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  1. Indomitus

    Crafting very unintuitive

    I agree that crafting right now is kind of a mess. The categories need to be revised. Adding a Workstations category (could be combined with tools) and a Storage Containers category would be good. Those can be hard to find. Having some way to view or search recipes based on ingredients would be helpful. If a recipe requires a workstation, let us click the workstation name to view its recipe, like we can with the other ingredients. Having a way to "pin" recipes would be helpful. We used to be able to mark them as favorites, but that feature went away several UI upgrades past. How about letting us mark them as favorites, and group them under a dynamic Favorites category in the menu? Let it be persistent for the player, across all sessions. The dynamic categories (Recently Crafted and Recently Learned) do not sort correctly. In fact, they do not sort at all.
  2. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #75

    Is there any plan/possibility for the chat to include voice?
  3. Indomitus

    Need Help with re-spawning Plants

    I've noticed that if you select an entity, or a label containing entities, the list of events will automatically filter itself to only the ones that apply to those items.
  4. Indomitus

    0.12 Update first impressions

    I'm enjoying quite a lot of the improvements that were made, especially in the editor and VS. I've not been in MP for a long time, so I can't say much about that part. There are a couple parts of the UI that I don't like, but most of those are just nitpicking. A few are legitimate complaints. One big complaint I have is that we can no longer drag items to other slots within a single container. I can't speak for anyone else, but I like to keep my storage organized. If I have a chest with (for example) iron ingot, copper ingot, and other metal items, I prefer to keep them grouped together visually to make them easier to find. This means I'm dragging items to other slots to make room for items being added. I do this with containers in my inventory as well, like moving around seeds in my seed box so that they're together by type, such as trees, food plants, resource plants, and alchemy plants. And not being able to drag them also prevents us from combining partial stacks without first removing them from the container, which is a minor inconvenience but still annoying. Keeping it all organized becomes a big puzzle requiring extra storage space to juggle all the items we're having to move around.
  5. Indomitus

    Sea things in the air

    I've seen this as well, and I've noticed some sections of coast with half-buried corals and nothing else visible (I assume they were below the terrain). I think the placement algorithm for those items is miscalculating the Y value somehow.
  6. Indomitus

    New version should have the same GUID?

    That makes it difficult to maintain multiple versions of a game. We would have to directly copy the file out of the Scenarios folder to prevent the ID from being altered.
  7. Indomitus

    Equiping to hotbar

    It sounds like what's needed/wanted is something similar to what we now have for the body slots: being able to equip to a specific hotbar slot, and even to lock/unlock what is equipped in that slot. As a bonus, it would be also be nice to be able to make a specific item/slot the active item, and lock/unlock it (for example, forcing a player to visibly carry a flag in a Capture the Flag game).
  8. I seem to recall before, if the listener was set to trigger after, then it would return strange coordinates once the item was in the player's inventory. Of course, now it doesn't look like it has the trigger before/after option anymore. If your items are plants that the player is harvesting (a garden of flax, for example) then I just tried using ON COLLECTING, and it seemed to return the right coordinates. I just had it play a particle effect for my test, but it was in the right place. It doesn't work for picking up regular items, though.
  9. For books, and for papers (set to unique) with text on them, the ON READING event does not trigger at all. This is true for the event available within the entity, as well as the Event Listener event.
  10. Indomitus

    Equiping to hotbar

    If you're equipping them entirely in script, spawn each item into inventory first, capturing it into a variable, then use the variable to equip that item immediately. Pay close attention to the order that you do them, and you can plan exactly which hotbar slot they'll appear in. I put this code into a Lever, and it put the Hammer in #2, the Axe in #3, and the Spade in #4.
  11. I encountered this same bug earlier today. I ultimately typed the name in a text editor then copy/pasted it, but at least there is a workaround until they fix it.
  12. Indomitus

    Command Line Mapping Tool

    Have not tried that. It would be interesting to see if the map functions when equipped for an NPC. If it works, I could make this go even faster, because I wouldn't be fighting against the game loading and unloading chunks of terrain. edit: I gave it a quick test, and no, I don't think the map is activated when an NPC is carrying it. It specifically has to be in a player's hotbar to function.
  13. Indomitus

    Command Line Mapping Tool

    Are you working on a map for your server? Need a full map of all the islands so you can plan where things will go? Here's your tool. https://workshop.ylands.com/asset/1080 How to use it (or what I consider the best way): - Drop the composition into your scenario, next to the spawn point. - Export the scenario to a local single-player game. (DO NOT use this on a server or with multiplayer!) - Make a note of the island locations, from the "GO TO" menu. Screenshot it, or write them down. Whatever works. - Start a copy of that exported game. (This will save your revealed map in that save file, for any time you need to see it.) - Pick up the map to activate it, and start mapping your islands one by one, using their coordinates as the X and Z values. - Once your islands are mapped, the tool can also help you teleport around and explore, as you decide where you'll place your buildings and landmarks. **Don't forget to delete it back out of your scenario before you publish it. What is it doing? It's basically picking up your Ylander and throwing them across the map at super-high speeds. It's safer than it sounds. Mostly. Important notes: The size of a map square is limited by the code to 2500 meters across. Since the mapping "flight" itself is resource-intensive, blocks larger than that could cause problems. In reality, 1000 to 1500 should be more than large enough to reveal an entire island. A 1500 meter square should take about 3 minutes to reveal, including the occasional pause to let the game rest a bit and catch up (so it doesn't crash). A whole map can be done in less than an hour. No Ylanders were harmed in the making of this tool. The boar did get a few bruises, though.
  14. Indomitus

    Very cool new additions to the Ylands editor!

    Finding all kinds of interesting little details in the Visual Scripting. For example, the sound effects list now has buttons to preview the sounds. And the tile used to join two pieces of text? Click on it and you can expand it to more than 2 items on a single tile. Very nice. And they've finally given us the ability to change the name of the variable in a FOR EACH loop. No more "Item, Item 1, Item 2, Item 3" garbage. All kinds of neat new toys to play with in the Editor. Is that testing from inside the Editor, or actually exporting it and starting a game with it to try it out? Just curious.
  15. Indomitus

    Map view in editor

    For X coordinates (East/West) the negative values are Left/West on the map. For Z coordinates (North/South) negative values are Down/South on the map. When I need to map islands in a scenario, I will start a copy of it as a game, with a few specific tools added to help with mapping. That way, the revealed map will always be stored with that game if I need it. A Creator Cube, propeller pack, map (of course) are all useful for this. And for mine I've created a mapping tool that uses code to fly the player around the map based on entered coordinates, mapping entire blocks of the map automatically. It's slow, but not as slow as doing it by hand. I need to optimize it and clean it up so it can be shared.