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  1. Well, it's a bit of work but you have to dig them. Try to aim at them pressing the C (first person mode) and use the pickaxe. It will be easier of you have a propeller pack as you can fly over these tiny little remainings. If you have a terraformer gun, with practice you will be able to delete them, but be careful because a terraformer can literally destroy the ground 😁 Patient and good luck
  2. jchob

    Dev Diary #97

    Uh oh, these are cool new items. New window glass type, and the other one I believe is a window frame? The desk lamp looks amazing. The actual looks cool for some things, but doesn't look as cool as the new one. Will it work with the energy system? I hope so. Thanks, and get better @Adam Snellgrove Also, is there a way to someone contribute with new 3D models? For example, new doors? Maybe the team don't have the time to create new models as they are focusing on developing game. Community could make 3d models and send you them? (I'm talking about making a 3d model in Blender 3D and make a working .fbx to implement into Unity). Just curious 😁
  3. jchob

    UI Tools Suggestions

    Can't you get the widget child order for that? It would be like what is called a "matrix array", "matrice" or just "multidimensional array". Mustidimensional arrays works in a way, that you check the *line* and also the *row* (it's like a table where you have rows and lines)
  4. Well, I liked the old UI panels. I could make some custom messages like "you got +100 coins just above the head. The show bubble, show warning text and new customs windows are no good for this. If I place an old composition with old UI panel it works. But after 0.14 the logic no longer exists in the logics. 😞
  5. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that happened to me in the custom window script when I clicked some "event" from the left menu list (red-ish Event button). So, I think I had to completely close the editor to back to main menu, and it fixed. Hope it helps
  6. Thanks for the info 😁 I was going to try (when I get back to computer) if the chat, if you write something, if any letter would trigger a custom key action
  7. @Igor Q.i tested something. Probably you've already too. Well, i'm not using child nodes. Which doesn't make sense, because custom UI should work with parents and childs (like Unity3D does), affecting the proper functioning of the window. But I think i got a go around of the problem. So, move the text outside of the button parent. In my case you see that the Image is the "parent" and has 2 childs: button and text. The text is NOT child of the button. As i said before they need to fix this. Then the script for custom window logic Yes, I know this is not practical, but it works. They need to fix this for us
  8. jchob

    UNDER REVIEW [YLD-18844] Excited Weld

    Really weird, I have something like that (3 different resources) all welded and they act like your yellow one. I know it doesn't help at all, just wanted to say: Good luck on that 😁
  9. jchob

    BI Servers

    Oh no worries. Just curious if you've played with it 😁
  10. jchob

    BI Servers

    Oh thanks @Igor Q. That's new, right? Haven't dig much after 0.14. Did you do any testings? Power barrier? What about inventory? Items inside chests? I will try some stuff whenever I can
  11. jchob

    BI Servers

    I'm not at computer, but I think that would either restart the protection barrier. Thus, player will loose access to its own barrier. Also, I pretty sure logics like entity storage will lose the information. Example: if I add a lever to a Entity storage, if o use the Restart tile script, that Storage will loose the information. I'm not 100% sure of this, tho.
  12. I read somewhere you can type in chat window /exportgame Haven't tried it yet, tho.
  13. jchob

    Scripting in Standard Explore

    Thank you all for making the export and script back again. I apologize if I (and others) got to hard on you, but I was really disappointed. Thanks @Adam Snellgrove for being there and thanks for talking with the team. Tell them we are very thankful 😁😎
  14. jchob

    Scripting in Standard Explore

    IgorQ, in standard explore maps you can take a blueprints. As far corcerning editor, you can make a composition, create a temporary explore map, pull it into editor, and place the composition. Then play that explore map, and take a blueprint from that blueprint. I'm pretty sure you know this, so, I don't really understand what you are mean about blueprints. Although, in editor explore maps you can't take blueprints, sadly.
  15. Maybe Red is just a bad cooker ahah 😝