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  1. jchob

    Propeller suggestion

    The faster you move in ylands, the more laggy you will get, especially if there are many wilderness and buildings around. Slow computers will have a bad time to render all at same time. Also, if its faster i guess you would miss to spot a lot of things. I mostly use propeller to spot ores. If i want to move fast, i ride an animal.
  2. jchob

    Vehicle Idea

    I think ornithopters would fit in ylands theme. Like spirit said, I'm pretty sure they will implement something in the future. spirit, dont tell me to have patient, you know I don't have any 😆
  3. jchob

    Dev Diary #175 Yland Hopping

    Interesting, I'm looking forward for more news about this. Probably rewards can be resources and such. Many known players build amazing stuff which can take thousands and thousands and more million resources, not to mention all the interior decorarion. Like in mmropgs, you select a specific reward from a list or something like thay. Just an idea.
  4. Actually, i extended the server for more 3 months, and when I sailed to a purple multiplayer icon in world map, the map showed up. I got a word from team saying the maps are only deleted by the user and not deleted by the ylands team. That beein said, if you forget to pay the server and it expires, don't panic like me. Just extend that server (not a new server rent) and sail to a multiplayer map in the same biome your map was supposed to be.
  5. jchob

    Dev Diary #174 Stream Q&A

    awesome, thanks for thr responses. Great news. Altough, i'm very sad that item repair system will not be implemented back in near future 😪
  6. jchob

    [YLD-28592] Ship helm not moving

    I tested yesterday on my ship, and it moves as it should. Maybe its specific for that helm?
  7. jchob

    Dev Diary #172 Bigger ylands

    We have no choice other than have a better computer, Ocnog. I really want to see more bigger and jagged ylands. Gaming is always developing, so its mandatory to have the computer up-dated.
  8. jchob

    Soo....lets talk about resources

    @bojo2736 (Passenger and some others I trust from old school) knows she is very welcomed at Locust maps. Never told them it because they are very addicted to creator cube 😄 which you cannot have in new exploration). Also, Flintlock is trying to make trading maps where we can share things and such, @ocnoglittle can explain it better 🤗 After what bojo and Passenger (who doesnt know, she is known as bbcakes in discord and a very old player) did for me, helping and explaining the game and "personal touch" it is at least what i can do for them. Sorry I cannot remember everyone, but Ocnog, spirit, mello, jrock, etc etc please welcome them and help if they ever show up. actually i miss watching them build while I was sat in my confy chair eh eh bojo, they are hungry for resources because they are good builders and they always have something new to place in maps. So, getting resources should not be a real problem. But yes feel free to build around and im sure many of us will show up to party on. Mainly spirit, that guy loves to build. We had the Asgard which consumed a lot of resources and we all finished to feed it in like 10 min or less. You should have seen it, so pleasing to see several players working for the same objective. Sorry about the off-topic spirit, but i just followed the conversation 😋
  9. Not sure if this is entirely ylands fault. That seems to be a rendering problem, it can be some kind of data that gets lost between player computer-ylands
  10. jchob

    Day off Challenge- Caliga Hall

    How you made the curtains?
  11. jchob

    Experimental Build for Update 1.6

    this is awesome, cannot wait to test it 😁
  12. jchob

    Remove array from array

    hey @Cernu you can totally remove an array from an array. I missed this question from December 2020. This is how I do it: Hope that helps (if you still need it :P)
  13. As far as I know, after they fixed the barrier problem, now when you delete your progress you get a warning saying you won't get a new barrier. You might have missed the warning. Yes I still have my barrier (i didnt get a new one because my barrier was always in my inventory). If you really want and need I dont mind giving it to you. I can wait for update 1.6 where all barrier will ve removed from the game and we will have more control over the map. So, if you need my barrier, just wave at me 😁
  14. jchob

    Slice sprites

    Oh didnt know that. Awesome. Thanks 😁
  15. jchob

    Slice sprites

    Hi, I thought editor could have something like Unity Sprite Editor. As known, storing textures/images in different files or just a big file has impact on performance. Just an idea, havent worked much with custom images, but a map that has a lot of custom images mayve will improve with a system like that. Just a quick search https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/7069/2d-graphics-why-use-spritesheets