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  1. Indomitus

    Server Mod Pack

    I had a thought about mod features. (I would have responded in Discord but I'm at work.) You might already have something that does this, and since I haven't run a server myself (yet) I'm just guessing at how useful it would be. So the admins would already have a creator cube they can use to spawn items as needed, which covers most needs. How about a command to randomly spawn resources in bulk? I'm thinking they could go to a location, set a distance from their position (radius), choose a resource (such as sticks, rocks, flint, or certain plants) and set an amount, then the script would use Raycast to spawn that many randomly within that area all at once. To prevent it from spawning in water, it could restrict to only Y>0.
  2. To kind of backtrack a little, if you only want to detect PvP damage, you can set both to "Any Player". (I got a little caught up in my specific settings, since I'm detecting all damage.) ...this is mostly for the sake of other players who need to learn how to do it, and find this thread.
  3. 1. Set your Event Listener to "Interaction Between 2 Entities." Set Trigger Object to "Any Entity" and Target Object to "Any Player". You can now select ON DAMAGE as the event. 2. In the On Damage event, my system checks if the Target Entity (damaged player) has a specific Entity Storage, then passes the info to that for the calculations. 3. The first thing to check is the Trigger Entity. You can use the "Is Entity" tile to verify it's an object (and not the ground) which will narrow it down to other players or animals (and maybe cars?)... OR check it against an array such as the list of players in a Role or Label. My system adjusts for all damage, depending on what caused it, so I have script for both.
  4. It's easier than that. I'll post screenshots after work.
  5. There is a way to rig an event listener to capture ON DAMAGE for players. I have one in use as part of a custom hit point system in one of my game modes I'm working on. I'll have to look it over when I get home, but I do know it can be done.
  6. Indomitus

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    I've got a functional test for the game up and running (or at least, it works fine in local single-player; multiplayer features still need to be tested). With my schedule, I doubt I'd be able to sync up with anybody to try it out before this weekend. Teams start off randomized, but as even as possible. If there's an odd number, the "Crew" team will get the extra player. Specific rooms and parts of the ship are "claimed" for a team by flipping a lever (the full version would have something more sophisticated). Points add up over time, and some locations are worth a little more than others. The player gets credit for those points, as well as the team. You can't claim a location that's already controlled by your team, just to get the points. Player points are per team. If you earn points as Crew, but then become a Mutineer, your Crew points don't go with you. But if you change back, that score will still be there. Players can also earn points (for themselves and their team) by stealing from the other team. Mutineers steal weapons from the Armory, and Crew steal treasure from the Treasure Hold. Each team has a stronghold room, that the other team can't enter. In that room, they can heal (manually, at a cost of points) and turn in their stolen items for points. The damage system is customized. Players do not take actual damage from falling or being hit. Instead, a hit from another another player costs one hit point and a fall will cost hit points based on what the actual damage would have been (divided by 40, if I recall correctly). Players start with 5 points. You can regain hit points in your team's stronghold, with bandages supplied there. 1 bandage = add 1 hit point = cost 5 points for player and team. If your hit points go to 0, you are teleported depending on how the last point was lost. If it was from a fall, you're teleported to your team's stronghold. If it was from an attack, you are sent to the attacker's team's jail. This will happen even if they are on your team, and you can be accidentally captured by "friendly fire." After teleporting, you will have 1 hit point and any stolen item you're carrying will be gone. Anybody can release prisoners from either jail, as long as they're not on the inside of it. And you can't just release one prisoner. It's all or none. If you're captured by your own team, it will increase your chance of being asked to change teams, by 10%. It will also increase by 10% for each minute you spend sitting in jail (either jail). You'll only get the question if you're in a jail. It checks the odds once per minute, and will stop asking if you agree to change. The % chance will only decrease if you agree to change. I might add code to increase the chance per hit from a teammate. The game ends after 20 minutes, or if everyone on one side is captured (in either jail). If the timer runs out, the team with more points wins. If someone drops out of the game, it will do a "JailRoster" check just in case they were the last one for their team. You can see your points and both teams' points, but not the points of other individual players. And nobody can see how many are on each team until the very end. The player on the winning team with the highest points becomes the new Captain. You're competing against the other team, and also against your own teammates at the same time. The rough layout kind of mimics a ship, but right now it's just a big box with the different rooms and locations. It should be enough for a quick test. A full version would get much more attention to detail. Edit for a quick extra comment: I have it set to be Mobile-compatible, and it should allow cross-platform play if I have the settings correct.
  7. Indomitus

    Can my buddy build within my barrier?

