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  1. jchob

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    @Mello1223 also mentioned a cool feature for scripting😄
  2. jchob

    Dev Diary #186 Composing Blueprints

    [ EDITED ] compositions, are good as it is now, i cannot think of any better way to do it. Then, blueprints... oof... First, to make a blueprint is not user friendly. Its hard for us to help new people even using videos. The share process is also not user friendly, like everything, because we need to go to windows folders and deal with copy&paste (basically). Other thing is it can only be taken with DLC owners, which i agree because blueprints is a major "tool" we can implement in our maps. As said before, we can make blueprints for whoever doesn't own the DLC, but its not user friendly. We know we have the workshop to upload blueprints, but they would be available for everyone, which some players dont't want to.. just share with close friends. another thing is, from what I've heard, it hard or even imppssible to line up different blueprints. The bigger the blueprint is, the most time we need to wait it to load up, so, players thought about split the big blueprint and make several small... but they don't line up). anyway, ecen only DLC users can make blueprints, it would be easier if we had an option "save as blueprint" likewise to saving a composition. Another thing is concerning what type of items can be taken into a blueprint, but I guess that would require a lot work from the team. Well, i guess @spiritchaser28 will be a great person to help with ideas, im just stating what Ive heard and some from my own experience
  3. it happens the same with computers. Low spec computers will also run slow, a lot of lag or it will not run at all. Im surprised they achieved ylands for mobiles, and how the game state is actually, its not even possible to make it work for low specs. Its technically impossible. My last mobile was not compatible with ylands, but the new one is a little better and runs ylands very good. i fear you will have to get new mobiles. Anyway, whoever played on computer like you and me, you will not like playing on mobile, in my opinion. Its a total different gameplay experience
  4. jchob


    Yes @bojo2736 the old jagged style was better imo. But this new style is also cool. I only checked 2 maps and I liked them. Soon, i guess for 1.8 we will have flowing water. That will be fantastic 😁
  5. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW Tier 3 islands with tier 2 monsters.

    Well, i only tested in my farming map and is all fine. I will try to check eventually when i find some more. Till then, if you need a place to farm, you can come with me, the map has 2 ylands tier. So we can both farm at same night 😁
  6. Yeah, candles working the same as torchea would be cool. Sometimes, for dark places candles are good because they give a little light (for example, a dungeon)
  7. jchob

    [YLD-32265] Beastbane encounter

    Yeah, it should be a special spear. I got it too
  8. @bojo2736 i alread asked devs to give us a specific previleges list where you can set up whoever you want, not only friends, visitor and clans
  9. jchob

    Dev Diary #181 Marvelous Stream Update

    Woaa, 5pm CET? That's so perfect. Cannot wait to meet some of the devs. Will we be able to ask any specific questions that might come to head? Not really related to future of ylands but about their ylands works
  10. jchob

    Dev Diary #180 Cooler Crafting

    @Momon-san you just destroyed many players dream. Now you know they want a cutting board and a knife holder 😄😄
  11. jchob


    @Plukovnik hello. First, this question would be better suited in the correct place. There is a subforum called Editor Help (probably that is why I missed your question). Regarding your question I have made a tutorial some time ago about it. Here is the link: my spoken english is not very good, but I hope you understand, if not try pause the video and try to do things as I'm doing. Another topic, is I don't really like how the Dialogue Logic looks like, so instead you can use another Logic called custom window. Is a little bit harder to work with it but in no time you can learn it. Let me know if you need help and I can try to help you. Have fun
  12. jchob

    Dev Diary #179 Placing Patterns

    Awesome. Does tool place any item or just trees/rocks? Im asking because i've seen a lot of weitd amazing builds. Im pretty sure any item would please players like Spyler to create some terrains and such.
  13. jchob

    key binds

    For me it is and was Home key. I guess maybe that depends on type of keyboard? Not every people uses a qwerty keyboard
  14. jchob

    Propeller suggestion

    The faster you move in ylands, the more laggy you will get, especially if there are many wilderness and buildings around. Slow computers will have a bad time to render all at same time. Also, if its faster i guess you would miss to spot a lot of things. I mostly use propeller to spot ores. If i want to move fast, i ride an animal.
  15. jchob

    POSSIBLY Vehicle Idea

    I think ornithopters would fit in ylands theme. Like spirit said, I'm pretty sure they will implement something in the future. spirit, dont tell me to have patient, you know I don't have any 😆