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  1. Hi, thanks you for your answer. I dont really need the other parts, i'll either wait for the fix or craft them. I just wanted report this bug. thanks again
  2. Hello, As the title imply, the key for the tower sphere chest does not work. I got it from the submarine (a pain to find...) on the same map without any issue, but now i can't get the last 2 pieces. I found a post suggesting that this may be a bug since 1.9 concerning Floating box key as well. Unless i missed some changes as i didn't explore much in 1.9, thanks for fixing this bug.
  3. Lly Vress

    Old Ylands Talk

    Damage (...death) from falling trees...
  4. I have the same issue, and can confirm that unsummoning the ship allow to respawn at the last location for me too.
  5. Lly Vress

    RESOLVED Regular crashes while playing

    Hi, I played for a few hours and so far no crashes. Thanks a lot for your reply and the patches.
  6. Hi, Since the last update i'm having regular crashes with sometimes several minutes of gameplay lost. I did notice that most crashes occurred not long after an alt+tab for web browsing and such, or when using Spotify. I have a dual sreen setup and i tried both windowed en fullsscreen mode, but the game still crash. Although the windowed mode tend to crash less (just my impression though) Log files attached : output_log_clean.txt output_log.txt
  7. Lly Vress

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    I got the same crash again, here are the files. output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  8. Lly Vress

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    I did not. I will try again and post the files when this bug occurs again. EDIT: I had the same issue again, when the game crashed as i was riding my horse. The issue seems to be that the camera is set somewhere, in the middle maybe, of the map. My character was still at the same place when the game crashed but i could not control it. i could access all the menu but nothing that would interact with my character, like eating or dismounting. according to the UI i was still on the horse. I used the /freecamera command and i realised that it was just under the water somewhere on the map. The workaround i found is to use the /killme command. I respawn on my bed and everything is back to normal. I forgot to backup the files as i did reinstall the game on another drive, and did not encounter this issue again so far. I have a few screenshots, ill add them later today.
  9. Lly Vress

    Exploration - Lost Ship- Now stuck

    Hello, I had the same issue 3 times, and the /unstuck command didn't work for me either, be it 0 to 3. The first time i did reset the world. The second i reset both my character and the world. The 3rd time i just gave up. Ill wait for a fix or just leave again for a few month i guess. The game may need bit more polishing it seems.
  10. Lly Vress

    Game not listed in editor-cant open it.

    Hello, I have the same issue. I realized that some blocks on our ship could not be deconstructed, so i tried to load the game in the editors to remove them. Sadly the game didn't show up i found posts from earlier this year suggesting that sharegames ain't showing in the editor menu. If it's a bug i didn't find any information sugesting that it will be fixed, but i may have missed something.