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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I'm enjoying the game a lot, but there's this thing that is annoying af. No matter how much FPS I have, 60 or 180, for some reason it feels like I'm playing at 30 and I've tried turning Vsync on and off, windowed screen, lowering the graphics, etc... nothing helps. Is there a way to fix this? The game is running in a SSD. Here are my specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500x RAM: 16g 3000mhz crucial ballistix SSD: 1tb M.2 WD blue GPU: AMD RX5600XT Sapphire Pulse Monitor: LG E2250 75hz (I've tried using it at 60 but didn't help) OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit 21H1 It's a bit hard to see it in a video but I'm sending one, I hope you guys understand what I'm talking about. Video.zip
  2. Hello Ylanders and Bohemians, It s me again, and this time i am very far from happy at all, i have this humongous beast pc with i7 4gigs and a gtx 1080 nvidia, i can play ANY other game (such as assassin s creed origins) in full ULTRA ULTRA with absolutely NO LAG. But when it comes to Ylands, on official server EU4, on starting island, i see my FPS dropping to ONE FRAME PER SECOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THIS REALLY SERIOUS ? I damn do WANT to play this game, but it s like it s optimised with finger toes, i am very sorry, i swear i am a patient guy, normally, but here, you guys have invented the MOST FRUSTRATING GAME EVER, i wonder what kind of black magic you used to make me angry like that! I really had very high hopes for .10, but between the TOO FAR AWAY bug and now the DRAMATIC fps drop, i wonder if you guys are really there or gone to holidays thinking you had done a miracle, i can tell you, come back quick and fix this bug machine, it s a nightmare. Sorry for the strong language but desperate times need desperate words to express the deep disappointment i am in right now. Take care all, and please kick the shit out of this game so we can at last have the fun we want to have, cause right now, it s damn TOO FAR AWAY
  3. Hello there, Well, I played Ylands for almost 200 hours, four long explore mode games and I experienced constant crashes everytime. Game was unplayable anymore and I had to start new game again and again. I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I listed everything I remember what was happening. Below is my list, PC specs and LOGs. Before I start, I'd like to state few important things: a) My system is AMD Phenom II x4 3.40 GHz, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB VRAM. Windows 7 PRO with latest all latest updates. All drivers were reinstalled clean, I'm clearing everything from my memory before starting Ylands, including shutting down firewall, antiviruses, all residential soft and not needed services. b) Radeon is set to performance - everything is turned off or Ylands decide what to do with video (and here I'd like to ask Ylands team once again for allowing people to turn off antialiasing and some other video options). c) Ylands Video is set to mostly to MIDDLE. Low is just.. unplayable for me. Instead of changing resolution ( it's 2048x1152) I set scale to 40%. Radeon video settings set to max (except antialiasing) in fact is not changing my FPS at all. Also screen resolution seems not to change FPS much. Ylands Video Low or Ultra seems to change not much or nothing too. I can only see big difference in performance turning on or off dynamic weather and environment. FPS cup is set to 30. My usual FPS in most modern games on middle-high settings, GTA V for example, usually oscilates around 30 FPS, so it's not a problem for me. This is some thoughts on Ylands gameplay on my system: 1) Game usually starts with around 40 FPS, no matter if settings are Low or Ultra. In small area, small island or map 30FPS is normal speed with "spikes" (around 10 frames less). On bigger maps however or during game I was playing for a few days usual framerate is around 20FPS with "spikes" freezing gameplay around one second. After another few days (let's say 5-6 ylands discovered, house, few shacks, small ship) FPS drops to constant 12... with spikes freezing my gameplay for up to 3-5 seconds! 2) All "constant" crashes (around one minute after downloading savegame) were happening always after around 12 hours of gameplay, when I explored most of the Ylands, collected most of needed resources, built most needed stuff (workbenches, stoves and so on), planted bigger fields, main big base, some houses and ship with lots of chests and masts (no bricks - below I will describe why). 3) I checked - my game do not crash during rainstorms. 4) Game crashes only on land - never happened during sailing, on desert bioms or artic ones. And there is something I discovered so far and I'm sure there is a reason: 1) Crashes always looks the same - game starts at 40FPS, environment is slowly downloading around me layer by layer, during loading my FPS drops considerably to 9 FPS and even below. Spikes freeze me for longer and longer and it happens more often - at first it a second or so, then 3-4 second, then up to around 10 seconds and then few seconds of 9FPS gameplay and again the same thing, then game spikes again, but do not unfreeze anymore. In the background windows shows "Display driver stopped, but was properly restarted and it's working again" (it's loose translation, sorry) error. After hitting return key, Ylands shows whole white screen and error appears: "ylands.exe do not respond. Do you want to wait or exit?". 2) Game never crashes if I'm not moving at all. Even rotating or trying to go to sleep causes crashes. Moving moon animation is stuttering, freezeng more often and for longer every second, then game freeze and crash. 3a) I realised that game crashes ONLY wneh game have to download new environment and complicated structures at the same time. For example: I can play or edit my world as usual with "the crashing world", but only if I'm far away from, let's say, big, complicated ship very close to dense jungle or complicated ship and big base with giant house surrounded by gardens and lots of trees........... 3b) Game is occasionally crashing if I'm running fast in hilly terraing with dense flora. Why? Simply, because when I climb over the hill Ylands is loading whole panorama at once - sometimes I just have to wait to see first land, then layer by layer - trees. If by any chance wild animal appears this moment - game crashes even mor often. 3c) And one more very important example: When I'm sailing my overbuilt ship - everything is ok, FPS in constant and nice with rare spikes (I suppose caused by underwater structures, sharks and models). When I'm closing to my giant base game slows down, there is more spikes, but game still plays normally. When I'm docking near my big house, game slows considerably, but few second later it's normal again (around 20FPS). I can run to my house, fields, forrest nearby and back to my ship and everything is ok and normal. I can plant, cut trees, move stuff to and from my ship for hours - no problem. But... then I'm closing the game (BTW: return to main menu usually stops on saving screen with turning wheel... and nothing happens - I have to manually shut the ylands.exe down. That happens 50/50 I'd say). Next time, when I want to continue my game, models are loading and around 30-60 seconds later game crashes. Every time. Well, in my opinion something is wrong during loading models/assets/scenes if you want to do it at once. If I could save my game further away from my ship and base and then load the game I could play it normally if... I just walk to my base slowly... I guess all my worlds would not crash at all if I could save my game in the woods... BTW.Hitting F10 no longer saves the game - that's bad, because it was very usefull. And again - please, add "save game to another slot" option. I do not want to star a new world everytime my savegame crash or I'll make tragic mistake. I hope this will help a bit... With Regards, Bartosz output_log.txt output_log_clean.txt
  4. Hi, I have Windows 7 64bit, 8GB memory and ATI Radeon 6850 (1GB) VGA (2048x1152 - changing resolution makes little difference, around 2FPS, so I do not mentioned it). I'm not sure, but earlier versions of the game felt smoother for me - and I was playing on Ultra or High settings. Latest version, last games star usually arounf 40FPS (which is pretty much standart for every game GTA V, for example gives my 30). After hour of play or loading already explored game with some buildings of ships... game slows down to 10-15FPS... I set my Radeon to "Fast Performance" - turning everything off and set the game to low, except dynamic weather and foilage (I find it the most important). This is changing LITERALLY NOTHING! So, I tried a new trick and set everything to Ultra and set Radeon to Best Image Quality. I was amazed, but it changer NOTHING. Game on LOW settings and ULTRA (with VGA settings accordingly changed) make no difference at all. Secont thing I did was turning of dynamic foliage and weather. Your FPS counter shows 30FPS, game's a bit faster, but "feel" is still the same - really BAAAD. I realised that the biggest problem is not average FPS, but stuttering once or twice every second. So, even if my game is smooth as for my usual performance (~25FPS), game feels like 12FPS. I have three questions: 1) Is my system so bad, that Ylands cannot stand it, thought most modern games on High Settings, like: GTA IV, V, Total War Series, Warthunder (Ultra Settings - 30FPS or more) even Watchdogs are "playable" (around 25FPS)? I understand that Unity isn't the best performance focused engine, but are you planning to optimize the game more? Many people on YT (Keralis and some othe Ylands lovers) report that pre-alpha Ylands was much faster than version released on Steam. 2) I know I can edit INI file to change graphis settings, but are there any command lines, allowing me to change graphical settings? Like antialiasing, blooming, etc.? 3) I realised, which is obvious, I think, that Ylands map you see is downloaded from HDD during gameplay. I will try to defrag Ylands files, I do not have very fast HDD, maybe this is the problem? I'm sure my game is crashing after download, because I've built big ship with hundreds of briks lately... I'm not sure, I can be wrong, but when I was reading my game logs - there was many lines: "removing unused assets to free memorey", "removing objects to free memory". It this a bug? 8GB of memory isn't much in our times. I know, I have problem with VRAM ( I was sure I have 2GB), but I have only 1GB of VRAM at all. What to do?? And If my system is so bad, new graphic card with 4GB onboard, will help me? With Best Regards, Bartosz
  5. When you drag a crafting recipe from the crafting window to quick slot #0, it can cause fps to drop drastically when using that recipe to place/craft objects. I am not 100% sure what starts the fps drop but the solution is to remove the recipe from your quick slot. Have not tested it yet with the other quick slots. But this bug causes my fps to go from 60+ fps to 12-5fps.
  6. Just got the game and I wasn't expecting any performance issues, sadly that's all I got. The game runs at a constant horribly low FPS. When I turn the camera, load a new area or enter an area densely populated by trees it spikes even worse. I've tried adjusting in-game settings, optimising settings through the Nvidia Control Panel, setting usage priority, launching in various dx settings, and while on the lowest of the low settings there is an improvement, it's very marginal and hardly worth the poor graphics. I would really appreciate some solutions I could try, otherwise I will be refunding the game Specs: Windows 10 64-bit i7 4790K Processor Nvidia GTX980 16GB Memory 2560x1440 G-Sync Display
  7. Jafiki

