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  1. YadNiMonde

    ylands.gamepedia.com Main Page

    voted ? Also, to anyone voting for the barrier generator, do not forget the demolition hammer, that kinda works in tandem...
  2. YadNiMonde

    The EDITOR : My Clothes Palette

    Updated version with the lavish clothes
  3. YadNiMonde

    A Medieval House

  4. YadNiMonde

    The Lollipop Boy

  5. YadNiMonde

    The EDITOR : My Clothes Palette

    Same principle ? Up to date with goodie pack 3
  6. YadNiMonde

    Adam Statue In Playlands

    i vote YES !!!
  7. YadNiMonde

    The EDITOR : My Assets Palette.

    And now the v4.0 with the new assets of the goodie pack #3 + tree stumps
  8. YadNiMonde

    Chinese Junk Ship Ladders LOL

    it better be or it s a bit shameful =P
  9. Hello ? So i see, we are literally YEARS later and whoever makes the ships is still unable to align the ladders on the hull properly? Really? Dude !!! =D
  10. Pick axe, shovel, spade and mining drill. you can also place dirt by hand No terraformer.
  11. YadNiMonde

    The EDITOR : My Assets Palette.

    Think i m good now ? I will have to do one for the Clothes, and one for the Trees, Flowers and Bushes ?
  12. YadNiMonde

    The Wooden Beast

  13. YadNiMonde

    The Wooden Beast

  14. YadNiMonde

    The Wooden Beast

    Evolution of the Wooden Beast, once it has navigated a lot, with it s Sea Fauna settling on the hull and the Schools of Fishes following
  15. YadNiMonde

    Inventory Control

    the chisel doesnt go into the toolbox, but the screwdriver does exactly the same, you cannot have it in the toolbox either.... and i m sure that s a tool ?