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  1. Indomitus

    Sound effects: male vs female

    Why do I always miss the most obvious answers? lol
  2. Since we can't tell whether a Ylander is male or female, we need a way to choose whether to use male or female sound effects such as "HURT MALE" or "HURT FEMALE". As it is now, we have to simply choose one to apply to all players. I think that the best way would be to reduce it to "HURT PLAYER" and let the game choose the correct sound.
  3. I used CTRL+double click to select multiple of the same type of object. The selection included entities that were not currently loaded. When I pressed F to focus, I was thrown completely out of the map (I got the "leaving Ylands" message) and a few moments later the game crashed. I this specific case, it was a submarine wreck, so there would only be a few across the map, but far enough apart that they would not all be loaded together. When looking at ways to fix this, could you consider an option to cycle through the selected items if the count is low enough? (Kind of a "focus on next") Also maybe an option to restrict selection to loaded objects only. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. Indomitus

    Storing player data across play sessions

    For it to be portable between servers, something would have to be stored locally on the player's machine.
  5. I have a scenario I'm building, and ideas for others, that would use a custom UI to show game information. For some parts, I want to use symbols rather than words to make it more universal. While exploring this I found that some Unicode characters display correctly while others don't. Is this more dependent on the player's system, or the game? And are there any possible guidelines for which ones would work, or will we have to just try them to find out?
  6. Indomitus

    Storing player data across play sessions

    If they decide to allow storing inventory data, then it would have to be encrypted in some way or those servers would have trolls with Creator Cubes all over the place.
  7. Indomitus

    How high can a player jump

    From standing: roughly 0.5m vertical Jumping while moving forward, which includes pressing jump as soon as you begin moving: roughly 1.3m vertical
  8. Indomitus

    How high can a player jump

    This could probably be calculated using some test scripts.
  9. Indomitus

    Storing player data across play sessions

    Seems like a feature that could be exploitable, especially if it's stored in plain text.
  10. Indomitus

    Only ignots in unlit smelting furnance

    Copper wire and steel rod are made in the Foundry workstation. My German is very bad, but Google says this translates to "die Gießerei". It seems it is telling you to use the wrong station. Perhaps the game translation is incorrect?
  11. Indomitus

    This game is free for a few days!

    Wow. If I didn't already have it I would get it. Slime Rancher is loads of fun, by the way, and the story mode elements are great without getting in the way of the open world. Highly recommended. I'd be playing it now if Ylands hadn't stolen me away.
  12. Just a couple days ago I started some basic sketches on something similar to that. My version uses guns/projectile weapons, though. Not to kill, though. Kind of like with Juggernaut, a hit teleports the player rather than killing them. I'm basing mine on one of the GTA5 game modes I've seen played on Youtube. There would be obstacles and objects that provide cover, as well pitfalls and dangers, like trap doors, that the shooters can trigger by hitting specific targets. I'm looking at 2 teams. One team is shooting while the other is climbing, and they trade off. There is a time limit to get to the top, and if a climber is hit or takes damage for any reason they are teleported back to the start. Debating on whether to use muskets or bow and arrow for the weapon. Needs to be a slow reload, and a challenge for both teams. The amount of damage the weapon does is irrelevant. Had a thought about that one: How about the teams being able to buy and deploy their own cannons? I have a simple script already put together that does it, just hung up on the cannon rotation when it's deployed (friggin' 3D maths!).
  13. Indomitus

    Scripting in Survial?

    Can't add logic objects to an Explore Mode map. You can add script to entities in the scene, but you can't add any logic objects. Also can't import any entities that already have logic in them. The Editor will specifically remove the script from it.
  14. Indomitus

    Why Ylands update 0.12 will be a game-changer

    Absolutely looking forward to 0.12. I actually have a potential minigame idea on hold, waiting for some of the anticipated logic additions. That odd icon at the top could be blueprints, maybe?
  15. Indomitus

    Trigger zone visibility

    Could we have a way to toggle visibility for trigger zones via script? Being able to change the color could be useful as well.