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  1. Christal

    FRANÇAIS - Localisation

    Déapparaître Entité is not correct for the Spawn Entity tile. Faire Disparaître Entité makes sense. PROGRESSION JOUEUR DANS LE MAGASIN in the game options is to be replaced by STOCKE LA PROGRESSION DU JOUEUR (stores is translated here by "magasin", which means shop) Thank you!
  2. Christal

    Editor-Paint bug

    Hmm but the brush size didn't have much importance since the painting area was rather precise before 1.5... Therefore, we have the impression of painting like an elephant
  3. Christal

    Editor-Paint bug

    up, to open a ticket
  4. Christal

    Dishonored Build- Addermire Institute

    Great work that promises an impressive build!
  5. Christal

    3rd Q&A with Aleš

    pfff yes I also follow and feed Reddit, just like Steam they can be harsh... Just be attentive but not overly receptive, they don't mince their words Here know that we support you
  6. Christal

    3rd Q&A with Aleš

    Ocnog I know I said it before in discord but I want everyone to realize here too. You do an amazing job for all of us! ?
  7. Christal

    Dev Diary #170 1.6 is out

    welcome aboard Nikki! Glad to have you with us
  8. Christal

    RESOLVED [YLD-29868] Stuck on infinite loading screen

    No Spirit, I got no notification ?
  9. Rotating or just moving a group seems to change the rotation of blocks for some reason (this also happens with single blocks). However, the group axis remains the same. Here are some videos to better explain it. It's very annoying
  10. Christal


    We are glad you enjoy it! I love your little house that I had the opportunity to see up close (although there were not all these details yet)! Shallow water is on our list of things to improve, and regarding endless resources it seems like the timers stop working at some point for some reason. We will eventually find a solution to fix it Have fun!
  11. Christal

    My Last (official) Post

    I wish you great new adventures ☺️Thank you for everything you gave to the community, we will miss you a lot Adam
  12. Christal

    Farewell for Adam

    We wish you much success for the future Adam ?
  13. Christal

    Dev Diary #161 - New Ship Type

    Thank you for everything you have brought to the community, you will be sorely missed. The news yesterday rang like a cannon ball, but I'm glad you're heading on new adventures! You were a manager full of humor, attentive, patient, always ready to help and I often imagined you in the BI offices running from one office to another to get information and communicate it to us ? I will end with a huge THANK YOU, I wish you the best for the future, Major General ?
  14. Christal

    Dev Diary #159 - Ylands Creators Competition Winners

    ☺️Congratulations to all of you who participated, I saw incredible games!
  15. Christal

    Key Binding... - Lefty Rage!

    Hi Adam I also send you my logs, having the same problem as ComR. output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt