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  1. TonyPearce

    Xcrossbow and Sharktrophy

    Hi! I have found both x-crossbow and xcbow pistol in a shark temple, underwater.I remembered it was in the arid sea.The Sharktrophy can't be picked, you have to use the demoliation hammer to remove it. It all depends on luck to find these things...I wish these things could be crafted one day.
  2. TonyPearce

    Dev Diary #229 Magnificent Mythical Beasts

    Will I receive this update next month?It looks like there are plenty of things to be explored.
  3. Hi! Well I have reset this many weeks ago, and I believed I've already used the cogwheel on the island.Guess it is not a glitch after all.
  4. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    Yes.Well it's not that hard to crack the lock 1 and 3, but lock 2...If you finish all the collection, crack lock 1 and 3 will be quiet easy.
  5. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    Well that's fine, I already collected all items, but have you cracked the lock 2? It seems that the last update may cause some mistake and the researcher's note can't provide useful clues now.
  6. TonyPearce

    NPC reaction to bullet vs arrow

    The sound of gun and rifle will let your enemy know your position, but bow and crossbow are "stealth weapons", guess that is the reason.
  7. TonyPearce

    Dev Diary #223 What You Ask Is What You Get

    Could I shoot the rifle or slash the sabre on horseback one day?Or maybe, add stirrup, saddle or even armor to pet.
  8. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    And the "gold staff" sign on the floor is not interactive, where can I place them? Anyway I have cracked lock 1 and 3, so far so good.
  9. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    @Deadeye_Rob Now I have collected every kind of staff the fortress library required, but there's a clue in the hall I have missed, and it shows only once.Do you know what to be placed on footstool in the hall?
  10. TonyPearce

    The new crafting system needs a little work.

    I think Ylands is not a diving simulator...Not even many scuba diving games have "diver disease".
  11. Just an idea, I mean, for now I have to charge the engines manually.By the way they are way too loud.
  12. TonyPearce

    Make the shark repellent beacon quieter

    Agree, I think the sound of generator and charging station also needs to be quieter.
  13. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    These are easy to craft, also you can find crude weapons on mystery island-Distress Signal, you can take them from the hostile pirates. So elven component can only be found underwater?
  14. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    Well I actually have found an undersea temple with shark trophies, can't pick them up though. Oh I see, I could use the demolition hammer to get them.They can't be destroyed.
  15. TonyPearce

    About Mystery Island

    So where can I find one, underwater?Also I need some elven component to craft elven weapon and armor, likely it is necessary for the fortress library mystery.