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Found 562 results

  1. Today I am unable to upload the game to Workshop at all. I've attached the error message and the log files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  2. Exactly what the title says, when I add new terrains or entities and export using quick export the newly added stuff don't appear in the game when you host it with rental server and join it. The only fix this to this is actually doing the EXPORT & UPLOAD then they appear properly. I am attaching the client side logs here and sending my scenario to @Adam Snellgrove over Discord. Quick Export Bug Logs.zip
  3. 1. I grouped a bunch of game logics and saved as composition. 2. Placed the composition in another game and found that all tiles that were attached to certain trigger zone ON ENTERED are all gone. Also unique grenades ON EXPLODED lost all its tiles as well. Unfortunately I don't have the client logs with me because I loaded the compositions couple days ago thinking that this would just work flawlessly and did not keep the logs there. Is this a known issue? I understand this one is a tricky one to reproduce because.... only a couple out of some 50 logics had this issue happening...
  4. I want to cotinue building with my friend on his sharegame, but it's just endless establishing connection. We tried to restart game/steam/PCs and nothing helped.
  5. I have purchased all types of servers and experimented with my game Guton Forest. Currently Ylands has 3 types of servers: Elementary High Performance Official Dedicated 1. Problem with Elementary server When people join a game that is hosted with Elementary, they can play for some brief minutes until the server kicks you out due to inactivity even though you have been actively playing the whole time. I'm guessing this automatic mechanism was put in to save computation power on economic servers but please find a way to detect player inactivity properly. 2. Problem with High Performance server People play roughly about 40-60 mins and then it says "Server Maintenance" and kicks everyone out again. This consistently happens every time. Hard to believe it would do that when I pay much more money for such "high performance" server... Please I've already spent money on this game and I am willing to continue to do more but these issues definitely have to be fixed.
  6. Hello since the new update I went back to my camp on explore mode and everything has been erased. Since i was not surpised and motivated i made another one. The only thing is i've been playing for at least 3h and i have not seen the sun rise up once ... Any Help please?
  7. Well, basically, if you plant too many plants at the same spot, you just fall through the floor, your ending up at the original spawn and still have your items. Plantbugg.zip
  8. How's it going! I've ran into a wonderfully inconvenient issue that has completely halted progress on weeks of work and potentially corrupted and ruined it. Every time I click on a new entity it will proceed to stack these on one after the next and they are completely empty. This has been causing the editor to unresponsive and I have to force quit the game as it gets stuck in the visual scripter. I have already lost hours and hours of progress due to this issue and now, simply put, it won't go away. Restarts fixed it once and now they don't. As you can see on this wonderful image, this happens every time I click on an entity. Entities that aren't even related cross over these empty boxes of nothing. The worst part is, even upon clicking into the entity that has info stored, those boxes with the clocks(??) still stay there. Unmoving, unwavering, taunting and laughing. Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is the furthest I have made it on a project of mine and now at this rate i'm just demotivated to even keep playing Ylands. This experience has just left me broken because during my time in quarantine this is what i've been focusing on. Thank you!
  9. Hello fellow ylanders out there and devs As the title says, when creating a new map, there is an option called "enable Punch Attack". I know there is a little ? where you "click" to get information about what this option does. But, in my honest opinion the option TEXT is contraditory. It's says Enable punch attack, but what it really does is disabling the generic character punch replacing it with the Wave Emote. This can mislead to people to click it because it says "ENABLE PUNCH ATTACK". In my view, this means "players can use punch melee attack", but what it does is disabling the punch action. This might not seem important, but, It can mislead people. Maybe replace the option text with "Replace punch attack", or something else? (i'm not vey creative for names :D) Sorry, I have to say this, BE SAFE OUT THERE, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND YOURS. Dark times are upon on us.
  10. Just made my way to an Arid island on my local map, and noticed that one of the Palm trees, instead of swaying side-to-side in the wind, expands and contracts, and looks like it's breathing. (Pretty sure it's just deforming in the wrong direction.) I've only found one type of tree that does it (so far). It's the palm with 2 separate trunks, and it looks like it's affecting every one of that type. This one I'm standing at in this shot:
  11. I opened the Editor to work on my Wacky Painters game and noticed that when I ran it as a test, it looked TERRIBLE. Objects were not spawning at their proper rotation (although it's specified in the script, and Get Rotation would report the intended values). Also exterior light was flooding into what is essentially a completely enclosed room. It makes it extremely difficult to do visual design on a game. Editor testing mode: The Steel Rods being used as pixels on the wall are spawned at the wrong rotation, and light is pouring in through the ceiling. Exported (and what it should look like so far): With no changes to the code at all. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  12. Can cut indestructible tree with saw
  13. I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but my game loaded up a tree bent. I don't have any scripts, playable zones or anything that could have affected the tree.
  14. I have created a single player game, but when ever I leave it does not save, none of my equipment is in my inventory and my animals are no longer tame, does anyone know how to save it?
  15. Shadows cast oddly on mobile from trees. Try my Golf game to check this one out. Go to the middle of the map and look around.
  16. The new bloc has a slight shift, Is it a feature ?
  17. Installed Ylands trial into Program Files (x86). Run the launcher from the shortcut and the .exe from inside the (x86) folder. Ran as administrator. Verified that the "Target" and "Start in" fields were correct. When the launcher is ran, it seems like it tries to load but nothing happens. Any help is appreciated!
  18. So, it took me a few worlds to finally find the Far East biome naturally. As some may know, getting off the starter yland can take an hour at best (without paddling around on a dinky little raft, that is). So by the time I've seen the biome of every other yland, I've sunk in several hours. To not have a single Far East yland in three separate worlds is... 'frustrating', you could say. I have found a Far East yland, finally, but one of the devs on Steam requested the savegame file of a world without one. Not quite sure where to post that... (Side notes, not sure if related or not: some of the new recipes aren't showing up for me, and the 'keep inv on death' option doesn't seem to work.)
  19. I've found that, any time I want to explore an island without having to deal with predators or enemies, I simply get a horse. They won't react to your presense at all, until you dismount. ...and can we PLEASE fix the horse AI so they're not crowding around the player as if it's a celebrity autograph session? That's so irritating I've started killing them.
  20. Horses are sometimes invisible for other players and names of players are flashing when riding.
  21. I found a bit of weirdness. If you place a candle and make it unpickable, when it's lit it is pickable. If you place a lit candle and make it unpickable, it is pickable as soon as the flame goes out. I assume this is because "candle" and "lighted candle" are two different items in the editor. Either way, you can't have unpickable candles.
  22. Hello, I just started playing your game again after a year and was trying to make some of my builds I did in the editor and add them in compositions but I could not. I had to make a folder for it cause I had a friend make one of my builds into a composition and after I added the folder and put it in it worked. But I still can not create a composition. can you help me please. Oh also love how the game has come along since I last play it over a year ago, great job guys. ROOMIE BUILDS.zip
  23. Почему не активна кнопка next step после загрузки файла YCA в workshop ?
  24. For some reason the lighting within the game of my local file is completely different from the lighting within the uploaded version of the game on the workshop. It's particularly noticeable with light source entities such as lanterns and crystals. @Adam Snellgrove Local File: Workshop File: