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  1. YadNiMonde

    Back =)

    Hey @V-Alfred😃
  2. YadNiMonde

    Back =)

    Awesome !!!
  3. YadNiMonde

    Back =)

    I mean if Ales Ulm is back, it can only be a good sign right? Impatient to see what direction Ylands will take back after such a tribulation in the desert with him leading again 😃 WELCOME BACK ALES \0/
  4. YadNiMonde

    Back =)

    Great hopes for 1.5 and over...
  5. Hello Ylanders and Bohemians, It s me again, and this time i am very far from happy at all, i have this humongous beast pc with i7 4gigs and a gtx 1080 nvidia, i can play ANY other game (such as assassin s creed origins) in full ULTRA ULTRA with absolutely NO LAG. But when it comes to Ylands, on official server EU4, on starting island, i see my FPS dropping to ONE FRAME PER SECOND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS THIS REALLY SERIOUS ? I damn do WANT to play this game, but it s like it s optimised with finger toes, i am very sorry, i swear i am a patient guy, normally, but here, you guys have invented the MOST FRUSTRATING GAME EVER, i wonder what kind of black magic you used to make me angry like that! I really had very high hopes for .10, but between the TOO FAR AWAY bug and now the DRAMATIC fps drop, i wonder if you guys are really there or gone to holidays thinking you had done a miracle, i can tell you, come back quick and fix this bug machine, it s a nightmare. Sorry for the strong language but desperate times need desperate words to express the deep disappointment i am in right now. Take care all, and please kick the shit out of this game so we can at last have the fun we want to have, cause right now, it s damn TOO FAR AWAY
  6. YadNiMonde


    Oh and V is right, this should be in bug report, sorry, my bad, i had not played in a while, i m a bit rusted, even on the forums.
  7. YadNiMonde


    As Vel said we finally got back, but just 5 minutes after sailing again and reaching a new island, i died and tried to come back to our ship and there was the same problem again, everything was too far away, as well as for V-Alfred... So that will be all for today. Take care all.
  8. Hello Ylanders and Bohemians, Today, i came back to Ylands hoping to find a really better mechanic, all greased and shiny and ready to roll... With my Buddy Vel, we joined an official server, and did play for a lil while, enough to explore three islands, but all of a sudden, while anchored near a desertic island, we found ourselves stranded on our own ship, unable to touch anything on it, all was "TOO FAR AWAY". Even the ladder to climb on the ship, right under our noses were too far away, and same went for all the crafting devices on deck, too far away, too far away, too far away... I m getting close to 200 hours here, i really do appreciate Ylands, and i CRAVE to be able to play it with my friend, i really hope some day, we ll be able to have a satisfactory experience from start to end because that is truely all we both want (and i m sure we re not alone in this case) Thanks for all the efforts on the part of the team, but this is still ... TOO FAR AWAY (in all red caps)
  9. YadNiMonde

    0.10: Clever Coding (27/08/2018)

    WOW =) That s one big step forward guys, thanks =)
  10. YadNiMonde

    Dev Diary #40

    I d rather wait for something good than walk from something bad.
  11. YadNiMonde

    creative map file

    That sounds about right @V-Alfred @trytry2002 , j espère que ça répond à ta question...
  12. YadNiMonde

    Sneak Peek #49

    @Aleš Ulm About Characters i would really love that there would be an option with a full color picker choice to have extraordinary skins if we want to, i want to have my classic Blue avatar like i have everywhere i can, please consider giving us the full color picker for skins, hairs, eyes and everything, like we have for any thing we can paint, since you already have that.