    That one Glitch.

    I would like to notify I am 13 of age, as of writing this.(sorry) I have recently played the trial, which I find absolutely awesome and I plan on spending hours of my time on the full release. Although I have found a few problems I want to share. The first problem being a specific glitch that I'd like to acknowledge is when you could be roaming around and then you "randomly" fall under the ground and into the depths of hell "the void". This glitch has been bothering me for the past time I have been play the trial. Secondly I would like to discuss the little optimization there is for graphics, people like my self don't have the best computers and I certainly hope that there will be more optimization to the graphic's options. I hope one day there could be a way you could pay for a dedicated server, this way when you are offline a friend could still join your server. You see my friend lives in Ontario, Canada as I live in Texas, USA, We don't really get the best connection when one of us host. Lastly I sure do hope this game with thrive and grow, also can we give a big thanks to those whom made this awesome game!
  8. Chris Jackson

    Performance Issues

    Hello, Been very excited to play this after watching several you tubers play. I'm having some performance issues which I was unable to locate the cause for. Hoping this community has some suggestions. My current hardware is as follows: i7-6800k GTX 1080 32GB Memory 1920x1080 Gsync display Unless i'm on low details I struggle to maintain even 60fps with frequent studders and drops. I've gone through every setting, and it seems shadows and HBAO affects the most. However with the hardware that i'm running I really doubt this should be the case. This happens in single player as well as mulitplayer.