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  1. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #103

    Looks fantastic. My main question is this: Will the current "explore" mode still be available, in the Editor at least? Will this new Explore mode be available in the Editor, or do the random encounters cause issues with that?
  2. Indomitus

    What would your "hardcore mode" look like?

    A full water world sounds interesting. I was thinking more in general, a hard mode for Ylands Explore but that does sound like a challenge to build and play. Sounds like a specialized hard mode, kind of like Skyblocks is for Minecraft. Is yours for multiplayer or is it a single player challenge? Mobile or PC? As always I'm open to helping, time and attention span permitting.
  3. Indomitus

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-20141] Feature or bug?

    I feel you may be underestimating my ability to beach a ship.
  4. I've been giving this some thought, as I work on ideas for putting up my own private explore server. (It won't be full hardcore, but it will have limitations such as no gunpowder and no Ylandium.) For me, a hardcore survival mode would look like this: Stronger predators. Higher HP and attack damage. Larger detection areas. Line-of-sight detection if possible. (Plus more improved AI, which I think BI is still working on.) More predators. More dense populations and higher respawn rate. Handicapping if the player doesn't get enough sleep. Slower speeds. Higher hunger rates. Lower attack damage. In other words: Get some sleep! Very dark nights. (This is why I asked about it in the other thread.) Aggressive predators at night. Challenging Research Tree for recipes rather than the auto-learn Ylands currently has. No Ylandium. No gunpowder. Resources would be buried more, less obvious on the surface. Some kind of handicap or penalty for death/respawn. Lose all learned recipes? Or lose any points you made toward the next Research unlock? Drop keys and maps as well? Not sure, but there would be something. Some of these are things we can build in custom scripts. Others would need help from the devs. I've been doing a little work on a Research Tree structure for the game. I designed a series of "Research Table" workstations for gaining points, and so on. The main problem is that I would have to list nearly every recipe in the game somewhere in the script to manage them all, which is insane.
  5. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #102

    Using the Interior game logic could be a problem if we want it over an entire island. Or multiple islands and the water between them. For larger effects, it would be better implemented as a "weather" option or something like along those lines.
  6. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #102

    Looks fantastic. Will it be possible for us to make our custom games completely dark at night if the game calls for it?
  7. Indomitus

    RESOLVED [YLD-18107] Infinite resources

    My feelings on that news are, of course, mixed. But it had to be done.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. I've been away from the game for some time. I set up a simple scenario to demonstrate (not a full game idea, just showing the issue): I put in a selection of different containers, and an Event Listener. The Event Listener is set to listen for players interacting with the Entity Class CONTAINERS. It simply shows a Warning message with each event that is detected. The events will trigger when the chests are opened and closed, and when the player used "E" to open the coal basket or seed box. They do not trigger for me when any of the Car Trunk entities are opened or closed. I've attached the Scenario file (not exported). CAR TRUNK CONTAINER DEMO.zip
  9. Indomitus

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18643] Too many friend requests?

    Don't the logs start when the game starts? They reset when you exit and restart the game. They should cover the entire time you had it running, including menus and all play modes.
  10. I've seen it too and I've gotten into the habit of using that one as my "new" each time if it's near the top of the list. First time it did it for me was when I started a blank scenario then opened one of my Explore maps to fix something. The blank scenario auto-saved apparently. Weird thing is, if I open that "saved" blank scenario, add something into it, then click Save, it will prompt for a new name.
  11. I saw this same issue. As far as I've been able to tell, it happens as soon as you have both a rock (large, medium, or small) and an event listener, and you reference the rock in the event listener. As soon as you do that, the whole scenario goes nuts. Every other logic and entity will have that same problem. The good news- if you have other things in that scenario- is it should stop if the rock and event listener are removed, and you exit/save and reopen your scenario. Bad news, of course, is right now we can't put listeners on those rocks until they fix it.
  12. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #99

    So it could be different for each player? In a battle game, for example, if a player is knocked out, could we move them to a neutral area, and set their camera to follow a player that's still active? Or attach the camera to an object that they can control and "fly" around the scene? This sounds like it's going to be a fun feature to experiment with. Can it follow logic objects? (Invisible, and no collision, for a true spectator mode.)
  13. Indomitus

    Allow people to trade Coyns

    For situations like this, it might be more difficult to manage, but easier to prevent abuse, if there were a way to allow multiple accounts to participate on a single transaction. For example, on a recurring 1000 coyn transaction for something, Player A could commit 250 of that, Player B could commit 250, and Player C could commit 500 of it. The transaction would only be successful if all have the amount that they have specifically committed to it, maybe with an option for others in the group to pay the difference if one falls short. Would also want an option for one or all of them to cancel their specific portion and walk away if they want, and notifications for whoever still have coyns committed. Not simple from the standpoint of programming and data logistics, but less prone to abuse. (for example, they would probably have to implement some kind of "hold" on pending amounts if only one part of a multiple-account transaction fails, which could get messy pretty fast)
  14. There are certainly a lot of concerns that come up, from copyright to format compatibility, asset upload/download size, and even the possibility of abuse by some creators. The copyright question is especially complicated, given that the game is released internationally. And the size of the sound assets could cause new performance issues to come up. Not saying it's impossible. I just wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.
  15. Indomitus

    In Game Mailboxes

    If it's scripted it would actually be much easier to deliver to a specific player, by either putting the message directly on screen or writing the text to a blank paper on demand, and not just leaving them in a box. It could even work similarly to the Ender Chest script I wrote not long ago, where anyone can open the chest, but only see their own items inside it.