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  1. Could we then request an overlay within the designer for the Custom Window, similar to what is in the other one, showing the locations of standard screen elements? It would help us design around them. (Please include an option to show standard Mobile Controls.)
  2. Indomitus

    RESOLVED How do I disable cloths in my mini-game

    I remember seeing this option when I was tinkering in the Editor yesterday.
  3. Indomitus

    UI Tools Suggestions

    There is a tile to reference the Widget using its position offset from its parent item. GET CHILD lets you link to the parent widget, but retrieve the child widget #1, or #2, or #3, and so on, to use it or modify it. I already have that built into some code for a list I want to show onscreen, coming from an array. Using the absolute ID number would probably be more of a pain than using the names.
  4. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #95

    Whose birds are gone? Mine are just fine. Local SP (literally just checked) and just the other day on P1's NA server, I used them to find islands.
  5. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #95

    Explore is still there and just fine for the PC. It's not going anywhere, even though it sounds like it's getting an overhaul. On the main screen, look for this button on the left side.
  6. When I place any of the decorative Rock entities, Object Properties and Edit Script both bring up windows showing other items, and the windows themselves don't behave right. The second screenshot shows the properties for an Event Listener. TWICE. This is an event listener that I deleted from a PREVIOUS scenario, not even the current one. It just seems to show the most recent non-bugged item. And when I try to Edit Script on one of the rocks, it causes everything else in the Editor to do the same even if they didn't do it before. Every Entity and Logic starts to show the same bug. Only a game restart clears it. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  7. Indomitus

    Typical day in Ylands MP games.

    The jail I have in mind is really for punishing unwanted player behavior, not a gameplay feature. And good luck digging out of mine. It's several hundred meters in the air. And why even have a jail when you can just ban them? Well, it can be connected to logic that can auto-detect certain things, like attacking other players or their tamed horses. A few hits on another player might earn them a few minutes in that limbo, with time increasing with each infraction. The hope there is that they will learn. If not, it can also save their infraction history so an Admin can make a decision next time they're online. (30 minutes was kind of an extreme example. By that point, they'd hopefully be gone already.)
  8. Indomitus

    Typical day in Ylands MP games.

    I haven't encountered any griefers yet, but I've only just returned to online play a few weeks ago, and I've been really careful about avoiding other players while I gather supplies and get off the spawn island as fast as I can. Been giving a lot of thought to admin capabilities, and even started building a "jail". In what I have so far, the prisoner's time only elapses while they're actually online. If they're sentenced to 30 minutes, then they have to sit and stare at nothing for 30 minutes before they can rejoin the game. Unstuck and Killme not only do not work to free them, but such attempts will start their time over. While in the jail they are set to invincible, so they can't kill each other. All of their belongings are confiscated, and maybe returned after release (still thinking over that part). The only issue is with them blocking sleep requests. One thing that would be nice is if Admin players could do things about barriers that are causing problems. Turn them off, delete them, completely disable them, make changes inside them even when activated, whatever. I wonder if a despawn command would work on one that's been activated, but that would have to be tested in MP with willing test subjects.
  9. I hope they fix this soon. I really want to play online, but what's the point of building anything if the servers time out constantly (and why always when I'm sailing) and maps have to be replaced so often.
  10. Indomitus

    How to work with the new UI tools?

    Important difference between the new HUD and the old UI is that the new HUD is specifically separate for each player. If there is something you want to show the same for all, then you have to loop and set it for each one. (Unless I'm missing some universal command or player enum that would do it all at once.) Custom HUD is simply for displaying the player's information. The Custom Window has elements the player can interact with, such as entering text, and clicking buttons. For both they can be turned on or off, and items or groups within them can be turned on or off.
  11. Indomitus

    Making a tutorial for Ylands

    One thing that's not very intuitive is that they can break things to get something they might need. Paper from books, or seeds from plants, for example.
  12. Indomitus

    Dev Diary #95

    If the islands are going to be more diverse and interesting, that might compensate for it a little. A current map might have 12 islands, but they're basically identical except for the shape. If you've seen one Taiga, you've seen them all. Still, though, it is disappointing to hear.
  13. Just made my way to an Arid island on my local map, and noticed that one of the Palm trees, instead of swaying side-to-side in the wind, expands and contracts, and looks like it's breathing. (Pretty sure it's just deforming in the wrong direction.) I've only found one type of tree that does it (so far). It's the palm with 2 separate trunks, and it looks like it's affecting every one of that type. This one I'm standing at in this shot:
  14. Indomitus

    Dynamic Terrain

    One suggestion to how they could make an idea like this work somewhat easily: Introduce a second type of Protective Barrier. It would be Editor-only, and allow for configuring what players can or can't do while inside it. Meaning we could allow the players to build in and around it, allow their barriers to overlap it, but we could turn off things like digging, looting bushes, picking plants, sawing trees, or things like that, for anyone inside it.
  15. Indomitus

    Interview Ynterview #4 - Aleš

    In response to his answer on the bonus question... Ylands without flying sharks?!? WHAAAAAT?