think it's been mentioned a few times before, but yes the crafting menus are not sorting correctly at all right now, which is very annoying.
  5. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #85

    Well, so much for my plans to melt down all the ice cream.
  6. I did something similar in one of my Explore games. I planted a tall tree, then placed a blue crystal on top of it. When the tree grew, the crystal was inside of it, and the tree had a faint blue glow. It was pretty neat.
  7. Yes, we're still enduring the difficult growth process. Eventually there will be more custom game modes, public and private servers of various kinds, and lots more to do in the game. I keep myself engaged for now by giving myself a challenge every time I start a new Explore map. Recently it has included doing as much as I can without leaving the starting island, and building my base at the spawn. One from a few months ago was to build an underground base that was almost invisible from above ground. (The only sign of the base was the protective barrier and a ladder going down into a hole. And that base was large enough to grow tall conifers inside of it.)
  8. Indomitus

    Warship Castilla

  9. Indomitus

    Command Line Mapping Tool

    Working on an update for this tool: 1. Fixing "m" command which was accidentally not implemented in the code. (oops) 2. Adding a "here" option that can be used in place of X and Z coordinates for "map" and "m" commands. The option would use the player's location as the coordinates. 3. Moving command information window to right side of screen so it does not conflict with the new chat window. Any suggestions or requests would be welcome. edit: I'm also curious about translating it to other languages, to make it a little easier for non English speakers to use.
  10. Indomitus

    I love 0.13, its been awesome, thanks!

    The caves are much better, I think. I'm not liking all the small islands, and I really liked seeing jagged rocky shores sometimes. Hopefully the new algorithms still allow for them, and it's just not fine-tuned yet. The cliff faces right next to the water are really nice (I'm a digger, love to tunnel into a cliff face to make my base) but I kind of feel it shifted from always having a mountain right in the center to always having them at the shore instead.
  11. I know this happens for the stone hammer. Have not tested the other hammers yet. Every time I activate the hammer, it gives a message about not deconstructing objects outside the "active zone." I know this refers to the protective barrier, but it is a strange message to show EVERY time the hammer is selected. edit: I also does this when using the War Hammer, so it does seem to affect all of them.
  12. I think the YGT file is more important for games where the server would reset each time. It's a template. Certain competitive games like Gold Rush, or some of the game modes that P1 has been working on, would need a fresh map to restart from. For a map that's just a custom Explore world, it might work just to create the ylandsgame file and upload that, since it wouldn't need to reset every time. I only used an explore map because I wanted something quickly to work with and try to learn how to run my server.
  13. I did notice that their web form to edit that file is out of date, only allowing Explore and Creative as session types. As a result of that, I was forced to edit the file directly. This might be an issue for us to discuss with the hosting service.
  14. Indomitus

    Ability to change crafting recipes

    Neat idea. I wonder if they could implement it almost like the Entity Template, but extended to be able to specify ingredients and needed tools, and make it show up in the crafting screen, maybe under a custom crafting group. Kind of a Crafting Template.
  15. Is either Nitrado or the game itself overwriting DsConfig.json? I followed these instructions precisely, using a simple test map, just an Explore map generated in the Editor then exported. For the path to my ygt file I used the PrivilegeFilePath, since it is the same location. For this export, there was only the ygt file. I joined my server (with a password of course) and instead of loading me into the map I uploaded, it has started a new Creative map. The map it loads is 1 completely flat island, Arid biome, in Creative mode. I logged out, and turned off the server. The DsConfig.json file was changed somehow. Before starting my server: After starting my server (before I stopped it again): I am attaching logs from the server. This includes the "old_1_log_clean.txt" and a few others from previous attempts today. I've also attached the game files, if that would help. session_logs.zip game_files.zip