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  1. since yesterday ylands does not terminate when clicking the leave game button. the game shuts down, window closes, and in Steam it shows that its still running. When opening Taskbar the process doesnt even show up , so no chance to kill any process. -> I have to shut down Steam in order to have a button thats saying "waiting for Ylands to shut down" where i can force terminating it. thats very annoying atm: restart Steam in order to restart the game or any other game !? a game not being listed in processes and still somehow running is .... some kind of scary, hopefully gets fixed
  2. DrHase

    RESOLVED Backend request error

    its working now , thanx Adam ?
  3. DrHase

    RESOLVED Backend request error

    same error . its loading to 100% then the backend request error message closes the programm
  4. DrHase

    [COMPLETED] WinterFunV1.0

    thanks a lot Christal & Ocnog ? @Ocnog oh u found Kurt, the weird applauding spectator dressed in muscle shirts, which seems to be never freezing ?
  5. DrHase


    Looks great (and very "polished" as all of your work Christal&Spyler !! ) also its intuitive playable and an awesome idea. enjoyed playing it ?
  6. Hi Everyone ? I would like to present a new map made by HanniNanni & Me (DrHase) called "WinterFun" Its a map with various winter sports and fun activities like Biathlon, Ice Curling, Ski Jumping, a Bobsleigh Track, Snowball Fight with friends & NPCs (plus additional targets), Sledding, Snowboards. Also visit Santa's House, the Elve's Workshops , have a ride by ski lifts, sledge dog and have a flight with Santa's reindeers. There's a lot of other things to explore , also collecting randomly spawned gifts. Have fun !! Here's a slideshow (zip file) : WinterFun.zip Workshop: https://play.ylands.com/asset/8774
  7. DrHase

    [completed} A little fun on Halloween

    hello thanks for all of your positive reactions, it was our first project since we started using the editor some weeks ago ?