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  1. Christal

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Wow @YadNiMonde it makes us extremely happy ... Glad you like our servers, it's true that we put a lot of heart into it but we are happy to see the enthusiastic players. Above all, we want to offer the best possible gaming experience, combining survival, exploration and difficulty. Thank you again, this kind of message makes us want to continue !!
  2. Christal

    Nitrado Woes

    @bojo2736 We haven't attempted to upload to Nitrado yet, although I have been waiting a long time to do so. What exactly does this message mean? I was very enthusiastic but it seems more complicated to me than before.
  3. no crop needs water to grow in Ylands, only time does it
  4. Christal

    Les Tutos de l'éditeur en français

    Très bon travail!
  5. Christal

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    New spawn look, new cars you can try This one isn't available, it's reserved... Sorry guys
  6. Christal

    A special cube

    For these, I mainly used cassava, chalk and rods, but all small items can do the trick
  7. Christal


    An infinite cloud By this sweet morning freshness You can close your eyes...
  8. Christal

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    Be careful if you enter for the first time. This race seems addictive until you win 🏆
  9. Christal

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    We are ready and looking forward to 1.2! 🤩💎
  10. Christal

    ★YWD-Ylands Kart

    Obviously the first tests gave us some surprises and inevitable fails, generally very funny Sinking of cars, the bridge had simply lost its collision 🤔 After a wrong turn, my avatar seems to have found a suitable position... To be beaten at one's own game! No comment Isn't there some kind of revenge here?
  11. Christal

    Dev Diary #117

    How right that is!
  12. I would love to see the moon phases, ideal for some scenarios
  13. Christal

    Share A Screen Shot

    @bojo2736 an extinct species
  14. Christal

    New community, Ylands World Of Dreams

    Happy New Year Ylanders! 🎉🍾