    If you delete your barrier, you will not be able to deconstruct anything in that space and it will be very difficult to replace it. Yes it can be annoying, but turning it off and on is the better way.
  8. Indomitus

    Editor Request - Entity/Logic Storage

    STORAGE OWNER. It triggers every time something is added. This means that specific entity or logic will be available to reference right from the creation of that instance of the Storage. It's basically a template of itself, and the scripts run in each separate instance on whatever you attach them to, not in the original.
  9. Indomitus

    Editor Request - Entity/Logic Storage

    You can use the ON CREATE event for the storage. I just tested with an Entity Storage, and it triggered once for every item I added it to. (I set up an event listener to watch for animals being spawned, and add the storage to each one. In On Create I had it output a simple message each time. I dropped a cube into the scenario, and started adding animals.)
  10. Indomitus


    In Sandbox mode you have only 1 island. Explore mode will give you more islands to find and explore.
  11. Indomitus

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    Over the weekend I started putting together a rough version of it, just to test the concept. (It's the scenario where I encountered the bug with changing roles, and I decided to use a different method to track player teams.) The main challenge I think is going to be to build it in a way that can preserve the mystery of who is on which team as much as possible, while still letting them achieve team goals and get points. For locations that are captured, there needs to be a way to tell who controls it. At the same time, a player should be able to capture it without anyone knowing it was them, if they want to be sneaky. I'm building the rough version with enclosed rooms, and flags inside to show which team controls it. The only exceptions would be the Helm and the Crow's Nest, which won't be enclosed. They might be worth more points, but more risk of being seen (and risk of falling from the Crow's Nest). And I'm thinking of adding a few conditions where a player can change teams, such as captured by the other team but then staying there for a long time before rescue. Maybe later in the game, it could be a direct offer instead of capture? I don't want it to be something the player can trigger directly, though. edit... I'm curious about the other game mode you have in mind. The concept would work for a few different ideas, like the TTT game mode in Gmod.
  12. I wasn't sure whether to put this one in the general or editor bugs section, but I encountered it in the Editor, so here it is. In my scenario, I have 2 player roles. While testing, I fell (jumped; I was testing something) from a high point and died from the fall. I was offered the option to change roles. I decided to try it and see what happened. This is what I respawned to see: It was a little gruesome watching my own ragdoll corpse thrash around due to the collision with the stone on top of it. Aside from reporting the bug, I also have a request: Remove "Change Role" as an automatic option on player death. Let us set an option when we create the scenario, or better yet, just let us build it if we want it, since we have Custom UI to do it. It's bugged and could easily break a game design. Just take it out. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  13. Indomitus

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    Yeah I want to see it get made, too. That's why I'm opening it up to the community. I have a bad habit of leaving games incomplete. This one sounds like too much fun to leave it to that fate. I guess this is just becoming a brainstorming thread for me, though. I realized, since each action that earns points can be traced to a specific player, the game can track individual points as well as team points. It could even be tracked for the player per team if they've changed sides at any point. When the game ends, the player with the highest points could be "MVP" or something like that (or "Captain"). That could motivate individual players to actively participate in the various objectives. Following the theme, the individual score could be labeled "your share of the treasure" or something like that. Game setup could be that the Captain is missing, and the remaining crew are fighting for control. Highest scoring player on the winning team becomes the new Captain at the end of the game.
  14. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #108

    It would be nice if the algorithm allowed for the possibility of a large island sometimes being an archipelago instead, or a medium island with a few small bits of land offshore.
  15. Indomitus

    A game idea that I had yesterday: "Mutiny"

    Just to add a few more random thoughts... - the Crew have to defend the Armory. The Mutineers have to defend the treasure in the hold. Each team gets points for stealing from the other team's room. This gives them specific objectives that can reveal which team they are on, and help drive the rest of the game. - each team would have a "stronghold" room, near to what they have to defend and their team's holding cell (jail). Only members of that team can enter the room (use logic for that). Their jail and armory/treasure room would be outside of it (so the other team can steal or release prisoners). They have to enter it to gain the points for anything they've stolen from the other team. - there could be specific parts of the ship that a team can claim control of, such as a map room or the helm, and the team gains points for the amount of time those parts are held by their team. this would help drive direct confrontation between them.